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These girls have been through so much. At the end of the day, they deserve to smile and have flower crowns.

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This took eleventyhundredhours but it was worth it.

ASRA WTF BRUH do you not have any home training?

Cal’s reaction to learning that her roomie gave a (at the time) complete stranger/wanted fugitive unchecked access to their home would have been pretty intense (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ 

Fluffy hair better stay on that journey for a while but who are we kidding he’ll just erase her memory

Poor Jules, he thought the shopkeep was in the loop about the whole spare key thing. But, come on doc, you know this guy well enough. You should have guessed that Asra might not have mentioned that detail to his landlord because he is a Grade-A Mess™.

PS I finally figured out my apprentice’s look, so here’s her deets:

Name: Calendula (Cal or Callie for short)

The pragmatic shopkeep and magician’s apprentice who longs to travel the world 

Favorite food: Toasted bread with fruit preserves

Favorite drink: Iced red tea

Favorite flower: Marigold


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Same-title kpop songs
  • Wolf: EXO, HyunA
  • Lonely: Spica, Hyolyn, B1A4, Kanto, 2NE1, N.Flying, Jonghyun
  • Cupid: Kara, Oh My Girl
  • Fire: Mad Clown, BTS, 2NE1, JJCC
  • Mamma Mia: Kara, Narsha
  • You and Me: Kisum, HyunA, Astro
  • Mama: Nicole, Exo
  • Pray: Sunny Hill, FT Island, Gain, Babylon
  • Hello: Nu'Est, ZTao*, B.I.G, HuhGak, Boys Republic, SHInee, Primary,
  • Tonight: Winner, Spica, Big Bang, UP10TION
  • Stay: MBlaq, Black Pink, Bing Bang
  • Run Away: JaeJoong, Kara. RP,
  • Butterfly: BTS, JaeJoong, Loveholic
  • I Love You: Rain, Akdong Musucian, 2NE1
  • Never Ever: Jiyeon, GOT7
  • Paradise: DIA, Hyolyn, EXO, S.E.S, NCT 127, T Max, GOT7
  • Only One: APink, BoA, JYJ, ZIA
  • Danger: Taemin, BTS
  • Bad Girl: Ladies Code, Beast, Lee Hyori*, Purfles, Bumkey, SNSD,
  • Good Luck: AOA, Beast
  • Excuse me: Bestie, AOA
  • Ice Cream: Red Velvet, HyunA
  • Flower: Junsu, Yong Junhyung, SNSD
  • Breathe: Miss A, Lee Hi, ZE:A, G-Dragon
  • Beautiful: Monsta X, Beast