ice sculpting competition


1. 27 overexposures by myoue || Rated T, 7.1k

Victor was made to be photographed. If anyone has to be the one snapshotting him, Yuuri figures it might as well be him.

  • This is a surreal sort of fic, in which I’m left wanting for more and also somewhat off-kilter after what I just read. Yuuri is a photographer and Victor is still a skater, yet they still end up together in a strange way that teeters the line of romance and something that I can’t put my name to. Otherwise though, I think I like it. It might not be to your taste if you don’t like things without a clear plot, but it never hurts to give it a try.

2.  Yuuri Week 2017 works by counterheistyuuri week 2017 works by  spookyfoot are both my favorite fanfic products to come out of this event. 

  • Counterheist’s works mostly focus on unconventional AUs starring Victor and Yuuri, the first five being based on video games (from Legend of Zelda to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles), the sixth an Oregon Trail AU, and the last one centered on their social media headcanons for the main trio. All of them are unexpected, and all of them succeed in being entertaining reads. Some of them  were a little confusing because I was unfamiliar with that particular video game, but I still ended up enjoying them very much :) I think [Player] is Suffering From Thirst. [Player] is Well Again. and speak to me (in secret sighs) are my favorite of them all. Mostly, I found that even if I was unfamiliar with the video game, I still waas able to get a good handle on what waas going on and wasn’t hindered too much.
  • Spookyfoot’s series also stars some unconventional aus, such as not-actual-honeypot Yuuri and a competitive ice sculpting au. Three of her pieces are canon compliant, and all three are joys to read (honestly, all of her pieces for Yuuri Week are joys to read). I found myself choking on laughter for almost all of them too, especially the last one, which Victor is terrible in bed. All of them have her signature sense of humour, all of them are fun to read, and all of them are highly recommended \o/

3. into your house into your bed into your dreams into your sleep by Vitali (exocara) || Rated T, 1.2k (WIP)

When Viktor forgets to both give his number to and get a number from his mysterious Sochi Boy, he desperately needs to find a way to reconnect to Yuuri. Unfortunately, Yuuri is a skittish person. Fortunately, Chris has a plan.


Christophe Giacometti: do you know what i think he WOULDN’T run away from?

Christophe Giacometti: a group skype chat

Viktor Nikiforov: Oh my god chris you’re a genius

Christophe Giacometti: yes i am

  • I hate group chat fic with all my soul but somehow this group chat fic has a plot built into it. It also lacks everything that I hate about group chat fics, and honestly I think is more like an au fic told through the medium of chat text. I think the highest praise I can give a group chat fic is “wow, I don’t hate this”, and tbh, I don’t hate this at all. Amazing.
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They break out the chainsaws. Victor looks so cute in his earmuffs. When they break for lunch, halfway through the first week Victor stares at him over his plate of dense rye, salad, and smoked salmon.

“What?” The tip of Victor’s nose is pink. Yuuri thinks it might be from the cold, but they’ve already been inside for twenty minutes.

“Watching you today….the way you handle a chainsaw is like making music.”

Yuuri stares at him over his glasses. The steam from his soup fogs the lenses. “You do realize people use chainsaw as a metaphor for making terrible music, right?”

Victor chokes a little on his salmon.

Victor and Yuuri are paired to carve a new room for the Ice Hotel.

Rukia's Scrapbook: Dating Ichigo

Ichiruki timeline requested by anon. :)

So…this person asked for an “IchiRuki timeline” talking about what their various ‘big’ events were like. So  thought I’d imagine that Rukia is getting married to Ichigo, and she’s making him a scrapbook full of pictures of important events in their lives. With notes because Rukia. So here is the scrapbook that she might make!

Picture #1: Ichigo picks me up for our first date!

I don’t know what was cuter: that you thought your “Nice Vibe” shirt was a cool choice for a first date outfit, or that you thought a tie would make it classy.

Picture #2: Us at the entrance to the amusement park!

In your own words, Ichigo: “Chad said this was a good date spot. And I trust Chad in matters of the heart.”

Picture #3: Second date! Closet mini picnic!

You said it was such a bad idea we’d never speak of it again. But I think it’s cute when you’re squashed and embarrassed!

Picture #4: Third date! Soul Society drinks!

I know my eyes are partially closed and you appear to be sneezing, but this is literally the only pic I have that wasn’t photo bombed by Matsumoto, Kira, Hisagi, Renji, or Mashiro.

Picture #5: “Meeting” the fam! Dinner at the Kurosaki house!

You and your dad, locked in combat. Yuzu hugging me. Karin looking vaguely annoyed and embarrassed. It is perfect.

Picture #6: “Meeting” the other fam! Dinner with Nii-sama!

Nii-sama is smiling on the inside.

Pictures #7-9: Goofy photo booth pics!

Please notice how I gave you bunny ears in every one!

Picture #10: Leaving for our weekend getaway in Tokyo!

Our first trip together! Well…aside from Hueco Mundo I guess.

Picture #11: Toyko Tower!

This was the first time you said you loved me, you know. Verbally, anyway.

Picture #12: Candlelit dinner in hotel!

Hmm. The flash makes us both look weird. But this was a good dinner.

Picture #13: You sleeping with Chappy

Still my favorite pic

Picture #14: My Chappy sand sculpture!

From our private beach day

Picture #15: Ichigo buried in sand!

Because you shouldn’t fall asleep during beach day!

Picture #16: Weekend getaway at the mountain hot springs!

…man 6 months since the last pic? Life got in the way, huh!

Picture #17: Us in our hotel room!

I don’t think Nii-sama liked the postcard I sent him of you in the hotel. Although I still think “ryoka in the ryokan” was a great caption!

Picture #18: The view of the mountains

Because damn that place was gorgeous.

Picture #19: Hokkaido snow and ice festival!

Still can’t believe you didn’t want me to enter the ice sculpting competition. I would have owned that.

Picture #20: Ice bunny!

Totally not what you thought it was.

Picture #21: Our hotel room

At the time I was so surprised that you spent so much money on this fancy room.

Picture #22: Me wearing the engagement ring!

Look at how happy I am!

Picture #23: Our first picture together engaged

Best day of my life, so far

Picture #24: Nii-sama’s mansion - wedding day!

So kind of him to let us have the wedding there, huh?

Picture #25: Me in my wedding dress!

And that, now-husband, is why you won’t get this until after the wedding! I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

I love you. Always and forever.

OOC: Things I’ve learned while reading “Anna & Elsa: The Secret Admirer” (spoilers)

- Anna habitually links arms with Elsa and holds Olaf’s hand with her free one.

- Anna, Elsa, and Olaf get plenty of time to hang out, just the three of them.

- Pirates exist, it’s not just a Once Upon a Time plot device.

- The whole village loves Elsa.

- “It was nice to be liked, but also a little embarrassing.” Awww elsa is embarrassed.

- “Olaf liked everyone and everything but even Olaf did not like Hans of the southern Isles.” It’s canon.

- “Maybe the person… is going to ride in on a white horse and sweep Elsa off her feet, just like in a fairy tale!” Don’t think I didn’t notice your gender-neutral pronouns, Anna. >3

- Elsa’s secret admirer is hella good at ice sculpture

- Arendelle likes snow. Obvs.

- Every week, Elsa meets with the villagers in the audience chamber.

- Anna said its been a while since she’s been in the secret passageways in the castle. As I recall, Anna, you and Elsa found them not too long ago in a different book. Liarrrrrrr

- Queen Marisol is coming to visit. Oh baby~

- Anna canonly asks for her favorite things and then forgets that she asked. Explains why she would be so easily excited by things.

- Kai has a fear of ghosts.

- Elsa also wears lilac colored dresses.

- Maren, a woman, possibly being Elsa’s secret admirer wasn’t deemed as far fetched. Elsa is totally into women.

- Maren was more surprised that Anna and Olaf burst into her room more than she was surprised that there was a secret passage leading into her room.

- Olaf likes trying on dresses.

- Anna is hella desperate to find out who Elsa’s admirer is. Elsa isn’t even nearly as interested.

- Elsa likes putting flowers in her hair.

- Petra’s Stream is a common place to catch salmon in Arendelle.

- Elin is a fisherwoman Anna knew. She has a friend named Stefan.

- Kristoff is a good friend offering Anna his jacket when she was cold.

- Every spring, Arendelle holds an ice sculpting competition, the Spring Sculpture Classic, at the frozen lake. Either Arendelle has a lot of activities that Anna and Elsa missed out on for 13 years or they started the tradition for Elsa. Probably the former. That makes me sad.

- Arendelle’s houses continue out to an ‘outer lake’ which is apparently a big place that has red alder trees.

- Elsa’s secret admirer is a 7 year old boy named Fredmund, you can all calm down now LOL but he’s adorable and progressive because in his play pretend he doesn’t save Elsa, they save the village together.

- “Anna and Elsa smiled at the fun the boy was having. It reminded them of the games they used to play when they were little.” Even as children they’d role play as a power couple. 

- It’s a good thing not all of Elsa’s ice sculptures come to life cuz Arendelle would have an ice dragon problem.

- Freddy was quick on that marriage proposal. Then again, he said it’s what you do when you like someone. Takes notes, HANS, you shouldn’t propose to people you want to kill!

- Freddy immediately understood the value of platonic m/f relationships. Takes notes, KRISTOFF.

- Fredmund’s mom is Maarika. She’s in on Elsa’s fuckbuddy system.

- You never realize how thankful you are for Olaf’s design until you realize that he doesn’t have toes.

- One of the ice harvesters is named Thorken Eriksson.

- “With all of this secret admirer talk, do you ever wish you had someone special?” Anna asked. Elsa threw an arm around Anna’s shoulder. “But I do have someone special,” she said. “My sister!” Elsa basically just said that her girlfriend is her sister.

Things I created in my own head:

- Maren: “Besides, I like Elsa, and that’s no secret.” You bet your sweet bippy I’m gonna read into that.

-Maren uses the secret passageway to either spy on Elsa or to have secret affairs with her without anyone knowing.

- “I guess some things just need a queen’s touch,” Elsa responded playfully. ;D

- Add Elin to Anna’s growing list of girlfriends.

- Anna: We’re looking for Elsa’s secret admirer. - Kristoff: That’s a tough one. Elsa has like 800 fuck buddies.

- “It’s amazing what people can do with ice!” Elsa said. “You don’t say,” Anna replied, winking at her sister. She knew that Elsa could do some pretty amazing things with ice too. Oh you guys.

- Kristoff looked from one sister to the other, impressed. “You two make a great team.” Even he knows.