ice queen nails


 Can we all please take a moment to appreciate these gorgeous detailed Yuri!!! On Ice nail art by nail-artist Imuzak (insta because WOW I’M IN LOVE! (/ 。• ♡ •。)/

Images posted with permission of the artist, please show them love!!


For queen–of–thorns to continue the discussion of the “Younger, more beautiful queen”.

OK, so I wish wish wish I could find the piece where I first saw this brought up, but I can’t.  I thought I had reblogged it, but I couldn’t find it on my blog.  So I’m kind of riffing off an unknown tumblr-user’s tag commentary on this scene.  

Basically, IDGAF who the YMBQ is. Because to me, it doesn’t matter–looking at Cersei’s face in this scene, it’s clear that she is living the prophecy trope: when you know too much, you become paranoid.  And she’s paranoid about the words coming out of this eleven-year-old’s mouth, wondering if this girl is going to be the one who will cast her down and take everything she holds dear, when really all Sansa is saying is that she loves Joffrey and wants to save her father from an unknown fate.

To my mind, Cersei is her own self-fulfilling prophecy.  She is so determined to win that she becomes her own worst enemy and ends up creating weaknesses for herself even where they shouldn’t be.  Her ambition and her paranoia combined lead her to put on shows of strength, rather than shoring up her defenses–if she should need them–which means that ultimately she weakens herself.  And this is why Margaery (who I don’t believe is the YMBQ–largely because Cersei is so convinced she is) is able to really gain ground against her.  Cersei’s too wild in her defenses because she fears losing everything.  She weakens herself making it almost easy for someone to ultimately step in and “replace” her. 

If Cersei were at her strongest, there would be no one who could gain ground against her.  But she knows too much and that knowledge becomes her weakness.