ice powers


Victor “A True Artist Gets Dumped After A Party And Milks That Pain For All It’s Worth” Nikiforov

For his eyes only

Because our sin-namon roll Yuri Katsuki cannot see without his glasses, I just want to point this out.

You guys know that in Yuri’s intro, we ‘assumed’ that Yuri’s seducing stare was directed at Victor, because REALLY, who else is he trying to seduce?

But as episode 6 showed, Yuri can’t see shit without his glasses, even if what he’s looking at is in front of him. So, unless he leans close, he can’t see something properly and he’s looking at something blurry.

And I’m basing this off of Skate America 2016, but at the side where the skaters wait to hear and see their results, they have a small screen in front of them that displays it. So it is not impossible, that where Yuri and Victor are seated, there is a screen, most likely under the flowers.

So coming back to the intro thing, Victor, who is standing outside of the rink, is hard to see, even if Yuri’s in the middle of the rink.

Therefore, when he is doing these actions:

Episode 5: “On my love” Yuri’s FS theme finale

Episode 5. Please know that Victor didn’t call him during the scene below, so when he looked back, he was fully expecting Victor to be there.

Episode 6: “In regards to love: Eros” Intro


BECAUSE THAT IS ALL HE NEEDS: VICTOR’S ATTENTION. And if that is not couple goals, what is? These two are the ultimate power couple that just brings out the best in each other.

I should just open a period store

It’ll sell pads, tampons, diva cups, assorted pain killers, sweat pants, comfortable underwear, XXXL t-shirts, fuzzy socks, heating pads, hot water bottles.. There will be a snack session, assorted sweet and salty treats, assorted flowers, stuffed animals, people can drop off coupons (Free ice cream cone anyone?) as donations.. There will be a lounge in the back of the store where you can chill and watch chick flicks and snack and bitch about your bitchiness, it’ll be great

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I stand by Caitlin.

Even though they made up in the end and everything is bright & shine for them right now, I stand by every single word Caitlin has said to Barry. She was right about everything and I solely think that when Iris tried to comfort Barry after they put Caitlin in the pipeline, she was not empathizing with neither Cisco nor Caitlin. She didn’t really lost much or was effected much by Flash point.

I feel like Barry took it all in and acted the way he should have, accepting what has been said to him was a manly act. But his stupid ass decisions really hurt so many lives and broke so many people. Though Barry tried to hard to get Caitlin back and I was very happy to finally see those two interact. Even when Zoom kidnapped Caitlin, they didn’t search for her this much. He also quit his job for his friend and it says so much about their friendship.

I don’t like Barry much these days but seeing Caitlin action makes me so happy. I still think that they could have made the Killer Frost action go on a few more episodes though, but still it was a very good episode both character development wise and action wise.

Character Development

Other fandoms: look at our child so grown up, pass the depression, pass the sadness, now they know happiness, they get along with others, they go on adventures, they are no longer selfish, they found confidence, the future is brighter and everything’s gonna be alright because we have our faith in them that they will thrive and -

YOI fandom: fudging hell yuri katsuki you ain’t no cinnamon ball you power top viktor like there’s no tmrw i bet my 50 bucks on it