ice skating gala


Shoma Uno ft. Yuzuru Hanyu, “What are you interested in these days?” || 2017 World Championships (x)

W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  M A D N E S S

Yurio, you’re such a little punk. ilu.


Evgenia Medvedeva “Sailor Moon” Skating Routine

Evgenia Medvedeva as Sailor Moon Gala at the 2017 Exhibition World Team Trophy in Tokyo, Japan.


Shoma performing his program at the 2017 World Team Trophy Gala Exhibition

every single time i think yoi has reached the absolute maximum level of Extra™ something new comes up and proves me wrong lmao this show is a gift

Carolina Kostner and Stephane Lambiel, Opera On Ice 2012

How can you not love ice shows for bringing us magic like this? It’s Romeo and Juliet! With Stephane Lambiel and Carolina Kostner! In EXTREMELY COMMITTED costumes!

I am loving Lambiel in a red doublet and tights, especially with all the detailing. Carolina in white is the perfect compliment, with some nice Italian Renaissance detailing herself and an excellent skirt.


Grade: A+


Yuzu performing his program at the 2017 World Team Trophy

“Notte Stellata” The Swan by Il Volo

Top 5 Challenge! Exhibition!

Kaitlyn and Andrew - Ghost Soundtrack

What I love most about this show program is the storytelling. The piece is very well-choreographed and well-packaged. The costumes are very fitting to the theme. The evident chemistry between the two of them is moving.

Piper and Paul - Let It Go

I love, love, love this song and I’m so glad that someone performed to it. I like that this show program shows a different side to Piper and Paul. I love the somber feel of the program. I appreciate the intricate lifts they incorporated to this piece. I would have loved to seen Piper in a more simple, toned down, grey dress to match Paul, but overall, there’s no denying that this is a great show program.

Madison and Zach - Slip 

Cool music choice. Costumes look great. Superb expression of emotions, as always. I love the whole table setting scene. It really sets the mood. A well-packaged show program.

Tessa and Scott - Sorry

I like a little groovy show program once in a while. I know it’s Bieber, but I think it’s good to see them do something of this upbeat, modern style. I love the cool music edit at the beginning. Great choreography. Chemistry for days. I like Tessa’s dress. A delightful show program, for sure.

Kaitlin and Jean Luc - Earned It  

This piece is pretty cool. Great choice of music. Kaitlin’s one-piece is gorgeous. Sleek show program.

Christina and Anthony - You Are So Beautiful

This young team deserves a special mention. At such a young age, they already have fantastic chemistry and great technique. This show program is a testament to that. It’s light. It’s heartwarming. It’s sincere. I find it very impressive that they are able to display such deep emotions at this stage. They have so much potential, it’s ridiculous. The fact that they won a bronze medal on their first Junior Worlds is just amazing. What a way to go for this team. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.


Team Japan performing at the 2017 World Team Trophy Gala Exhibition