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I love it when you go back and watch a show and you notice things you didn’t notice the first time. Like for example, the foreshadowing and hints for later in the episode/season. 

“Thin Ice” quicktakes:

  • Bill/the TARDIS is canon nailed it
  • “History’s a whitewash’ thank
  • no but this was such a good way to balance the whole ‘time travel to the past in majority-white areas will suck for non-white people’ thing with ‘but also can we have a fun adventure’ - acknowledged, made part of the story, but also not a weepy ‘those poor people’ thing. i am not an expert here, but i like how this was handled
  • that ‘how many people have you watched die’ sequence fuck
  • the dr keeping food in their hat i mean obvs look at all space they’d be wasting otherwise
  • the bit where they first meet the whale thing - this show is generally very script-forward, v talky and with aggressive incidental music; cutting the dialogue and letting the scene play out isn’t a move i’d expect it to make, but it works, and it’s nice. in general this season feels a bit more director/DP-forward, like each episode has a specific visual language, and there’s a - like a trust? in the director/DP/editor/etc to take a basic direction ('Dr and Bill look @ whale thing’) and make it work without explicating it. i like this, i enjoy this
  • Sarah Dollard made Peter Capaldi say 'tattoo’ again #writergoals
  • god i fuckin love angler fish and i don’t care how bad the prop is i love it. rule #19782 of DW (and horror in general): make the vague implication spooky as shit and the reveal as crap as you can
  • Doctor Disceaux~
  • mmmmmmmm that opening mournful whine of 12’s theme coming in just after they were a jerk and immediately before they turn back into the better 12 that 12 can be. i have my qualms with Murray but he does know how to leverage a motif
  • Bill side-eying the Dr when they ask if Douche McFucklord’s family kept a record of the people the whale thing killed
  • the villain is Whitefuck Racistington Ancap the III and i am living
  • "Don’t be smug, smug belongs to me” “i just wanna know how long it takes to be able to make a speech like that” “i didn’t save them, you did…Boss” i love them so much i love this relationship this is a true and great brotp
  • are Whouffaldi diehards arguing about how only Clara can be the Boss have we come full circle yet
  • 12 and Bill were both very pretty in their Hats and Fancy Frocks; i am a bisexual
  • and i love Bill so much i love her joy and earnest open emotional responses and her 'yeah aiight fuck you then’ retreats and her confused but hopeful empathy and BILL
  • also 12 my boy who is so much more willing to learn and admit they’ve fucked up but just as good at fucking up as they’ve always been
  • did i mention the hats
  • those were great fucking hats
  • also again in re 12&Bill i love that she appeals to their better nature but it’s not like a, ‘oh if only you were kind you’d listen to my gentle plea’, it’s a ‘ok ok OK ok fuck you also: fuck you what is wrong with you, you asshole’ and then later 12 is like ‘i might have learned a lesson but do not look at me directly’ and it’s just
  • and i love how Bill gets to freak out and cry but it doesn’t come off as a weakness, just a regular necessary human thing, and then that regular necessary human thing turns out to be the hinge point like it is powerful, and listening to that regular human thing is powerful, and this show i swer
  • sorry did i mention the hats i forget

anonymous asked:

I bet Doctor!Viktor would definitely have an ice rink inside his Tardis and Yuuri would probably be more amazed about it than the fact that it can travel through time and space! And their dynamic would be 99% of the time Viktor trying to fly the Tardis right into the core of a random war in some random planet and Yuuri saying "Doctor, you CAN'T" and Viktor smiling and saying "OH DEAR WATCH ME"

I 100% accept all of this! 

Kinda long list of Nine/Rose fics

Basically, there’s a very long Ten/Rose list going around. I felt like there needed to be a nice long Nine/Rose list. No doubt I’ve missed some. But hopefully this helps.


One shots

Not Adult

Board Games - How did the Doctor get pulled into playing board games in the first place?

Come Sail Away -  Somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean, something changes between them.

A Better Man - It was clear Rose was intent on going out, and the TARDIS repairs weren’t finished yet, so he couldn’t just drag her off on a new adventure instead.

Blossoms in the rain - Sometimes a downpour isn’t such a bad thing. Set post-Dalek, in a world where Adam didn’t come along.

Of Sexual Tension and Shipping on the TARDIS - Jack tries to play matchmaker

The Moment I Wake Up - Lazy mornings on the TARDIS

Feel - The Doctor tries to convince himself he’s not becoming attached to Rose

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lets find some ood and build a snowman!

c'mon we should probably run away!

c'mon lets go!

C'mon lets go!

It’s time for us to save the day!

let it go!

let it go!

that crack will never go away!