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“You’re ten minutes late,”  she only said, moving toward the far end of the room, where a fire crackled against early spring’s chill. Where the sound of the flames might cover their voices. Clever girl.

“I do have other duties, you know,” he said with equal quite, flashing a grin.

Like circling the house because he was compiling a list of choice insults to throw her way, responses to an invented argument. Like a complete fool.

"Here I was,” Nesta said, a pillar of ice and steel beside the hearth, “thinking I heard you flapping around for ten minutes. It must have a pigeon stuck in one of the chimneys.”

Cassian just stared at her. She stared at him.

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Light pillars over Alaska

The eerie sight in the photo is perfectly natural, being caused by the interaction between ice crystals drifting downwards through the air during a night ruled by Father Frost and lights pointing upwards from the human dwellings below, which pick out the tumbling crystals as though they were searchlights. They are the ground to sky equivalent of sun pillars which form the same way as sunlight meets ice crystals high up in the air, but on cold nights the ice crystals form much closer to the ground and can be picked out by human lights.


Image credit: Allisha Libby via EPOD

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What made you write Nesta as the Princess of Carrion? :o

I believe somewhere in SJM’s book, she mentioned a princess of carrion, which resembles decay and deterioration, most notoriously the flesh of animals. I believe the description fits Nesta perfectly. Just describing the natural laws of the Universe, of how nothing is purely created nor destroyed, the Cauldron must have compensated somehow to give Nesta her Fae body. While Elain was given the gift of creation within nature, Nesta must have been given the curse of destruction and ruin within nature, hence the carrion. As Nesta no longer retains her mortality, of fleeting life and musical whims, I believe the Cauldron transformed Nesta into a truer reflection of her inner conscience, as completely reversing her body and inclinations would have went against nature’s laws itself; Nesta had been cold and a pillar of ice and steel while Elain had been warm and forthcoming. Having her powers as those associated with death would fit her characterization clearly and make perfect sense: not only does it match her personality, but flows with the actions that had occurred to her. Assaulted by Tomas to be disrespected and hurt emotionally and physically, never finding the true meaning of family with their father stuck within the claws of greed, forced to grow as the motherly and fatherly figure that never showed them the notion of love, always living in isolation while protecting her younger sisters in the only way she knows - I believe that Nesta has been so hurt by society, shaping who she is, that her powers acclimate as her need to hurt society. Clearly the Archeron family is meant for more than a band of three girls stuck in penury, with Feyre the High Lady of the Night Court, and Elain a creature of soft smiles and creator of plants and nature. Nesta balances out this scale, as Princess of Carrion. 

We have seen through the eyes of the huntress, Feyre. We have seen her perspective and how the others despise her sisters because they allowed Feyre to hunt. But we forget how open-minded SJM’s books are, of tackling homosexuality and breaking character tropes. I don’t think she would leave us with one side, lest Nesta’s story not be justified. There’s a reason why Nesta is so cold and feel so much more than others. It’s a shield, and no longer do I think will she carry a shield, but a sword as well. And the sword has risen from the Cauldron, with her new Fae body. With her new powers. 

After feeling and seeing too much, there’s a sense of numbness. Of having your own sense deteriorate to a dehumanization of sorts. So, it almost seemed to line up when Nesta was no longer human. So that she can feel again with this new body, with more emotions, to see again. What better way to see her parallel transformation with an insight into her true self?


Nesta is decaying from assault, from the lack of love, from no fatherly nor maternal figure, from shielding her heart, for caring of Elain, from carrying her own bitter resentment of a relationship with Feyre, from somehow finding herself needing to protect the other humans on her side of the wall. 

She is not rising and finding her purpose like Feyre. She is not caring and cared for like Elain. 

She is decaying.

Carrion is rotten, decomposing flesh. Nesta believes herself as rotting away into nothing. She is an abyss of pain, for the decomposed and dead. 

But the flesh turns into another form when burned. Set afire with flames. And Cassian is described as “fire made flesh”. Which is why I advocate for Nessian. Because Cassian is vital to Nesta’s metamorphosis in becoming more than a deterioration. Cassian is Nesta’s redemption. 

So while Cassian will uplift Nesta from her own personal hellhole, Nesta will serve as an embodiment for those who are decaying psychologically. It’s another reason why Nesta hates her own now perfect Fae body: it does not represent how she feels inside, of the turmoil and rage. She is the symbol for those whose thoughts and observations sees and hears the lesser side of humanity and supernatural: the vices. 

With this, I see Nesta Archeron as the Princess of Carrion.

The frost fighter archetype always share similar moves. I’m not sure why people are surprised lol.

Killer frost had ice pillars and full screen slide.

Sub-zero probably being the most memorable ice fighter has also influenced other frost characters.

Kula Diamond is just another frost character, as is Kolin.

It’s like the prissy rich girl archetype.
When Karin was revealed for SFV everyone was screaming “Lili!” and correct me if I’m wrong but I think Karin existed first.

All I’m saying is it’s inevitable and expected IMHO for frost type fighters to borrow moves from each other.

Here is a photo of a stunning a sun-pillar reflecting light from the Sun setting over Ontario, Canada.

Sun Pillars occur typically during sunrise or sunset when sunlight is reflected off the surface of falling ice crystals associated with thin high-level clouds, like Cirrostratus clouds.

The crystals are hexagonal, plate-like crystals and as they fall they are forced into a horizontal orientation due to resistance from air.

The result is the reflection of this beautiful pillar of light.


Image courtesy of Rick Stankiewicz

Katara, Consumed by Destiny: Water

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We are working backward from the end of The Legend of Korra, pretending we don’t know anything more about Katara than that she is a waterbender and a member of Team Avatar. At this point, however, we’ve accompanied Katara through four books of LOK, four comics series, and two seasons of A:TLA. The progression, or rather, regression, of her character, is all too clear. We’ve seen Katara’s biggest triumphs and most cutting remarks; what more could the initial season of A:TLA have to offer?

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❝ If I may…that’s quite the impressive statue that you’ve erected, Felicia. ❞ 

It wasn’t as cold out here as it was in Xander’s birthplace and home of Windmire, so having felt an oddly placed chill to the air, he had sought out the source. Unsurprisingly, he supposed, it turned out that the cause was none other than Felicia. She seemed to have made quite a bit of ice and snow, turning the area around her into a makeshift workshop of sorts. Blocks and pillars of ice had been carved into beautiful, glistening works of art. Xander couldn’t help but gaze upon them with a smile. 

❝ I never expected you to be such a skilled ice carver. Perhaps I should have, considering your skills with both the blade and the snow. ❞

Photo @ladzinski / On the conglomerate red sand stone cliffs above #Vail Colorado is a winter playground for ice climbers. One of the more famous formations in the area is #TheFang, a striking pillar of ice that when fully formed is the prime route in the valley. @bookofsamuel seen here making a late evening ascent of the route high above the valley floor. by natgeo

Random Prompt

Elsa realizes that she needs to tell Anna about her feelings for her.

Not because she wants to, or because she has any illusions about a positive outcome, but because the fear of how Anna might react is making random ice pillars invade the castle whenever Elsa finds herself in her general proximity.

Hiding in her room is no longer an option, and Anna is starting to worry that something’s wrong with her. She’s given her sister more than enough to worry about in one lifetime–the least she can do is let her worry about something with all the facts presented.

Resigned to her fate, Elsa clears her schedule and arranges a meeting with her sister.

She is somberly prepared to accept whatever cruel fate her powers have once again burdened their relationship with.

Her script is very clear.

Chocolates are made available, and when Anna appears for their appointment, the mood is appropriately bleak. Elsa slowly, diligently, lays her cards out on the table.

…Then Anna goes and completely shatters Elsa’s perceptions of reality by interrupting in the middle of the apology portion of the speech to say that she loves Elsa too.

And Elsa is lost and confused because what is this madness called requited love and why is it suddenly in her life.

Kisses do not help the confusion.

They are, however, greatly and enthusiastically appreciated.