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somehow, somewhere along the way, a line had blurred into something less distinct, and yuri had come to the sudden realization that maybe he was in love with his best friend.

but of course, he’d had to realize it at the worst possible time.

(a study of otabek and yuri’s friendship as the years pass, and how it changes into something new)

Sara wipes tears from her eyes, still shaking with laughter, and lays her free hand on his shoulder as she turns him so that she can look him dead in the eyes. “You’ve got it bad, kid. I can’t believe you haven’t realized you’re in love with him yet,” she wheezes, doubling over a little.

His eyes go wide. “No, you’ve got it all wrong, he’s my best friend―”

“You need to be a little more self aware,” she cuts in, expression morphing into something a little more sympathetic as the laughter starts to subside. “Yuri, when Mila and I walked over, you were looking at him like he was the sun or something. That’s not a look you give your best friend, I’m sorry to burst your bubble.”

can u believe im back AGAIN with a new chapter? i can’t either, but it’s true


MODERN AUGame of Thrones

Bran found the papers inside of The Princess and The Queen when he took the book one night and he assumed Arya had used them to mark the page where she had stopped reading long before she had gone missing.
He didn’t touch them and returned the book without reading it. It was Arya’s and it felt bad to read it without her permission. 


the world of ice and fire + princess nymeria of ny sar

Though she married twice more, Nymeria herself remained the unquestioned ruler of Dorne for almost twenty-seven years, her husbands serving only as counselors and consorts. She survived a dozen attempts upon her life, put down two rebellions, and threw back two invasions by the Storm King Durran the Third and one by King Greydon of the Reach. When at last she died, it was the eldest of her four daughters by Mors Martell who succeeded her, not her son by Davos Dayne, for by then the Dornish had come to adopt many of the laws and customs of the Rhoynar, though the memories of Mother Rhoyne and the ten thousand ships were fading into legend.

“Amh sar-”

“No! No you’re not! You saw me coming, why the fuck did you park in my space? You fucking dipshit!”

Marty tried to jot down something on his notepad but the woman who was yelling at him slapped it out of his hand, and right into a puddle. The dirty water saturated the pages, ruining the whole pad.

“No, don’t start writing shit when I’m talking to you! Pay attention, asshole!”

Marty was very sensitive to the volume of her yelling, and covered his ears, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Amh sar…!”



The World of Ice and Fire | They raised their elegant towns and cities from the headwaters of the Rhoyne down to her mouth, each lovelier than the last.

Fortunately there’s ICE-SAR, the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue, a volunteer group that patrols the uninhabited wilderness that practically is Iceland and rescues people (mainly tourists) who’ve managed to get themselves stuck or trapped in the cold. Like, for instance, all the ones who keep driving past obvious “road closed” signs and end up recreating the end of The Shining in their cars.

They also rescue the fools who try hiking in sneakers and hot pants or try fording fast-flowing rivers or go off-roading (which also happens to be illegal). And then there’s the second class of people that ICE-SAR have to deal with: the ones who mess up so badly that you’re forced to wonder whether they’re performance artists. We’ve already told you about the woman who abruptly disappeared into the wilderness and ended up joining her own search party, but did you hear the one about the picnickers who set up a funny photo on a glacier … only to watch in horror as the piece of ice they were on broke off and floated them away into the ether?

6 Famous Tourist Spots That Are Catnip For Assholes

title: astronomy in reverse
fandom: yuri!!! on ice
pairing: viktuuri
word count: 3402
summary: yuuko mistakenly thinks viktor and yuuri are dating, yuuri tells viktor about it, and viktor wonders how much clearer he has to be.

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