ice sector

Kisses, Ice Cream, and Admissions.

Summary: You and your husband skip out on an Oscars week party to go loiter in a grocery store. At the end of the night, you reveal some news you’ve been keeping for a while. 

Pairing: Lin x Reader 

A/N: I started this like five hours ago and I finished it really quickly. It’s an idea I’ve had for a long time, but I just today thought of tying it into Oscars week festivities. 

ALSO, I did want to post something today because I wanted to tide you guys over. I said previously I was going to take part in the @hamwriters Write-a-thon, but I just found out that the week for the celebration is going to be filled with some exams, prior commitments, and traveling and I will no longer be able to participate. So, for the next two weeks, this will probably be the last fic I post. I thank you all for reading this and reading ANY of my fics - you’re all greatly appreciated. I’m terribly sorry about the write-a-thon. (I would queue up my fics, but they aren’t even written yet (yes, I procrastinate) so I just can’t participate at all.)

Words: 2,954 

Warnings: Mild cursing, mild make-out scene, and general lack of knowledge about Oscars stuff or if there even are Oscars week parties(??)

So, without further ado, enjoy this fic! 

You felt like you were watching your life out of someone’s else eyes. You raised your eyes above the crowd that surrounded you and connected eyes with your husband. He caught your look at the same time and stopped mid-sentence to smile at you. The sight of his grin warmed your body, reminding you of the way you felt as a child in the summertime sun when it touched every inch of your being and made your soul giggle with giddiness. You vacantly returned to the complacent conversation taking place right in front of you, nodding at the right moments and laughing politely at the rest. It was another story in another place, part of your husband’s Oscars week parties. You’d happily agreed to accompany him on all of his trips, as you wanted to show him off just as much as he wanted to show you off.

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Code Lyoko 30 Day Challenge

7. Favorite and Least Favorite sector?

  • Favorite Sector: Ice Sector

I always have and always will love the Ice Sector. I feel it often gets overlooked and it’s probably one of the least-used sectors (or maybe not and I’m just thinking that it is). That makes me sad. This place is made up of ice and has awesome tunnels to slide through and whatnot…yeah. Okay, well I live in a place that it snows a lot (which I generally love) and I used to figure skate so perhaps I’m biased for that reason. But seriously though it seems like it would be a lot of fun and some of my favorite episodes have taken place there (“The Lake”, “Saint Valentine’s Day”, “Ghost Channel”, “Image Problem” to name a few.)

Also, I love blue. :D

  • Least Favorite Sector: The Desert Sector

Now I hate heat and sun and whatnot so maybe that’s why I find the Desert Sector intolerable to begin with. It just reminds me of being hot and miserable and that puts me off. What’s more I got really sick of seeing it. Really it seemed like it was consistently used whenever XANA attacked (especially season 1). There’s nothing I find really interesting about it in the least either. The sandstorm thing was cool in season 1 but really I haven’t been interested much in it otherwise. *shrugs* Besides it’s yellow-orange and I’m not a fan of those colors in the least.

Time for another crackpot theory

So what if there is another/deeper reason for the Ice and Forest sectors disappearing/being deleted from Lyoko?

Like, what if somehow Franz was still on Lyoko or part of the network whilst the Supercomputer was switched off and had to draw power from Lyoko to stay alive or something?

Idk, I just didn’t like Jeremie’s explanation that they were just lost because the Supercomputer was turned off for so long and the reboot made them have a heart-attack or something, idk.

So the two sectors found out that the gang were back to fight in them again and they were so DONE from last time so they just decided to couple-up and erase themselves :L

Yes, sectors can do that.

Meh, it’s either one theory or the other.