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The drone view of the icecap and tiny valley glaciers coming out of this is spectacular. Narrated Iceland trip tells you the geologic story of Iceland while simultaneously exploring the landscape. Original video caption:

In August 2017, I went on a fantastic two week adventure of Iceland, traveling with a geologist and a small group of photographers, we visited many of Iceland’s natural wonders. With so much to see, and at our break neck pace, I split the video into (at least) two parts. This is the first 5 days. Everything you see here was shot by me, I used a Mavic pro drone, Sony a6500 and Sony a7rII for all the shots. We only had a few hours at most locations, so I used a run and gun style of capture, some shots are a bit messy, but considering the pace of our adventure I’m really happy with the results. Special thanks to Volcano Discovery for organizing a wonderful trip. Music licensed at Audio Network.


Freezing waterfall, mist, and morning sun, Þingvellir - Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

“Watchin’ Cap’n play his farming simulator game, what’s it called… whatever, it’s really calming and fun! I can’t remember the last time I managed to stay still this long just watchin’ somethin’~ I’m probably gonna need to go out and burn the energy i’ll retain from this later though, heheheh!”

Over the Distant Stars

                               Kimi no Na wa AU Todomomo version 

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                                                  ***Chapter 2 *** 

Yaoyorozu’s family was a huge influence in the small town of Itomori. Her dad was a successful politician and her mother was one of the priestesses of a Shinto Shrine up the Northern Mountains. To live up to their prestigious status, Yaoyorozu worked hard in school (she managed to make it on the Dean’s list every year) and on weekends, she would follow her mother to train as a priestess in the shrine. Her father spent very little time at home however, and thus, their relationship was strained.

The first thing that Yaoyorozu did when she returned home was run to her matryoshka dolls. The white piece of paper must be a hint of what’s been happening lately. Jirou and Ochako voiced their concern at lunch the other day, while munching on some plum onigiri and sipping hot barley tea, that every second day Yaoyorozu would come to school with messy hair. The poor girl wouldn’t remember a thing, and Ochako would add how she even forgot her own name once when Ms.Midnight called on her to answer a math question. Yaoyorozu cringed. Something was definitely off, especially with those eerie dreams she’s been having.

She gulped and turned over her doll, dust motes dancing in the air like snow in a winter day. She pulled out the note with careful fingers and pressed it flat on her desk.

“Who are you? Where are you from?”

Her fingers smudged the markings on the paper and she casually wiped it on her jeans. Whoever wrote the note was clearly in a hurry, words scribbled in a mess of navy blue ink. She slumped onto her chair and covered her forehead in a sign of defeat. Was this a prank from someone? But how could anyone have sneaked into her room?

She walked over to her soft bed and lied down. Her teddy bear stumbled and fell next to her as if he had a life of his own. She grabbed the bear and hugged it tightly, feeling it’s fur brush against her chin. Her eyes were dry and she was so exhausted from everything. Those people in her class that always picked on her. Her father that was never home. And now this?

Yaoyorozu wished she had the authority to choose who to be in her next life; ideally, a handsome boy living in a big city. She grinned at the random thought, almost like a mental apparition of some sort, and gradually drifted into deep slumber. Perhaps, her mother could tell her about how reincarnation works.


“Rise and shine,” a sing-song voice echoed, “Shouto, breakfast is ready, get up!”

Yaoyorozu mumbled a “huh” and with her eyes still closed, she reached up into a stretch and sat there, mouth tasting bitter and puckering.

Her eyes wandered helplessly around the room she was in, and she jolted. Blue walls and robot figurines greeted her and her hands subconsciously travelled up her torso. Okay, wait a minute. Her body felt oddly light. She looked down, stiff hands feeling her chest. Breasts don’t just disappear, for pete’s sake! She examined the Nike shorts she was wearing, and she felt heat rise up her cheeks. Where the hell was she?! What was—Who–?

“Shouto, what’s with you? You’re gonna be late, school’s starting in 30 minutes!” the same feminine voice came again and disrupted her thoughts.

Okay, calm down. Calm the hell down, Momo. This must be the dream again! Of course it must be!

“I’ll…uh..” her eyes widened at how deep her voice was and clutched her throat with her right hand, “I’ll be right down!” She shouted and she scurried off into the nearest bathroom down the hall.

Staring into the mirror, her fingers traced every nook and crannie of her ‘face’ and she swallowed a scream. Her heart was hammering, blood was racing, and she still had no idea how she was donning a face of some guy! A guy with an angry scar and mismatched eyes, no less. She stretched her neck upwards, examining her adam’s apple. Her adam’s apple looked so real. Her hair was a fiery mix of red and platinum white with pieces stylishly falling right between her brows.  

“This is bizarre”, Momo said to herself as she ran her hand through her short hair, “how amazing is this?”


Eating breakfast with her ‘sister’, Fuyumi, was beyond odd. She tried so hard not to give away her feminine identity, but in the back of her mind she would constantly remind herself that she was in some labyrinth of a dream. Anything she did here would have no consequence whatsoever. So no worries right?

               “I gotta go now, Shouto, can you please remember to get home on time? You’ve been late a lot this week”, the sister says, “You know how dad gets. And also don’t forget to bring a spoon for your lunch, I don’t think I packed it with your bento.”

               “If I forget, I can always create one so don’t worry. Please take care”, Momo sat up straight and nodded, and Fuyumi cocked an eyebrow.

               “Okay….you’ll create one?”,  Fuyumi shrugged, “Guess you’re talking about your friends’ quirks. I’ll see you later then.” And with that she left.

               Momo turned and watched as Fuyumi exited the house with a purse in her hands. She let out a sigh and took a quick tour around the dining room. Family pictures hung precariously on the walls and she noticed ‘her own’ face in the photos. In the photo closest to the table, Fuyumi, and two other boys around her age, sat at the very front while who she presumed to be the father and mother sat at the back with ‘herself’ wedged in the middle. Everyone was smiling, but the mother looked a bit distressed. Momo can see it in her hesitant grin.

               A loving family, maybe?

               As she continued to inspect the wooden framed photos, a cellphone started vibrated on the table. She snatched it quickly and clicked on the screen.

               You’re going to be late for school again!! –Midoriya

               As a straight A student with 0 penalties whatsoever, that message gave her a heart attack. She leapt up the stairs into ‘her’ bedroom and quickly grabbed the uniform that was resting on the headrest of a chair.


Her face turned bright red. She really had to go pee first before searching where her school was on google map.


“Oh man,” Midoriya leaned close to Momo, “Todoroki, you actually made it to our first block, unlike last time.”

Momo scratched her head and gave a shameful scoff.

“Yeah I got lost. I forgot how big the city was.”


“Everything was so breathtaking…the JR line on the horizon, the beautiful skyscrapers, and…”

Midoriya tilted his head in confusion, “I guess?”

A bird swooped down next Momo as she ate her curry rice and she giggled, watching the bird pick off crumbs that Midoriya left when he was eating a sandwich. Midoriya was now beside her, practicing punches and kicks while jumping in mid-air. With every punch, a gush of air rushed past her and she gasped.

“Amazing, Midoriya-kun”, Momo commented, “is that your quirk? Super strength?”

Midoriya paused, sweat beading on his face, “ Midoriya-KUN? ”

Momo bit her lower lip, “uhh….Midoriya-san?”

The green-haired boy sat down, “Todoroki, this isn’t the first day you’ve met me…”

Momo wasn’t listening however. She was frantically digging into her backpack, “Ugh, I forgot to bring napkins. Guess I’ll just have to make some.” Midoriya watched as she lifted her sleeves up, revealing her muscular biceps, watching it as if something was supposed to happen.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to create a napkin,” her nose scrunched in annoyance, “but nothings coming out.”

Midoriya could only cover his face in laughter, “Is it one of those magic tricks that people on T.V. do? Trying to make things out of thin air?”

Momo glared at him, “Uh no. That’s my quirk. Gees, if I were lucid dreaming, I could have dreamt this Midoriya guy away for Jirou or something….” She mumbled her last words. Her eyes widened when something, blue-ish white popped out of her hands, but within a millisecond her grin faded away as icicles and giant ice ridges emerged from the ground on her right.

She fumbled and tripped backwards in surprise, prompting Midoriya to also take a step back.

“Todoroki, calm down man, the principal hates it when students use their quirks with no supervision, remember?”

Momo could only look at Midoriya and back at her frozen, right hand. This dream is way too real. She could’ve obliterated half of the school with this power if she weren’t careful, she could’ve hurt Midoriya, she could’ve…she didn’t want to think about it. She clenched her right fist and turned to her friend, who was watching her with patient eyes.

“I’m sorry”, she mumbled, still a little shaken with the sudden surge of her unexpected quirk.

“Anyway, Iida and I were thinking of heading to UA café after school for a quick bite, you in? Unless you gotta visit your mom…”

His voice trailed off, seemingly uncomfortable with the latter topic. He was expecting a mournful response but instead, he was greeted with a loud gasp.

“CAFÉ? Oh, how I’ve missed those lovely hangout places….and the little meringue cookies with fresh fruit and crème”, Momo jumped with joy, hands clasped together as if praying to Midoriya to take her there.

“Alright… so you’re down for that then,” Midoriya half laughed and half shuddered. He rested a hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her down.

“But Todoroki, you do know that you work at that café right?”


                                        // Chapter 3 is coming up :)//

alpha-andrew  asked:

Todoroki x Yaoyorozu please!

Okay, this one seems to be a fan favorite.

I was wrong when I said Midoriya and Uraraka would be the power couple of the class. They are not gonna beat these two.

Okay so Yaoyorozu falls first. 

After the final exam they were paired up a few times for battle training, mostly because the teachers thought they worked together very well, but also because everybody kinda guessed Yaoyorozu had a huge crush on Todoroki. Meanwhile Todoroki is an oblivious shit who only thinks about his studies. This situation went on for a while until one day Todoroki noticed Yaoyorozu with her hair blowing in the wind and a sweat drop on her chin and a smile on her face after practice *inputs an aesthetically cinematic scene here* and felt his heart stop and that was the first time he experienced romantic attraction.

When they first started going out Todoroki consulted his mother on how to act on dates and she basically told him to never do the things Endeavor did to her, and he would be alright. So Todoroki tried to be a gentleman and insisted on paying for food and carrying bags and stuff. He even tried to talk in formal language, but Yaoyorozu felt weird and told him to just be himself. Their dates consisted mostly of book or equipment shopping and then lunch and/or dinner, because Yaoyorozu canonically eats a lot and Todoroki, well, likes to eat. Yaoyorozu taught Todoroki how to enjoy high-class teas and introduced him to foreign food.

When Yaoyorozu introduced her boyfriend to her parents, they were a little hesitant at first. Her papa tried to do his father duty, he call him out to a private corner and told him “Treat her properly or else” and Todoroki just replied very casually “I will” but Yaoyorozu papa was scared af because what the hell happened to this kid’s eyes is he glaring at me (people with upward slanting eyes are always misinterpreted like this I shit you not). However, as they interacted with him more they eventually grew to really like the kid.

As for the Todoroki family, Fuyumi and Todoroki mama were the people who met Yaoyorozu first, and they were overjoyed. His mama apologized she had to meet her in the hospital, but Yaoyorozu insisted it was okay and gave her flowers and gifts. When Endeavor learned about his son’s girlfriend (accidentally, Shouto didn’t want him to know), he was mad pleased since “That girl is from a high class family, right? She would be a fitting bride for the Todoroki family” and Shouto just straight up told him “When we get married I’m taking her last name” and fashionably ignored Endeavor’s rage. He wondered later why he didn’t say “if”.

They had two kids. One with snow white hair and one with black hair with a few red strands. The white-haired kid’s quirk is Ice Sculpture, he can generate ice shapes in many forms. While he cannot make giant ice ridges like his dad, his ability is much more flexible. He can create various ice objects to use as weapons or everyday objects (kinda like Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tail). The other kid had both ice and fire power, just like Todoroki, but his fire is weaker than ice, and he has poor control of his quirk. Todoroki ended up favoring him a little more than the other one. 

That’s all I have for now! I hope you like what I wrote and thanks for the ask!

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Skotan Oathstrong from the Blackrock Clan of Gorgrond beside his grandfather Wogrim Wolftongue from the Frostwolf Clan of Frostfire Ridge.

These will be my two mains this expansion. One from our universe, the other from the alternate. One for the Iron Horde, the other against it. One a hated warrior, the other a respected shaman.

Fire and Ice.


Saskatchewan Glacier | Banff National Park

by Ziva & Amir