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Responsible for my Death - Zach Werenski #14

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about/request: Reader is minority injured and player freaks the fuck out and tries to baby them but is put in their place by reader AND hiii. sorry if you got like three of these because my internet is messed, but can you do a zach werenski imagine where French is your first language? You can do whatever you with the idea!

warnings: my awful take on french and a concussion and some bilingual cursing

authors note: i know someone will give me shit for the french im sorry in advance, hope you like it!!

word count: 1122

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S. M. I. L. E.

Title: S. M. I. L. E.

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff/F!Reader

Additional characters: Wanda Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, mentions of Vision and Laura Barton

AU: No superpowers/superskills; Everyone lives a normal life

Word count: 6,300+ (oops)


Additional tags: Barton!Reader. Athlete/Runner!Pietro. Jealous Pietro. Bucky is a dick – albeit a really helpful one. Wanda (and Steve!) ships you and Pietro REALLY hard.
Summary: Pietro wasn’t jealous. He’s really not. He just didn’t like the fact that you seemed a bit more keen when Bucky flirted with you. Mostly Pietro’s pov.
Prompt: “Stop smiling at me. I can’t stop messing up my words when you look at me like that.”

neurotic a/n: I’m sorry this is so late! Also this is my first time writing xreader story/one-shot (which suffered a lot of rewrites), so I apologize in advance for this tale’s quality. Pietro may be ooc…? I don’t know anymore. *is sweating bullets*
(proper) a/n: This is for @bionic-buckyb​‘s 5k AU Writing Challenge. Hope you like this, Kait!

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Fireside (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Requested: yessss!! It was a prompt from this list!! prompt is in bold

Warnings: death mention, hard breakup, stupid dance clubs that totally suck, weed and alcohol mention

People are born, people die. People live, people forget. You fall in love and eventually at some point, your heart will be broken and there is nothing you can do about it. Except getting up again, looking out of the window to remind yourself once again, that out there is still sunshine, although some grey clouds were home in your mind and your heart.

It’s been eight months since you two screamed at each other for the last time, before your whole loving went to dirt and withered like an old rose. Within that time, you had to climb the highest stairs and steepest mountains, to finally get on your feet again. You knew that heartbreak was bad. You’ve heard about it, at least. After some days, you asked everyone you knew how their first heartbreak was. In general, everybody just smiled softly at you, before stroking your shoulder and whispering “It will be good again” in your ear. Everyone pretended you were dying, even though some boy just told you he didn’t love you anymore. To be quite honest, it did feel like dying to you. You just didn’t want everybody to know.

Some weeks passed, and you still weren’t over him. That’s where your older sister weighed in. She was sitting with you on the sofa, watching another crappy teenage film you started to adore out of sudden, when you asked her how her first heartbreak was. All she did was scoffing, before hitting you with the ice-cold truth.
“My heart was broken for the first time, when I was 18, nearly 19 years old. When you’re that age – so mature, and yet so fragile – you think you know everything. You know the history of that country, you know how to drive a car. But seeing someone you love walking out of the door, knowing they’ll never return again…oh God, that hurts fucking much. And I’ll promise you, even after months and years, sometimes you will still think about that guy. Honestly. Don’t laugh now. You’re trying to forget him, but you can’t. One day he will still be crossing your mind and there’s nothing you can do about it. Maybe except getting so drunk you will not only forget his name, but also yours.”
She laughed at the latter part, as if it were some joke. You knew how she behaved, once her boyfriend broke up with her. The way you remember this time, it was not just some joke. She was being serious.

You hated how averagely bad that idea sounded, but instead of shaking your head, you got out every night, nearly drowning yourself in bars and clubs, dancing and spending the night with people, whose names you didn’t even know. You didn’t even care anymore. All of your thoughts were hanging on Connor, still on him, every fucking night. One night, you thought you saw him dancing across the crowded floor. He’s always told you he hated going out, dancing, sticking in a stuffy place with hundreds of other people together. When the boy turned around, his long hair a bit sweaty, you saw his face and immediately felt as if you were lost at sea. Connor. There he was. The lights were illuminating his pretty face, shining on his hair, making him look like even more of the beautiful person he was. In a moment, when the red and blue lights formed one purple silhouette on your face, he lifted his head up and nearly broke down when he saw your sad face across the dance floor. His heart made a drop, when you suddenly ran out of the club.

The cold air hit you, as soon as you headed out of the stuffy place. In your ears was still the humming of the music, making a matching sound with your pounding heart. You pressed your hands on your knees and breathed heavily. You felt like throwing up, you felt like dying. The music was still playing in the background, sounding hollowed. How many people are right now in the same club, trying to forget the one they loved for so long? You closed your eyes and tried to get your breathing under control, when you suddenly felt a warm hand on your bare shoulder. Immediately you jumped up, turning around.
“What are you doing?”, you whined under your tears, which were nearly rolling down your cheek, when you looked in his face.
Connor sighed. “Y/N, I know it’s probably the wrong moment, but I’m…glad to see you again.”
All the sorrow, all the despair was gone in one second, and all you could feel right now, was only anger. How dare him showing up out of sudden, pretending nothing bad happened between you two?
You looked into his eyes. They were shining, even though a small trace of fear could be seen in it.
“Connor, I gotta go now”, you said before turning around, walking away from him. You didn’t even care about what he was going to do now, you had enough for today. For tomorrow, maybe even for some months.
“I think our breakup was a fucking mistake, to be honest”, you heard him yelling after you, which made your legs stop moving. As you turned around again, he was already walking towards you. A kind of despair was showing on your face, making Connor feel even more anxious than before.
“What did you just say?”
“It was a mistake. Breaking up with you. I shouldn’t have done that and I wish I didn’t.”
It felt like as if you were pushed in a cold lake on a hot summer day. These moments, when the ice cold water was pinching your body, making you unable to move and breathe for a second.
He scratched his head.
“I know, it was all my fault and-”
“It fucking was, Connor!”, you interrupted him, “do you know how fucked up I got in those past few months? I wouldn’t eat, I wouldn’t sleep. Seems like you’re perfectly alright, huh? And today, I’m out again, waiting to get hammered, just to get under another person, hoping I would get over you!”
Connor grabbed you by your shoulders.
“Do you think I did any better?”, he whispered through his gritted teeth, tightening his grip. You stumbled back, escaping his grab. A wave of regret hit Connor’s face, which made you feel sympathetic for him. Somehow, you didn’t want to hurt him, even though he did the same to you, so many months ago.
“I was a mess after I left you.”
“You’ve always been a mess.”
He chuckled. “It got worse. It got so worse, I nearly dropped out of college and even took up some old habits of mine.”
“Connor, I can’t understand why you’re doing this, honestly.”
“What am I doing?”
“What…”, you let out a small laugh, “are you really thinking that coming up to me right now and telling me about your problems will make me feel better about myself?”
He let out a sigh, backing off a bit.
“No, I…when I was in there, I was having a really good time, finally thinking about something different than you and…then I happened to catch your glance across the room and I was hit. Just hit. I needed to talk to you. And I want to apologize right now. I’m sorry.”
You shook your head. “No, Connor. It’s too late.”
“Too late? Y/N, you’ve always said it’s never too late for romance.”, he said with a small smile, still hoping you would change your mind.
“You hurt me. You really did.”
A small passage of silence followed, only the hollowed sounds of the club in the background.
“Alright! You’re no longer with me anymore, I get it. I get that you don’t want to have me in your life anymore, but please, let me tell you that leaving you was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. And no bag of weed or glass of whiskey could have made me feel better. Day after day, I was trying to get over you and every night I ended up feeling dull and wondering how I could go back now to you. I started smoking weed again, I started…doing really bad shit and…this time really wasn’t good for me.”
“And what should I do now with this piece of information?”
You saw how broken Connor was.
“My roommate had to go into my room and throw the sheets away, because I haven’t been able to sleep in that bed, since you left.”
That sentence hit you again, like a cold wave. Connor’s lips were trembling, his eyes were full of tears. A year ago, you two would be laying on your bed, your bodies entwined. Right now, you’re standing in front of each other, being more like a stranger, than a person who was once loved.
“Connor…”, you started, before he started crying. Instinctively, you walked over to him, hesitantly laying your arms around his waist and pressed your face in his chest. He laid his arms around yours as well.
Tears were rolling over your face, dampening his shirt. You slowly got out off the tight embrace.
“It would never be the same again”, you whispered quietly.
Connor nodded his head. “It’s over, right? Completely over?”
You were shaking. “I think so.”
Connor swallowed hardly, before wiping his tears away.
“Please don’t forget that you’re really the only one who made me feel loved”, he said, a small smile brightening up his face.
You returned the smile. “I won’t.”
With that, Connor went back into the place, while you were heading in the opposite direction. Knowing that your love might be dead, but the memory of it won’t ever fade away.

“Loki no!”, “Loki yes!” pt. 2

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Words: 2.689

Warnings: some swearing

A/N: Aaaalright guys, I never planned a second part for this, but @atlantianbloodliar had asked very kindly for a second part, so here we are. I hope you will like it, doll ;)

“Oh no…” you breathed nearly suffering. You laid your hand on your forehead to hide your face, you slid deeper into the leather seat of the bench where you were sitting with Loki and in the same time you snuggled deeper against Loki’s side. He noticed the change in your demeanor and the stronger feeling from your body against his and he looked questioningly down at you. The grip of his arm around your shoulders became stronger and more protective even if it was just a reaction to your movement, but he could feel that something was odd. Loki lowered his head to your ear.

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TITLE: F#*king marry me already


AUTHOR: Valarie Ravenhearst2


Imagine Loki trying to propose to you, trying to make it the most perfect occasion. But every time that it comes to the big night, something happens, like you getting sick or have to work, so it keeps getting put off because he wants it to be perfect




A gas leak. A fucking gas leak! Literally two seconds away from asking her and fucking BOOM! What the actual fuck.
Loki leaves Violet sleeping in bed, the sun still not risen. He sneaks out into the cool early morning air, starting out at a sprint down the streets.

A fucking explosion. We should be engaged right now.

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My Idol: Part Eight

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 -
Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22

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the woods are silent dark and deep

i. mother

these woods are warmer.  these woods are darker as well, darker for it is still the long days and in the long days.  the scent of snow is in the heavy air, and pine.

she hears the crackling of the woods, trees that sway in the wind and creak when left alone.  she hears the babble of a nearby stream and stops to drink, for she is tired.  she is heavy. she is many things, and has been many places and as far down as she can go, she will because though the days are darker the further down you go, when the short days come and the long nights come, better to be down than up when daylight may never hit you.

her pups wriggle inside her and she knows they will come soon.  she should find a corner to rest in, to release them in, but she is not done going down yet. she has many further days to go before she will be far enough away.  so on she presses, on she goes.  she is bigger than her smaller cousins here.  she is stronger and faster, even with the pups within. perhaps the cousins will be her new pack when the pups run at her feet.  perhaps they will keep her warm when the night days come.

she pauses at the river.  she dips her snout to the water and drinks, cool, clear water, water from the earth not water from snow melt.  it tastes different.

then she stops because she smells it. a stag.  nourishment.  strength for the birth.  

and she stalks.

ii. lady

the man-pack is fighting.  she hears raised voices, and knows it. it took her a long while to know that when the man-pack gets loud it is in anger.  it is not a howl of loneliness, not the search for companionship. it is more a growl, even if it sounds not like a growl.

when it sounds like they growl it is a happy sound, a sound of family, of pack, of warmth of play. this she has learned. this she must continue to learn. learning the ways of the man-pack is for the better, for if she knows their ways she will be able to protect the little she-man. 

most things are grey in her eyes—grey and white and black, but sometimes she thinks she sees another color in the she-man’s hair. she likes it.  it makes her different from the white and black and grey, and she can always find her. 

the she-man calls her lady.  she calls many others lady as well—lady this and lady that and lady someone else, but to the she-man, she is just lady. it speaks well of these other ladies that the she-man calls her by lady’s name.

she hears more of the man-fighting. she hears more loud voices. she hears her she-man crying and she would go to her but they have put the iron ring around her neck so she sits still, the way that her she-man does when she waits for instruction. her she-man has raised her well. she will be good until she is called upon.  and then—whoever made the she-man cry, that one will be the first to taste her teeth.

she waits and waits and the she-man’s father comes out. he kneels beside her, and she whimpers at him, hoping he will tell her the she-man has stopped her crying. he strokes her head, the soft fur behind her ears, and then she feels something cold at her throat.

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Teen Wolf x Reader x Supernatural

(Y/N) = Your Name (H/C) = Hair Color (E/C) = Eye Color (S/C) = Skin Color

Stiles wanted a normal life. Well, as normal as you could get with a werewolf best friend, a crush on a girl who was a banshee and being basically the only human out of all of your friends. But hey, he wasn’t one to complain. Well, he was. Sometimes. That’s not the point. The point is he wants one day where he can go to school, plan excuses for not having tomorrows homework in because of some pack crap (so he says yet he stays up late doing it), hate on every happy go lucky couple making out, then go home, read some comics, force his dad to eat healthy then sleep. In his life that’s a long shot but he can dream big. He huffed, shutting his locker harder than needed, poor thing wasn’t at fault.

“Honestly I will be fine.” He turned his attention, as did a few others in the hall, seeing a shorter girl sandwiched between two giants. Just looking at them freaked Stiles out a bit, they were huge. “It’s high school.”

“Exactly. Hell.” The shorter of the two men, which wasn’t short mind you, spoke, huffing and Stiles took note at how deep his voice was. A few of the popular beauty queens were checking them out, gossiping and giggling already.

“Dude,” The taller one groaned, “She’s a big girl she can handle it.”

The girl nodded at the freckled man who groaned at the double bitch face he was receiving. “Fine, but if remember the basic rules. No smoking pot, no underage drinking, if you want to party you can but be back by midnight and - ”

“And if a guy or girl tries to touch me fighting is self defense, blah blah blah you had explained this to me literally eleven times the way here.” She pulled the two to a stop a few feet from Stiles’ locker. “I get it, I love you guys. Now leave. I can handle myself.”

“(Y/N) - ”

“Now!” She rolled her (E/C) eyes, pushing the two lightly. The nodded, the taller one kissing her forehead before they walked out of the school, leaving the girl standing alone, holding a brown side bag. She looked around, locking eyes with Stiles and sending him a small smile. “Brothers right?”

He nodded mutely, not really knowing what to say when a pretty girl talked to him. She looked him over once and he was not ashamed to admit he was then very nervous of his last minute outfit throw together. “I like your shirt.” His shirt? What shirt? He looked down. Oh! Batman shirt.

“You like batman?”

“Is DC not one of, if not the best, comics I’ve read?”

“You’ve read comics?”

She scoffed. “A bit too much really. My brothers say I’m 45% comics 55% sarcasm.” She smirked slightly, “They forgot the 100% perfection but, I let by-gones be by-gones.” She looked down, “I’ve gotta get to the office. Nice meeting you - ?”

He was supposed to say something right? “Oh uh - S-Stiles.” He coughed, “Stilinski, Stiles Stilinski.”

She laughed a bit and holy shit did he hear a choir of Angels? “Nice to meet you 007. I’m (Y/N)…(L/N).” She waved, heading to the direction of the office.

He continued to stare after her, mesmerized by, not only by her features (he thought no one had clearer skin than Lydia Martin), but the outfit style, what he’s seen of her personality and -


He let out a screech, a manly one too, arms flailing a bit, hitting Scott, which hurt his hand, and clutched his chest, making eye contact with the puppy eyed were.

“The hell Scott you nearly killed me!”

“What were you staring at?”

He looked back to where he was looking. “I think I’m in love.”

Scott rolled his eyes playfully. “Everyone knows you’re a love sick puppy around Lydia buddy.” He pat his back, eyes furrowing in confusion when Stiles shook his head. “We’re not…talking about…Lydia? Strawberry blonde you’ve loved since third grade?” Stiles shook his head again, smiling sideways at his friend, saying nothing as he headed to class. “Wha - Stiles no! Don’t leave me hanging bro!”


“Alright class we have a new student, this is (Y/N) (L/N). She just moved here from Virginia Beach so let’s make her feel welcome.” Stiles could have laughed at the annoyed face (Y/N) was making behind the teachers back, stopping when he turned around. “You can pick an empty seat Ms. (L/N).”

She thanked him, making her way towards the back row where Stiles was sat near his little friend group - pack - clique, whatever it was called. “Hey 007.” She said, sitting herself down beside Stiles with a smile.

“Hello Ms. Perfection.” Did that sound too flirty? Oh God he bet it did. He was trying to be funny from earlier and oh God that look Scott and the others were giving him yup him and his big mouth and -

Was she laughing? Head fallen back laughing? “Glad someone seemed to have caught on to my full potential.” He smiled, relaxing a big back in his chair.

“So, you two know each other?” Bad puppy, no interrupting flirty time where Stiles made a pretty girl laugh.

Said pretty girl smiled brightly, looking back to him. “Yes, 007 here had to witness my overprotective brothers lecturing me about high school. And who might you be puppy?” She tilted her head, (H/C) hair falling onto her left shoulder.

“Oh uh - I’m Scott McCall.”

“Nice to meet you Scott.” She smiled, turning back around. Stiles and Scott made eye contact, Stiles smiling widely, tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth as he nodded a little, Scott rolling his eyes yet smiling at his friends antics.


“So how do you like Beacon Hills so far?” Honestly Stiles might be dreaming. A pretty girl, no scratch that, a gorgeous girl with (H/C) hair, big beautiful (E/C) eyes and flawless (S/C) skin was handing out with him at some little park, eating ice cream after school. Pinch him.

“It’s nice. Cute town, almost everyone I’ve met is nice. Though Lydia seems to hate me.”

“It’s just cause you’re really pretty I guess she feels threatened.” Did that come out of Stile’s mouth? Seriously? Pinch him. Please.

She laughed again, oh thank God she’s not giving him annoyed or creeped out looks. His phone beeps right as he goes to take a bite of his fudgcicle. Pulling it out, he sees a text from Derek.

‘Pack meeting. Be here. Now.’

He looked back up at (Y/N) who was attempting to walk across on old piece of wood, arms out at her sides. Of course the supernatural had to come ruin his…his… was this a date or hanging out? What was this?

“You look constipated. Are you lactose tolerant?” If he wasn’t so used to getting snuck up on he would have jumped. But he wasn’t used to being snuck up on yet so he did jump.

He shook his head laughing a bit. “No uh, my friend has an emergency and he needs me to come to his place so I uh, I gotta get going.” She nodded in understanding, hopping down from the wood to stand next to him, hand resting palm up as she stared at him. He raised an eyebrow, receiving an eye roll. “Give me your phone dumbass.”

Oh. “Oh!” He went to contacts and handed her his phone, she typed quickly before handing it back. ’(Y/N) The Bestest ;) ;)’ He laughed, stuffing in into his back pocket. “We should hang out again some time.”



“Yeah. Is that okay? After school? We could binge watch all the DC movies at your place.”

“I uh - yeah yeah!” His phone beeped again.

‘Stiles! Get your ass here now! - Derek’

'Derek seems super pissed dude hurry up - Scott’

“I gotta go. I’ll uh, see you tomorrow then!”

“See ya 007.”


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anonymous asked:

Looking to learn some ice type magic any tips or helpful beginner info you can give?

Ice isn’t my strong suit, being cold blooded, but I’ll try to offer some general pointers.

To learn any element, meditate on it. Ideally, do so by means of contemplation of the element itself. In this case, have some actual ice on hand. Use it like a crystal ball for scrying. Maybe freeze a container of water and remove the ice (hot water on the outside of any container to get it free) and go outside and sit with it.

Some simple beginner spells involving ice off the top of my head:

For a binding, put someone “on ice”. Take a taglock (their name, a picture, etc.) and put it in a container of water. Place this is in the freezer to stop them from interfering in your life. Take them out of the freezer to end the spell.

You may devise a similar spell using love related imagery (their name on a heart) to cool unwanted romantic or sexual advances. 

Freeze someone in this fashion, and then ritually unfreeze them to “melt a person’s heart” and have them “warm up to you”.

Shaved ice (in a pinch stick ice in a blender) thrown in the air and visualized as snow to cool off the weather and/or summon snow.

Walk out into falling snow and absorb the purity of snow as it falls on you, as a cleansing spell.

Freeze a symbol of your goal into a block of ice. Smash it open with a visualization of destroying the barriers which keep you from what you seek.

Just a couple of quick thoughts. I hope that helps.