ice salt challenge

marauders youtube au

sirius and james have a ridiculous amount of subscribers though no one could tell you how that happened, their channel is mostly sophomoric low-brow humor rooted in silly skits and viral challenges (sirius still isn’t over the sprite and banana challenge, james’s scars from the salt and ice challenge never faded). really they shouldn’t have any subscribers at all but ultimately they’re downright charming and clever and however silly their escapades may be it’s impossible to dislike them. they started doing the youtube thing full-time a couple years ago.

lily started out as a beauty guru and she still does makeup tutorials and reviews from time to time but she’s also gotten a lot more into vlogging, especially about politics and social justice. she did a series last year about her experiences as a woman on youtube / in the industry that got a lot of attention and she’s quickly becoming close friends with several other women who do similar videos. essentially she’s a fiery feminist badass with perfectly winged eyeliner. james may or may not be subscribed and his heart may or may not leap when he gets an email saying she’s posted a new video and he may or may not be deeply deeply infatuated with her.

peter has a much less renowned channel where he does DIY projects and cooking videos and things; he only has a couple of thousand subscribers but it’s starting to grow and he works very hard at it. james and sirius like his funnier work – they tweet links to his videos from time to time, and that always garners a spike in attention. they’re friends, in a loose sense of the word. peter is sort of in love with them as they’re the reason he started his channel in the first place. he’s still got a day job, he works as a waiter in a local restaurant which provides him a lot of material for humorous vlogs where he criticizes the rude and the rich.

remus does educational video with a small company working to produce free educational materials for use in low-income schools. he hosts a weekly show about literature that focuses on critical reading of classic works, tying their themes into modern media. he’s intensely passionate about what he does. he also has a personal channel with much less attention, but it gives him a place to vent in a more casual way. he’s dead funny and his dog snuffles always sneaks into the frame. he talks a lot about life things, does book reviews, and occasionally he’ll make some videos about issues or topics relating to the queer community. he gets a lot of creative control over this work but aside from going into the office/studio for shooting he mostly gets to work from home. the flexibility of his schedule works well for him because he’s living with chronic fatigue syndrome that’s been fluctuating in its intensity for a few years now.

this summer brings a convention for online content producers that’s going to unite them all. james may or may not be planning ways to approach lily and peter may or may not have been deliberating whether or not to ask james and sirius for their autographs for months. sirius, meanwhile, finds himself with nothing to do but attend remus’s educational video panel… where he may or may not become 100% smitten with the witty-passionate-mischievous-beautiful remus lupin.

Admins Shame Time

Fuck all y'all. This is my google search history from the past 2 days from latest to most recent.

1. Why does chicken noodle soup help colds?
2. Wattpad
3. Hetalia fanfic friction.
4. Aph Finland
5. Km to miles
6. How to find square yards.
7. How to find square miles.
8. Aph TRNC
9. Kahoot
10. What is the salt and ice challenge?
11. Thing to absorb poison.
12. Activated charcoal.
13. Poison control
14. Is hydrogen peroxide corrosive?
15. Aph Finland.
16. Aph Finland transparent
17. Sauna
18. Sauna aesthetic
19. Christmas aesthetic
20. Sniper aesthetic
21. Hanatamago
22. Hanatamago transparent
23. Finnish flag transparent
24. Aph sweden and Sealand
25. Christmas aesthetic
26. Candy cane aesthetic
27. Pancake recipe.
28. American flag
29. Concordia language village
30. Swedish language immersion program
31. Pori
32. Blue Christmas aesthetic
33. Blue candy cane aesthetic
34. Aph Sufin family
35. Google translate german to Swedish “stop you motherfucking idiots”
36. Blue sauna aesthetic
37. Lilies
38. Blue lilies
39. Protective tariffs.

Go ahead and shame, ask, demand explanation, or roast about anything up there. It’s shame time anyway.


NEW VIDEO! Hannah and I did the SALT AND ICE CHALLENGE. With a twist. 





Ben did the als ice bucket challenge