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So here is a full analysis of the “Shiro Clone theory”

 So here we have Shiro on some sort of operating table on a Galra ship. This looks a lot like a table that any artificial creation or CLONE is created on) Also, let’s not forget his hair. Shiro hasn’t been gone too long. It’s not likely his hair could’ve grown this much.

Look at the way he is having trouble walking and then falls. It’s like how someone who has never walked before would walk. They’re not used to their legs yet. 

Shiro then sees Ulaz. But Ulaz is dead. So this must be a memory. Why would a memory of Ulaz be popping into Shiro’s mind at this moment?

It’s because “Shiro” got injected with the real Shiro’s memories, as seen here:

Flashback to this from season 2:

This would also explain why “Shiro” is having a weird headache. His head was injected with memories, which would put a lot of strain on one’s mind.

He also reacts to light and sound like someone who has never seen or heard anything before. Yes, he could’ve just been asleep; however, someone who has just been “asleep” wouldn’t react in such an extreme way like Shiro did.

Here’s where Shiro sees himself on a different operation table. This confused me at first. At first I thought it was a flashback, but once I watched it again, I realized that there was no way that this was a flashback. It was not set up like one. You can tell this is what Shiro really sees because of his shocked expression and gasp when he sees himself on the table.

Look at how deadpan Shiro’s eyes are. He’s unconscious. He also has the same haircut that he did before he disappeared. The two Shiro’s look completely different, even though not much time has passed.

Look at this. It looks as if they’re PRESERVING the REAL Shiro’s body.

Also, look at what one of the Galras says. This is part of a PLAN

They’re letting “Shiro” escape.

Which according to this commander, is all part of the plan. It seems as if they have planned a fake Shiro to go back to Voltron for some sort of plan. Maybe to get information, or to sabotage Voltron’s plans. 

“Shiro” then lands on an ice planet and is rescued by these rebel fighters. “Shiro” tells them his name and explains that he is part of Voltron.

These are REBEL FIGHTERS. It’s impossible that they don’t know who Voltron is. They also have probably heard of or even seen Shiro. But for SOME REASON, they don’t believe him.

After Keith finds “Shiro”, he has a conversation with him in his room and tells him this:

However, “Shiro’s” reply is “Yeah, I’ll try.” I’ll TRY. That is not like Shiro at all. Yes, he’s hurt, but we all know he wouldn’t hesitate to see the rest of the team, especially in this scenario where he has been gone and the team had no idea what happened to him and were extremely worried. This response is also very uncaring sounding, which is again, not like Shiro, who cares a lot about his team.

And what the heck is THIS? And I’m not just talking about the haircut and pose. What he says sounds very robotic in a way. This is not what Shiro would say after disappearing and then finally seeing his team, his FAMILY, again. There’s no love. We all know he would be very emotional and possibly even console them. But what he says is cheerful, as if he had never been gone. And it sounds extremely planned or PROGRAMMED. 

And last,  but possibly one of the biggest hints that this is a clone of Shiro, is what happens when Shiro tries to pilot the black lion.

It doesn’t respond to him. Yes, Keith has been the black lion recently and bonded with it, but like I said, it hasn’t been that long. Plus, Shiro was the black paladin before Keith and had a stronger bond with her. There’s no way that she wouldn’t let Shiro pilot her. That’s HIS lion. Unless…that’s not Shiro…

And that is all of the proof that I caught for this theory that I, and so many others are believing. I just hope that they realize it’s not really Shiro soon…

au where little chubby Yuuri always has Phichit by his side.

Phichit always protects Yuuri from the bullies who shame him for the little extra shed of fat on his body. He assures Yuuri that it’s okay for being how he is and no, ballet is fascinating and doesn’t make Yuuri a “sissy” because Yuuri looks like a beautiful swan soaring through the clouds how could they deride him for something he loves!?

On the other hand, Yuuri always accompanies Phichit for all the shenanigans his friend put him through. Even when their peers claim Phichit “too obnoxiously loud for his own good”, Yuuri assures Phichit that yes, all the stories he tells Yuuri are interesting and please tell Yuuri more, he’d love to hear Phichit raving about that new golden hamster he’d just bought yesterday if that means ever smiling Phichit can stay as the ever smiling Phichit.

yuri on ice AU where Yuuri wakes up on some rocky little formation in the middle of the sea after falling off a boat, and as he’s climbing around trying to see if there’s any hope of rescue being nearby and wondering how the hell he even got where he is in the first place he happens to look down at the water right below where he’s standing to find Merman!Viktor staring up at him from a like a foot under the water with his long hair floating around him and his Too Large Eyes and Equally Unsettlingly Large Pupils and smiling at Yuuri with far too many shark-y teeth like some sort of fucking Sea Phantom and Yuuri of course screams and falls on his ass trying to get away from the Uncanny Valley Horror and just keeps screaming for his goddamn LIFE

meanwhile Viktor pops out of the water and just keeps watching Yuuri with an unblinking stare like ◉‿◉ ‘wow I love him’

and Viktor, bless his weird, fishy heart, keeps trying to woo his beautiful, leggy human BUT HE JUST KEEPS SCREAMING.

'I brought you fish?? I brought you jewels???? I haven’t eaten you????? ?!??!?WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME?!??!?’ he says, but it comes out as *ETHEREAL & HAUNTING SCREAMS OF FRUSTRATION* which only makes Yuuri scream more

Magnolia (left) and Jazzy (right) are survivors of the dairy industry. They are both free-martins, meaning they were born a twin to a male calf, and are unable to get pregnant. As a result, they were deemed useless to the dairy industry. If Magnolia and Jazzy weren’t rescued, they both would’ve already been killed for their flesh — Magnolia for “cheap dairy beef,” and Jazzy for “veal.” 

Ditch dairy for them.   

(Photo by Cathe Moody)

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I could forgive ppl for not seeing Jaime in love with brienne (kimd of) but to say that brienne's feelings for Jaime is just platonic is laughable like I'm sorry but if you keep thinking about your "best friend" naked and blushing because of how hot he looked when he was naked I'm sorry but... your feelings for him... aren't... *platonic* xDD

THANK YOU?? no but like honestly not just THAT, but you don’t dream of your best friend putting cloaks on your shoulders of whichever kind, you don’t dream of him dying in front of you in place of your last canon crush, you don’t call for them all the time when you’re sick and maybe you’d die for them but not even thinking before getting hanged for them in front of the person you swore vows to when vows are the most important thing to you? and THE WHITE CLOAK BECOMES YOU? and I HAVE TO DO THIS FOR JAIME every damned time she thinks about why she’s looking for sansa? and WOULD HE LET ME CRY ON HIS SHOULDER? that’s not friendly, that’s plain fucking obvious and if they don’t see it they have never had a crush on someone

mercyimagines masterlist!


  • Stitches - you need stitches, as Shawn is shooting Stitches
  • Midnight - you & Shawn broke up, but need to talk
  • Moving Day - you & Shawn moved into your first apartment, things aren’t going as planned
  • I Need You - Shawn’s on tour without you, he misses you
  • Sick - you get sick on tour, Shawn doesn’t leave you un-attended to
  • Ruin - your best friend Shawn writes Ruin about you
  • Secret - you & Shawn have a secret relationship
  • Bookstore - you fall off a bookstore ladder into a perfect stranger’s arms
  • Cold Hands - you have cold hands, Shawn doesn’t mind
  • I Said No - Shawn tells you no in a dire situation
  • Jealous Love - you’re jealous of Camila and Shawn’s friendship
  • Paint - you’re an artist, Shawn helps you out
  • Lost - you & Shawn deal with a miscarriage
  • Breakfast - Shawn makes you breakfast in bed
  • 3 AM - Shawn comes home late, lookin’ cute
  • Rescue - protective older brother Shawn, need I say more?
  • Lights - your epilepsy acts up at Shawn’s show
  • Plain - you feel plain without makeup, Shawn comforts you
  • MSG - you attend Shawn’s MSG show
  • Paps - paparazzi harass your daughter, Shawn gets mad
  • Fear - Shawn gets sick the night before a show, you take care of him
  • I Hate You - you & Shawn hate each other, until you don’t
  • Forced - your dads meet each other, bringing you along, paps catch you two together
  • Back Up - you have a panic attack at the airport, Shawn is there to help
  • Text - you text Shawn when you can’t sleep
  • Jealous In Love - Lauren comes to get back with Shawn, you’re not going to let that happen
  • Insomniac - you can’t sleep, Shawn helps you out
  • False Thinking - you feel not worthy of Shawn’s love, he proves you wrong
  • Steamer - Shawn’s in his head, you help him out
  • The Ice - Shawn gets injured during a hockey game
  • F.U. - Shawn cheats on you

- part 2, part 3

  • Cracked - you fall through some ice, Shawn rescues you



Proposal - PART 1

Telling The Family - PART 2

The Place - PART 3

I am replaying pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team and decided to draw something (I’m full of bad dicisions) anyways here you have it: me, the squirtle and my partner torchic in our fight against rayquaza. Well actually more me ice beaming it to death while torchic just stands there watching :)

oh gosh I suck so much at drawing pokemon moves btw D:

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hcs of grimmjow trying really hard to be romantic (and probs failling lmao) after screwing up? like, he forgot an important date, insulted s/o without noticing, etc.

Grimmjow and romantic do not belong in the same paragraph; unless there is a not in there somewhere lmao. I feel I need to justify? is that the word I want?? why these are going to be the way they are so the first few bullets are more about how I personally feel he would be in a relationship, if you could call it that. I feel like I need to explain my absence but like… I have so I won’t bore you with the same-but-different explanation here.

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Grimmjow is shitty boyfriend–maybe a tad NSFW

  • It’s worth noting I don’t think Grimm would ever really put a label on a relationship. He likes to think he isn’t tied down and the more you push for a label the more he pulls away. You just kinda have to figure out where you stand by yourself–which is, undoubtedly, frustrating.
  • A relationship to you is different to him. He more or less expects you to know you can’t be with anyone else and will frequently call you his. But never his girlfriend. It’s always more a ‘back off she’s mine. He only really acknowledges his attachment to you as possessive behaviour. But he expects his partner to do most of the work in a relationship.
  • He won’t talk about ‘problems’ and he doesn’t buy you flowers. He teases you and grabs you; or tells you that you’re his and no one else’s. So if you are expecting a romantic boyfriend who takes you on dates under the stars or sakura trees, you’re in for a lot of disappointment. He isn’t romantic, not one romantic bone in his body. Romance is a human thing and he just doesn’t understand it.
  • That said he can become deeply attached to someone and he will (internally) recognise that he doesn’t want to be without them. He won’t ever admit though. So he does feel genuinely guilty when he greatly upsets them because ‘oh shit she might leave me.’ He honestly thinks they could do better than him and that can scare him sometimes; so he will try to make it up. But it isn’t really romantic in the conventional sense. And he gets like really awkward. 
  • Okay so we are going with he insulted his S/O because he isn’t a date kinda guy–especially not a planned date kinda guy. On a positive note, all ‘dates’ are spontaneous so he doesn’t stand you up.
  • He probably called you an idiot or fat or insulted something he knewhe fucking knew–you were insecure about. He wanted the upper hand in a argument and he went for it; now you’re angry and crying all at once and can only utter the broken word ‘leave’
  • That’s when he knew he fucked up
  • But he couldn’t stay, there’s no way you would let him after what he just said. For a moment he hated himself. Hated himself so much for his lack of self control and narcissistic nature. He’ll try to justify his actions for hours–and fail. Until he finally realises, walking in the rain along some dingy back alley of town, that he was wrong. And he might lose you. 
  • So he calls, he texts. He tries to get a hold of you. You’re ignoring him or sleeping. He can’t be sure but he doesn’t have a key and doesn’t really want to break in because that would make it worse so he goes to Ichigo’s. The only person he thinks might be able to help him. 
  • Ichigo is shocked obvs, but he tries to help. Grimm leaves in the morning hell bent on making things right.
  • He buys flowers. Nice flowers. And you’re favourite snack. He considers buying you a puppy–he disregards the thought. He doesn’t like dogs. And he has his speech all planned out in his head. He’s going to sweep you off your feet.
  • Except he doesn’t. He returns home, clothes wrinkled with his flowers and snacks and knocks, determinedly, on the door.
  • You answer, hair a mess, a giant over sized T-shirt on. Your eyes had been red and puffy from crying; and you are looking directly at him.
  • He chokes and forgets what he was going to say. He starts stuttering and mumbling. He can’t put his words together so he just shoves the offending flowers and food at you. You think you heard an ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘stupid flowers’ but you can’t be sure.
  • When you’re thoughts are finally collected you let him in to talk about it. Still shell-shocked over the flowers and attempted romanticism. 

I lowkey wanna make this a scenario now. Damn it.

Days Like These

GUYS It’s Batfam Week! I’m so excited to share with you the stories I’ve cooked up for each prompt this week. I’m looking forward to seeing everything that comes from each prompt and participant! Let’s all have fun, and enjoy!

Prompt: Day 1: Family

Words: 1,427

Rating: Gen

Summary: A day with Alfred

AO3 Link

It was nights like these that Alfred cherished.

Nights when the car came back a little early, its occupants wearing smiles they hadn’t when it left. Where he wasn’t quite finished with anything, but happy to set it aside to take care of the family streaming in.

Dick arriving with a quick, tight side hug and a kiss pressed to his head. Already filling Alfred in on the night, even though he’d been watching the whole time. Dick had never lost the ability to entertain with his words. It wasn’t because he was a good storyteller (he was) it was the innocence in how he told the story. The same way he’d done it when he was ten, fresh back from patrols that included stops for ice cream and rescuing kittens in the park.

Jason would shrug in with a scowl until he spotted the carefully made sandwiches set aside for the family. If Alfred blinked he knew the only one that would be left was the one labeled for Jason, and the man would grin at him, cheeks already stuffed with Bruce’s favorite. Then as the family fumbled over where the food had gone he’d slide next to Alfred and check in with him. His voice always quiet, always asking about Alfred first, telling about his night second.

Where Tim and Damian waved a hello at him before showering and heading to bed, their eyes already heavy with sleep by the time the warm shower water clicked off. Tim heading up the stairs after hugging Alfred, his thin arms tight around him. Damian giving the man a rare kiss on the cheek and smile before darting up, after, and past his brother.

Cass sneaking up to the kitchen to finish tidying whatever Alfred had left out due to the early return and setting up a pot of chamomile for the man to lure him to an early rest as well. She’d sit up with him as long as it took for them both to talk the other into sleep, then escort Alfred to his room before dancing to her own.

Bruce checking in with each of his kids after they’d gone to sleep, head poking into the room for a moment, sometimes longer, before heading off to his own bed. Alfred would do his own check, leaving Bruce for last. Lingering there the longest, as he watched the boy who’d turned into a man sleep one night peacefully.

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So much about healer leash on my dash lately. Like significant other dragging around their partner on the leash and tank daddy healer mommy with healer slave tank slave…

So I sketched a crappy thing to share while having a bad day!




Saturday: Iconic Moment: The poor sun burnt guy who couldn’t eat his mint chocolate chip ice-cream.

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