Tis the Season (NEWT X READER)

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@cherryskies13 asks: Hi there! I know you’re probs working long and hard on your amazing fics, but if possible, I wanted to ask if you could do a NewtxReader based in Christmas with lots of cuddles n fluff and hot cocoa and more cuddles. Lots of snow! I understand you probably have a lot on your plate, but I just wanted to give you an idea since Christmas is coming up and all. I love your fics btw!!!! 💕 

 Also several people asked for reader to get jealous about Newt and Tina’s close friendship, so I added some of that to give the story some va va voom. 

 Warnings: Fluff. You might end up dying so read with caution. 


“Y/N!” Newt came bursting in. His coat was flying madly behind him trying to catch up with the exited man.

“Newt!” You squawked in return, completely startled.

Newt eagerly took your hands and said, “Would you care to go ice skating with me? They just opened the ice skating rink!” Newt’s hands were cold from being outside.

“I dunno, Newt. I don’t know how to ice skate. Nor do you, for that matter,” you mumble skeptically, releasing your hands from Newt’s cool touch.

Newt’s face dropped a little but he tried to conceal his disappointment, not wanting you to feel guilty. “That’s alright. I’ll go with Jacob sometime or maybe Tina.”

Okay confession time. You and Newt weren’t really together. It wasn’t that romantic. You two were just friends. Though you thought Newt might like you. But he treated all his friends that way. And then there was Tina…

Look, you loved Tina, you really did. But there was this feeling in your heart, a shock of pain, every time you saw her and Newt together. You knew it was childish and unfair, but… It still hurt. Worst yet, Queenie figured it out long before you figured it out. Jealousy. An eight letter word that you loaned, but it harbored in your heart, no matter how hard you tried to ignore it.

“Maybe you should go with Tina and Jacob,” you said absentmindedly. The heck were you saying?! Did you want Newt to go ice skating with Tina?!

“But… I really wanted to go with you. Tina’s better at ice skating and it would be embarrassing,” Newt said, avoiding eye contact and shifting his feet about b

Since when did Newt care about being embarrass—ah. He didn’t want to look like a fool in front of Tina. He didn’t care if Tina was better, he just didn’t want to look like a slipping fool in front of her. Your heart got that little shock of pain. “Look…” You said softly. “I’ll go with you… That way you don’t have to look like a fool in front of Tina.” You weren’t sure if you were going so Newt wouldn’t go with Tina or if you were actually doing him a favor.

Newt smiled a wonderful smile and grabbed your hands leading you out of the room. “You won’t regret it! It looks like such a wonderful muggle invention, I’ve been dying to try it out!” Newt rambled excitedly.

You barely had enough time to grab your coat and slip it on before Newt took you out into the cold December morning. There was a light frost and large clouds threatening to send down quite a lot of snow.

The whole way, Newt’s talked about how there were some creatures that basically had ice skates built into them. He seemed completely unaware that he forgot to let go on your hand, which you were perfectly fine with, since you forgot your gloves and his hand was warm.

The moment of truth and tests came when both of you had a pair of sharp shiny skates on and were ready to go. Newt asked if he could hold your hand and you obliged him the wish. “Are you ready?” You whispered to Newt. You were more than exited and Newt was basically a ball of bumbling energy.

“Absolutely!” He breathed, giving your hand a slight squeeze. He stepped out on to the ice and… Slipped.

“Newt!” You said, hastily lowering yourself to Newt.

Newt was laughing in good nature. You laughed along, once you realized Newt was okay. You pulled him up and the two of you clutched each other, slowly inching to the middle of the rink. It was scary. The two of you fell quite often. But you were also there to help each other up.

 “You’re getting the hang of it!” You said encouragingly to Newt, letting go of his hand. Newt wobbled uncertainly, his hands flailing around, only to fall backwards. 

“Spoke too soon!” Newt joked, getting up on his own. 

The two of you became accustomed to the ice and were now slowly gliding around with a little more ease. You lost your balance, and grabbed at Newt, sending you both to the ground in a tangled mess. The two of you laughed awkwardly and awkwardly untangled from each other, both of your faces doing that awkward thing called blushing that made you generally feel even more… awkward and self-conscious. 

Newt took your hand and helped you up and said, “You okay?”

You nodded quietly. Your face had been THIS close to Newt’s. THIS. CLOSE. You brought up your scarf a little over your mouth, trying to hide the shy smile. “Yeah. That was quite a fall.”

“I’m going to be feeling that one tomorrow! I mean—as in I’ll be sore tomorrow. I didn’t mean anything obscene by that. Wait… it didn’t sound obscene… did it? I just didn’t want you to take it wrongly or anything… oh good grief…” Newt said, blushing brightly and looking away. To save himself from even more embarrassment, he waved frantically at a woman.

You looked to where he was waving at. Your heart dropped a little. It was Tina. She looked so pretty. Her dark hair brushing against her soft cheeks. You just looked like a freak in your giant scarf and ugly coat. “Oh, it’s Tina,” You said softly. You really liked Tina. You did. It was just… yeah… hard to like her when it was obvious Newt and Tina were so close.

Tina skated over and laughed brightly. Her laugh was really nice. “Well well well, fancy to seeing you here.”

“I thought you’d be too busy to skate,” Newt mocked lightly. “What with all your work and stuff.”

Tina smirked at Newt and said, “I know when to have a break.”

You smiled and said, “I’m glad you could join us, Tina!” You hoped your voice wasn’t betraying you.

“I’m actually here to talk to Newt for a quick second,” Tina said, turning to you and smiling.

“Oh,” was all you said. You probably sounded either super offended or super annoyed. 

“Yeah. Newt. Talk to Tina. I’ll, uh, be skating. Over there.” You hastily skated away from Newt and Tina, trying to avoid the pain. You weren’t going to cry, that was stupid, but you couldn’t help but sniff a little as you left them.

You skated by yourself for a few minutes, swimming in some self-pity, when Newt came back. 

“Why don’t we go back home. We can have some hot chocolate and… sit together and… talk,” Newt said, not looking at you, but his face tinted red. 

Yeah. We can talk about Tina and you. You thought to yourself. “Okay. I’ve had enough skating anyway,” Is what you said instead. 

When you reached your house again, Newt helped you out of your coat silently. But you were too busy thinking about Newt in Tina to notice how Newt was looking at you or the fact that his fingers lightly brushed up against your arms when he took your coat off. Or when Newt took your scarf off your neck, slowly savoring it all. You didn’t notice any of it. Not even when Newt gently reached for your hand, but decided against it. 

No. You were too busy in your own little world thinking about Newt and Tina. Sheesh. Their babies would be cute and beautiful. You weren’t even really aware of Newt maneuvering you to the sofa and seating you while he left the room to get some hot chocolate. Nope. Your mind was still on Newt and Tina. What had they been talking about? Wedding plans? Engagement plans?

When Newt came back with a bag of marshmallows and two mugs of hot chocolate. He handed you the mug and sat next to you, awkwardly and obviously uncomfortable. “Um… Y/N… so… I don’t know if you’re aware… but I just wanted to say…”

“You and Tina are together?” You said bluntly, trying to just get it over with.

“What?” Newt looked at you confused. “No… Tina and I aren’t together?”

You looked at him. Now he was just teasing you. “Are you kidding me? You and Tina are so close. Especially recently! You obviously really like her and she really likes you. It’s okay Newt, I’ll be fine!” You shut your yap after you realized what you just said. I’ll be fine. Oh crap.

“What do you mean you’ll be fine?”


“Can’t you elaborate.”



“But I don’t wanna.” 

Newt took a marshmallow and shoved it gently into your mouth. “Here. Eat this,” He said, looking at your confused face. “It’s just that… um… I had to ask Tina… for advice…”


“Swallow your food, before speaking,” Newt insisted, shoving another marshmallow to keep you quiet as he was trying to express something that was really hard for him to do. “It’s just that… I think you’re lovely. And I wanted Tina’s help on… how to not scare you away since I annoy people so much…”

You couldn’t believe your ears. “You don’t annoy me. Or anyone, Newt. And if people think you’re annoying, then they’re stupid morons.” 

Newt fiddled with his mug and smiled at you and mumbled quietly, “That’s kind of you to say…”

“No. I’m serious. If people think you’re annoying, they don’t deserve to be your friend. Newt, you’re the greatest guy I’ve met and that I’ve fallen…” you stopped, your face turning red. Stupid blushing. 

Newt looked at you, cocking his head to the side. “Y/N… I… think you’re pretty and… can I kiss you? I mean, you don’t have to, but look. We’re sitting under a mistletoe…” He pointed upwards. You were sitting under a mistletoe. Wow. Maybe it was a wise idea to hang up mistletoe. 

So you basically nearly had a heart attack and nearly died, which would have totally sucked for you. But you some how overcame the heart attack and basically spewed crap. “Uh… wait you think I’m pretty? Like… really? I mean… you yeah kiss me. I mean. You can kiss me.”

Newt scooted closer to you. Almost a little apprehensively, slowly leaned his head in. He gently lifted your chin upwards to meet his lips. 

They were soft and warm. Tasted like hot chocolate. You couldn’t believe this was happening. You scooted closer, wrapping your arms around his neck. Newt gently lowered you onto your back, careful as to not break the kiss. Your hand caressed his messy hair. It would have been perfect. Like really romantic. But naturally, something interrupted. 

What startled the two of you and broke up the kiss was something shattering. When the two of you looked, you saw that Newt’s niffler was now stealing the silverware and had knocked over one of the mugs. 

The two of you just looked at the niffler, who in turn looked at you back, looking extremely guilty. “Really, Newt?! You brought your niffler?!” You said, but it was in good humor. “Wait… has he been here the whole time?”

Newt’s eyes widened. “Possibly…” Newt said, skirting the question, very careful as to avoid your eyes.

Your mind went to all the valuables in your house. “NEWTON ARTEMIS FIDO SCAMANDER!”


Hope you enjoyed this sort of Christmasy story. IDK how christmasy it was, but it was fun to write. I hope you guys thought it was fun to read!!


Day 4 - Prompt - Pollination (the platonic kind) - Iceskating, Shopping and a good dose of Snowballs, too bad Weiss sucks at everything because she’s a Useless lesbian - from weaponscomplex

I hope I’ve met your expectations buddy because, man I’m getting burned out…But I’ll go through with this no matter what and thank you for the prompt XD

Also as a side note, I always imagined Yang going out in the winter like this considering her Semblance…

Seperate Title: Double Date


Opening Ceremony:

December 8th, 7:00pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)

Men’s Short:

December 8th, 9:10-9:56pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)

Men’s Free:

December 10th, 8:20-9:17pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)

Ladies’ Short:

December 9th, 9:45-10:31pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)

Ladies’s Free:

December 10th, 7:00-7:45pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)

Victor’s Ceremony (Ladies’, Men’s)

December 10th, 9:17pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)


December 11th, 2:00-4:30pm CET
(GMT+1hr, EST-6hr)

hope i didn’t get anything wrong

Ashmolean Advent Calendar
Day 5

Winter Landscape

An oil on panel by Aert van der Neer (1603/4–1677). Click here to read more about it and see other paintings in the collection.

What’s better than one Yuzuru Hanyu? Sixteen of them.