ice ship

Imagine your OTP
  • Person A: B! HoLy SHiT! Look! Look what I found!
  • Person B: *look at person A* WTF, A?
  • Person A: *holding a mouse* Aren't she adorable? I found her under our bed
  • Person B: What the hell? Kill it or throw it away! I don't want this thing in our house!
  • Person A: *gasp* How dare you?! It's our baby now!
  • Person B: No it's not! It's a freaking mouse!
  • Person A: What-?! I want a divorce!
  • Person B: We aren't even mar- Wait, I know! I'll marry you if you throw it away!
  • Person A: *tears up* Really?!
  • Person B: Yes! But you have to throw it away!
  • Person A: *looking at mouse* Okay, I know what I have to do...
  • Person B: *behind front doors with a suitcase* But bby

The Wedding 

dedicated to freak-is-the-new-princess
This is my favourite screen from the entire anime


1) The pun in the caption 
2) The spelling of ‘Niliforv’ 
3) Otabek looks absolutely pissed 
4) Chris is looking at Viktor like a concerned wife
5) Viktor is pining so hard I can hear sad violins  


. ユーリ!!! on STAGE / musicianAU - read from right to left

i thought i should share the whole first chapter in a post :3 16 pages in 1 month~ i’m already working on the next chapter, hope you will like it as much as i love working on it~ hopefully i can post the first 3 pages of chp2 at the end of the week or at the begining of the next~

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