ice scramble

Next time you guys go to the Philippines, make sure you ask your cousins to get you one of these. You’ll thank me! (except for the possible germs that you fancy americans might not be able to handle.)

Beat the summer heat with these favorite Pinoy treats

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Aside from the iconic halo-halo, the streets are not lacking in cheap treats to ward off the summer heat.

The best thing about Pinoy comfort food is that it need not be expensive or hard to find. In fact, almost any time of the year you will see these cold treats everywhere — from sidewalks and alleys to shopping malls.

Ice Scramble. Also referred to as iskrambol, this is made from crushed ice mixed with skimmed milk and sago (tapioca), frothed and drizzled with chocolate or strawberry syrup. Call it a cheap version of milkshake but ice scramble evokes childhood memories ever since it got popular in the 80s. It is definitely making as comeback; notice the numerous ice scramble stalls you see in malls.

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I didn’t know what has gotten into me, why did I crave for something sweet and something cold today.

All day long, I’ve been fighting myself for this unusual uncalled for craving for the sweet ice. Also, I’m thinking of getting myself a tub of ice cream.

What bothers me is that, I haven’t gotten my pay yet from work and I haven’t paid the bills. So it would be a mortal sin to succumb to my cravings with all these unsettled. 

Every hour this afternoon, I’ve asked my dad whether the local ice cream vendor or the ice scramble guy came across our street, to my dismay he always says no.

What’s with the hot weather anyway? Or is it because something’s bothering me (I don’t know what) that’s why I’m craving for any of those?

Err. Conclusion is that it’s because of both.

When I finally gave up in this craving, suddenly, God answered my prayers. The ice scramble guy came. Take note: It is quite unusual for him to appear in our area this late. I mean, it’s already past 6. This is the first time I saw him without the sun up there.

Anyway, I had my serving of the long waited cold sweet ice and it was fulfilling. It’s not the best quality ice scramble out there but this is just the right thing I need right now.

To give you a background, I crave for something cold and sweet whenever I feel lonely or sad. Mostly, I don’t know the reason for such feelings or it’s just that I don’t acknowledge it as a fact to become the reason for being this miserable.

Today, this serving of clean shaven ice with the rich delicate syrup topped with white powdered milk is my savior from this loneliness inside.

Now I’m trying to figure out, what should I eat next? :) 

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I love this week. It’s sinking in now that I am officially unemployed. I miss eating meals with my parents and the comfort of rainy days not rushing to either home or work. I’m alone in our house, no choice but to do this, and today is my first attempt to go out in plain shirt and shorts, my target destination—the market.

Our barangay has a very humble wet market. It’s like the ones you’ll see in barrios and provinces. I love it. No hassle and the goods are relatively cheap. I brought PhP150 with me without any idea what to buy. So there, I ended up getting some random things. The first was something that I’m not used in eating, the street ice scramble. The last time I ate this was when I was in late grade school. LOL

It actually evolved too. Now, they got strawberry syrup and other ice flavors too, together with the conventional milk powder, and chocolate syrup. I hope after eating this, the ‘nature’ won’t call! Hehe! It’s delicious, for the record.

I also bought ‘mani’. I miss this bigtime!!! Nothing beats like the street-cooked peanuts. It has a distinct taste a home-made one cannot achieve.  I don’t wanna know where the taste come from. LOL

And the best deal I got ever in my ‘marketing’ history… Three big tilapia fish + free grill for PhP90. Haha!

I’m loving this simple life. I’m making the most of these moments since I can’t be unemployed, of course, for so long. When I start in a TV network next month, I know I can’t do this anymore. So my dinner for tonight will be very Filipino—grilled tilapia, brown rice, partnered with soy sauce, chilli and calamansi. Taralets!