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circumhorizontal arc is when an ice-halo is formed by plate-shaped ice crystals in cirrus clouds. The misleading term fire rainbow is sometimes used to describe them. But they are neither rainbows or related to fire. The name comes because it appears to be a rainbow taking the shape of flames in the sky. (Source)


You know what I’m talking about, the pictures at the end of Episode 10.  So we know that all the pictures we see come from three phones.  

The first phone:

Has a picture of Makkachin as the wallpaper and 5 photos in the GPF/SOCHI folder and like over a thousand photos in a folder titles “Makkachin” it’s safe to say we know who’s phone this is.

The Second phone:

Has a picture of Christophe and Viktor on the podium with Chris as the focus and has 3 photos from the Banquet♡ it’s safe to assume that this is Christophe’s phone.

Now the third phone… 

The Third Phone:

The third phone has a photo of what as it’s background?  Let’s take a closer look here.  

Oh right, it’s a picture of piroshki on a plate sitting on a cheetah print table cloth.

Wait what!? You mean it’s not a katsudon like I thought it was for THREE FUCKING MONTHS.

It’s a picture of, let’s repeat this in bold, PIROSHKI ON A PLATE SITTING ON CHEETAH PRINKT TABLE CLOTH.

Okay, so you’re telling me the third phone, the phone that has a folder titled DANCE/GPF with 33 photos in it.


Photos which include these gems:

came from the phone which has a picture of, let’s bold this again, PIROSHKI ON A PLATE ON TOP OF CHEETAH PRINT TABLECLOTH  which we can only assume belongs to Yuri Plisetsky.


Of the three people where were present at the Banquet and took pictures (and kept them for a whole year) the ONLY phone which had pictures of Yuuri and Christophe pole dancing practically naked, is Yuri Plisetsky.

So what you’re telling me is that Yuri not only took pictures of Yuuri in his boxers pole dancing (and dancing with Viktor ♡) but he KEPT them.

I think it’s safe to say that it’s canon that Yuri Plisetsky not only looked up to Yuuri as a skater, but also had the biggest fucking crush on the man.  

At least this is my takeaway from all this.

I’m shook.

BTS Natural Phenomenons

Volcanic Lightning 

Occurs when lighting is produced in a volcanic plume.

Circumhorizontal Arc ( Fire Rainbow )

Formed by the refraction of the sun -or moonlight in plate-shaped ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.

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  • Megatron: I care for all of my soldiers equally.
  • Megatron: Soundwave, Shockwave, and *looks at smudged handwriting on arm plates* Ice cream.
Out of My Head

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Summary: After an incident leads to Bucky Barnes getting triggered into full Winter Soldier mode, you, his girlfriend, are desperate to get the triggers out of his head. Driven to the last resort, you call up someone from your past and pay the price he demands.

A/N: I’m not exactly sure when frightening, psychologically driven, disturbing sex became my forte, but I kinda find it hilarious now that everybody goes, “You want dark sex? Go to Lily.” Especially considering what my name means, ha. I was actually meant to do a Sebastian drabble with this kind of sex in it, but I’m blocked as all hell, so this will have the same stuff in it, but with characters in it.

A/N: Speaking of being blocked on that Sebastian drabble, I am actually pretty much blocked on smut. Yes, I know that’s weird, but frankly, I need a break from it. I’m currently working on my long fic, Cherchez la Femme, and I want that to get the most attention, because I worked really, really hard on it. I typed this up in a couple of hours; Cherchez took three months to hand write and another month to edit. (I’m crazy, I know) That said, this will be the last smut one-shot I publish for a while, unless I am seriously inspired. Any smut published from this point on will be part of Cherchez or another long fic in progress. Most of you know I’m an English major, and I need to work that side of me sometimes, too. Don’t worry, I’m not angry at anyone, and I’m not about to rant, I just need to flip a switch. So there will also be a part of Cherchez published tomorrow… (not sure when though) so, please love on it. It needs long overdue cuddles.

WARNINGS: Hardcore smut. Threesome, oral and fingering (anal and vaginal), edging, forced (continual) orgasms, bondage, choking, spanking, use of magic during sex, dirty talk (name calling, degradation), language kink, metal hand kink, swearing, crying, mention of Bucky’s past trauma and mental issues, intrusion into thoughts, MIND GAMES. Sort of dubcon? Like you know when you have a fantasy you want but you’d never, never, never admit it? Yeah, that. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGST @eclecticbooktaster FUCKING ANGST EVERYWHERE

*Shlyushka—little slut


*Ne hnich—don’t cry (it’s a really rude way of saying it)

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Creative theme version of Iceland - take the 4 Greek elements, Water/Ice, Earth, Air/wind, and heat/light, and explore them in a single video. Original caption:

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18 (Ethan)


The room was buzzing as everyone gathered around to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to your boyfriend Ethan and his twin brother, Grayson. The night had been filled with music, dancing, and general party fun. Ethan and Grayson had sworn they weren’t going to have a big party but their older sister, Cameron, had insisted otherwise. 

“You guys have to celebrate! It’s your 18th birthday! Besides, how often are you home in Jersey the same time all our cousins are down? They’d be disappointed if you didn’t have a party.” 

Ethan shook his head, frowning. Both he and Grayson, ridden with social anxiety at times, generally didn’t like loud or crowded situations. Especially when they were both the centre of attention but you had assured Ethan with a squeeze of his hand in your own that you’d be there with him the whole way through. You had spent majority of that week planning the party with Cameron and you even had a small surprise for Ethan of your own later that night. A trip to Victoria’s Secret and you were ready to blow his mind. You had reserved a hotel room for you and Ethan that night because somehow his childhood bedroom didn’t really seem like a very romantic or sexy setting.

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Andrew’s family gets a little larger (Andrew and Kids Part Six)


There’s a yelp from the living room that has Andrew rushing in from the kitchen, right hand wrapped in a tea towel and baking tray steaming on the counter behind him.

“I’m fine,” calls a small voice, and Andrew doesn’t miss the immediate wince that follows.

“Emily, we talked about this,” he replies flatly as he crouches next to her.

“Sorry,” she replies with a grin. “It’s just a scratch.”

Andrew inspects her proffered hand, seeing what is undeniably a cat scratch streaking across the back of it. He glances over to where King sits hunched under an armchair, eyes narrowed and ears twitching.

“It was an accident,” insists Emily. “She was going for the mouse.” She waggles the toy in Andrew’s face and he sighs, getting up to head back to the kitchen.

“Be careful,” he says, throwing a last glare in King’s direction. She doesn’t react, gaze still locked on the catnip toy Emily is holding.

The tray of cookies on the counter wobbles suddenly as Andrew’s phone vibrates from beneath it and he snatches it up quickly, amazed that the device is still intact. He’s already destroyed two in the past year. Getting him a smartphone was the worst decision Neil has ever made. Speak of the devil, the screen has lit up with a text from Josten himself.

At the store, it reads. What’s Emily’s fav ice cream at the moment?

Chocolate, Andrew replies, putting the device to one side again.

There’s a pause before the screen lights up again.

Did you ask her?

Andrew huffs. Everyone likes chocolate.

He receives an ellipsis in response.

Fine, he sends back.

“Emily, what’s your favourite ice cream?” he calls.

“Right now? Mint chocolate chip,” she replies, skidding into the kitchen with Sir in her arms. She was wise to turn her attention to the more docile cat, Andrew thinks. He can’t move as quickly as King. “Is Neil back? Are we going for ice cream?”

“He’s picking some up on his way home,” replies Andrew, relaying Emily’s choice with a few quick taps. He receives three smiley faces in response.

Emily grins. “Come play with me?”

Andrew puts a fresh batch of cookies in the oven and follows her back into the living room with a bag of cat treats. Emily’s been trying to teach King tricks, to varying degrees of success. He watches with one corner of his mouth quirked up ever so slightly as she attempts to teach the ball of fluff to roll over, and sneaks Sir a treat behind his back whenever Emily’s not looking.

When Neil walks through the door ten minutes later, Emily leaps up to greet him, hugging him tightly before grinning at the bag of groceries.

“Good timing,” she says. “Drew’s making cookies.”

Emily’s only been with them for a month so Neil hasn’t been away for any extended periods of time, but she’s always so excited to see him return, even from a day at the court. It makes such warmth bloom in Andrew’s chest that he almost can’t stand it. They’re only fostering at the moment, but the process of adoption is well underway. He can already envision the future, and it’s full of moments like this.

Neil laughs and hands the ice cream to Emily, who runs into the kitchen with it, then he turns to Andrew, leaning in close.

“Hi,” he whispers as Andrew catches his lips in a kiss. Years ago they would need a yes or no but now they usually only need to read each others’ body language to know if something’s okay. And even after all these years, Andrew’s heart rate still flutters and lurches when they kiss.

“Good day?” he asks, thumb resting against the pulse point on Neil’s neck as if to assure himself that his heart isn’t the only one threatening to leap from his chest.

Neil nods. “Even better now.”

“What?” asks Andrew with mock incredulity, turning to head into the kitchen where Emily is haphazardly scooping rapidly-melting ice cream onto plates of warm cookies. “Something’s better than Exy?”

“Yeah,” says Neil softly, resting his head on Andrew’s shoulder. “My family.”

Andrew’s heart jumps and swells like a cresting wave, and he tilts his head to kiss Neil’s soft curls.

“Here you go, dads,” says Emily, grinning cheekily as she pushes two plates towards them.

Neil glances at Andrew and chuckles. “She’s been reading Nicky’s fanfiction again.”

And as they sit around the kitchen island, Emily regaling Neil with stories of all the outrageous things the cats have done today, Andrew feels more content than he ever imagined himself being. The young girl is grinning as she talks, and Neil keeps sending Andrew disgustingly fond looks, and they both look so happy. Andrew’s happy too. There are still bad days for all of them - days when Neil is jumpy from seeing someone who looks like an old foe; days when Andrew wakes up numb all over from a nightmare; nights when Emily knocks on their door shaking with memories of past abuse and insisting her dead mother’s coming after her - but it’s getting increasingly easier to find their way back into the light. Together.

Andrew thinks of lonely days in the apartment without Neil, with only the cats for company, and can feel the emptiness of the space like a ghost. But now, as he looks at their soon-to-be-daughter as she gestures wildly with her hands, miming Sir’s failed attempt to jump onto the arm of the sofa earlier that day, and at Neil, who laughs along and offers his forearm as the pretend sofa for Emily’s hand-cat to scrabble futilely at, those days already feel less empty.

And Andrew can’t help it - doesn’t know if he even wants to - he smiles. 

{ five’s company // ch. 16 }

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You stretched when you came downstairs. You were wearing a simple night gown with a robe on since mornings here were a little chilly. You were wearing your fuzzy slippers and you hopped down the rest of the stairs. The boys looked up when they heard your feet padding against the smooth floors. They knew that sleepy little shuffle.

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based on @randomsplashes post (here

I couldn’t stop thinking about it so here’s a rlly quick and shitty comic about Yurio trying to protect his own innocence

like geez Victor your son is in the car show some restraint

(raise of hands who thinks Victor was actually reaching for the steering wheel)