ice rink party

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Pls write abt Chowder's v first hcokey game pls


Chris is ten years old when he first touches blade to ice. 

One of his classmates is turning ten over the weekend too, so the whole class was invited to the local ice rink for a skating party. Chris loves parties, especially ones with the little goodie bags at the end, because they usually had tootsie rolls and those are his favorite. But this one… well, he tried to tell his mom that he was sick, but she saw through the thermometer under hot water trick and told him he couldn’t stay home because they had already RSVP’ed. 

So here Chris is, stuck behind the weird plastic glass, watching his friends skate in happy circles around the ice, while he sits on the bench with his too-big skates dangling just above the floor. He hates it, but he doesn’t want to fall in front of his friends. He’s not a baby, y’know. He’s been ten for a whole month now. Double digits! 

Rohan skates by and waves, shoving off that he doesn’t need to cling to the wall to be out on the ice. Chris slumps a bit further onto the bench and tries to appreciate that he at least gets to see his friends on a weekend. 

Something cold touches the back of his neck and Chris nearly slides right off the bench. He spins around, only to see Mrs. Flores standing behind him, offering a cold apple juice. He takes it with a quiet thank you. 

“Chris honey, what’s wrong? I thought you would love the ice!” 

He shakes his head softly before gently putting the straw through the hole in the juice box. 

“No, I don’t know how to skate.”

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