ice thunder

A love of ice and thunder

Pairing: Loki x Thor x Reader.

Warnings: Smut and LOTS of it; a bit of drama too. There’s a lot of everything going on here so you might pick your blanket because this is also long af.

Summary: When Jane leaves Thor, in your heart you know he should stay with you, but as time goes by, his brother realizes that there is more to it.

A/N: I need Jesus, and when you finish reading this, you’re gonna need him too. My characters know they need Jesus, so that should tell you something. Feedback? It won’t hurt!

You poured some shampoo on your hand and gently started to massage your scalp with it. “So,” you started feeling the soft foam form in your hair, “I got a call from your brother yesterday,” you let the warm water run down your soapy self as you awaited for your boyfriend’s answer.

“Really? Thor knows how to make a phone call?” Loki snickered from the toilet seat. “Well, that is quite the surprise,” he shook his head.

“The thing is that he broke up with Jane just a few days ago and even though it wasn’t a lot, she’s given him some time to move out,” you casually said trying to elicit some kind of reaction from his uninterested being. “He’s really bummed, y’know?”

“I bet,” Loki pondered, “I’d be utterly destroyed if you dumped my ass,” he conceded, “but why are we talking about him anyway?”

“Well, I’ve been doing some thinking about it and… I wanted to ask you if he could stay here for a while,” you stuck your head from the end of the curtain and looked at him innocently. “I kinda owe him that…” you bit your bottom lip.

“How so?” He ran his fingers through his ebony hair.

“When SHIELD first sent me to the States I ended my renting contract with my landlord and I moved there, and when the agency died after the whole Winter Soldier thing I realized I had no home to go back to; Jane was still there and when your brother came to earth he stayed with her, so he asked Jane if I could live with them until I got my own place…” you sheepishly said as you rinsed the shampoo from your head. “I stayed there with them for like 4 months, so maybe he could stay here for that same time too, if you don’t mind,” you broke it down. “Can you pass me the towel, please?” You reached out your arm and he handed the soft cloth.

“What about our life?” He asked in a concerned voice. “I mean let’s face it, love; we are not the quietest ones and Thor isn’t either; he snores like a chainsaw,” he pointed out.

“Yeah, but we’ll have to be a bit more quiet and just… hold on?” You drew back the curtain and got out with Loki’s help. “Let me return him the favor, it’ll be for just a little, okay?” You looked at him with puppy eyes, it always worked with him. “Can we?”

“You’re gonna be the death of me,” he shook his head and unmade the towel, making it fall onto the humid tiles. “I might consider it,” he effortlessly lifted you in his arms, making you wrap your legs around his waist, “but only if you bribe me,” he mischievously smiled and headed for the room.

And just a few days after that, Thor was setting up this few belongings in the spare room of your apartment. He was really embarrassed for having to ask you that. He knew he was invading your privacy and your couple life with Loki, but he really didn’t have much choice or friends in the United Kingdom.

“It’s okay, big guy,” you placed a hand on his shoulder when he sat on the bed in defeat. “I know it hurts and all, but… you’ll be fine eventually, give it some time and you’ll see how things turn alright,” you shrugged lightly, “besides you’re living with us now, we’re gonna have fun!” You smiled widely and wrapped your arms around his shoulders. He rested his head on your chest and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Now come, and we’ll ask for something to eat for dinner,” you said.

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Alrighty here is a (quite frankly awful) intro to the aihl v2! 

I deleted the first version as I made it at 2am in the morning and it was seriously bad (and long), So yeah if anyone has some feedback or updated information on the teams I don’t know much about just send me a message. 

I would also like to make shorter and waaaay less biased versions of this for each team so if you’d like to help out with those feel free to once again send me a message :)

“For herself, she wanted sleet and ice, howling winds, thunder to shake the very stones of the Red Keep. She wanted a storm to match her rage.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Feast for Crows

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I imagine Yurio acts really tough all the time but he’s actually a big softy and he’s scared of quite a lot of things, like thunder for example.  One day he’s out with Victor and Yuri shopping and then all of a sudden it starts to rumble in the distance and he just freaks out, literally jumping onto Yuri, clinging to him before pushing him away and being all like ‘God, get off me!’ and then walking ahead really quickly with his hands in his pockets, embarrassed.

Or imagine him when he’s out with Otabek and that happens… I imagine he’d do the same thing but Beka would grab him back and pull him into his arms and pat his head in a soothing way so that he wouldn’t be nervous and Yurio would just bury his face into his chest and whimper.


            TIGER & BUNNY :   THE RISING
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* = NSFW/NSFW(ish)


Sweet Mornings - by @bladebarnes

Smooth Criminal - by @redgillan

* Panty Party - by @sophs-the-name

* The L Word - by @deathandrenegades

* Blood Red Roses - @capbuckybuchanan

* Slow and Steady - by @lovelynemesis

Writer - by @buckyywiththegoodhair

* (Don’t) Talk Dirty to Me - by @nerdandproud-86

Beautiful Disaster - by @lauxeyson


* Doing Something Hot - by @the-shield-of-writing

Gazing Into Each other’s Eyes - by @the-shield-of-writing

Beg For Me - by @imaginativemarvel


* Starry Nights Part 6 and 7- by @the-blue-haired-boy


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Some Enchanted Morning - by @thewinterswimmer

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Tension - by @imhereforbvcky

Deadpool - both by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

Get in, Loser

Wade, You Ignorant Slut 

Other - Mostly Threesomes

* Nestlings - by @emilyevanston (Sam & Clint)

* A Love of Ice and Thunder - by @writingfortheavengers (Loki & Thor)

Puppy Love - by @papermoon2719 (Bucky & Steve)

* Can You Sign This - by @angryschnauzer  (Bucky, Steve & Wanda)

All the Things You Can’t Have (And One You Can ) - By @emilyevanston (Bucky & Steve)

Miscellaneous Rec List 

Thundered Ice ~ By Artur Stanisz

Abraham Lake in Canadian Rockies is famous for ice bubbles and other ice formations. During my 3 day camping trip at the lake I was looking for unique compositions. I found this thundered like crack in the ice while hiking across the frozen lake. Using wide angle lens and focus blending technique, I am trying to showcase amazing ice formations and vibrant sunrise. It was an incredible experience to watch the display of warm colours while standing on thick layer of clear, cold ice.

To anyone wanting to claim that Canada doesn’t have a national cuisine:

Nanaimo Bars

Invented in Nanaimo, BC


Kind of a cross between a large cinnamon bun and a doughnut, topped with strawberry icing, unique to Thunder Bay, ON.

Butter Tarts

Invented in Eastern Ontario.

Beaver Tails/Elephant Ears/Whale Tails

Particularly popular at fairs.


A Québécois preserve consisting of apricots, almonds, and pistachios.

Flapper Pie 

Wafer pie in Manitoba; a custard pie popular in Western Canada


Molasses cookies.

Pets de sœurs

Pastry dough wrapped around a brown sugar and butter filling.

Tire d'érable sur la neige/Maple Toffee

Hot maple syrup poured over snow then rolled up on a stick.

Figgy Duff

A pudding from Newfoundland

Back Bacon/Peameal Bacon

A kind of cured ham.

Green Onion Cakes

Created in Edmonton, AB in 1979 and unique to the Greater Edmonton area.


Invented in Quebéc, and Canada’s national food.

Cod tongues and scrunchions

Baked cod tongue and deep fried pork fat

Jiggs dinner

A Sunday meal similar to the New England boiled dinner.


Fried bread from Newfoundland.

Oka cheese

Cheese originally manufactured by Trappist monks

Flipper pie

Pie made with harp seal flipper, traditional to the Maritimes region

Garlic fingers

Dough with cheese, garlic, and sometimes meat on top, similar to pizza


A meat pie made of pork and lard.

Calgary-style Ginger beef

Candied and deep fried beef, with sweet ginger sauce

Canadian-style baked beans

Beans cooked with maple syrup.


An Indigenous food that’s basically fried bread dough (though some versions are baked instead).


Dried berries mixed with dried meat and fat. Really freakin’ delicious and originally used by Indigenous people as a food for travelling as well as for avoiding scurvy in winter. There are various ways to make it, each variation coming from a different Indigenous culture.

Montreal-style smoked meat

Cured donair-like smoked meat

Ceasar (cocktail drink)

Invented in Calgary, AB in 1969. Similar to a Bloody Mary, but contains clam broth.

Try again. (And that’s by no means a complete list.)