ice punk


a quick doodle i did after holidays

not really sure if this has been done yet…

I honestly love how

Yuri was presented to us as Yuri THE RUSSIAN PUNK” Plisetsky who shouts in people’s faces to “JUST RETIRE ALREADY!” and goes around kicking butts in other people’s home rink. 

^look at that sixteen year old punk-ness uh huh



And without any discussion whatsoever, we all just agreed somewhere in the middle that this smol blond kid didn’t resemble any sort of Russian punk but was an angel from heaven that should be loved and protected

I mean look at him 

shoutout to all ya’ll yuri angels woot share the lurv 


Yuri!!! on Ice Wallpapers

☆Yuri Plisetsky☆

—"I have only a small window open before the changes in my body, but I'm going to take advantage of everything I can right now to win!“
Fell free to use these wallpapers, but please don’t repost or claim as your own!!