I’ll never get over the amazing detail on this image😍 it’s such a pure representation of ice skating ⛸ and how they have the Russian flag on the heel🇷🇺 I don’t know if this has been done yet but people mostly pay attention to the plot and not the animation so YOI animation appreciation post. 10/10

You guys!!!

So I’m sure many of you already heard Johnny Weir has started watching YOI, but I went on the NBC sports website cause i was trying to find a live stream for the irl GPF and like look: 

they track skaters tweets on the homepage and since all Johnny has been tweeting about is YOI that means..

Victor’s naked ass is literally on NBC sports right now!

Like NBC is a major news network and because of Johnny’s tweet’s the gayest anime from Japan is makes up half the tweets on the page!



Ok this needs to be spread like wildfire. It’s someone skating the actual routine in real life to On Love: Eros from Yuuri!!! On Ice.
His name is Joel Minas and this is the video on his YouTube channel.



Video: Stephane Lambiel & Johnny Weir