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  • Yuuri: *looking through photo album*
  • Viktor: What are you doing?!
  • Yuuri: Seeing you as as child.
  • Viktor: NO! YOU CAN'T!!!
  • Yuuri: Yes I can! *turns away*
  • Viktor: Pleeeeease don't, it's embarrassing.
  • Yuuri: ..... How?
  • Viktor: *sweating nervously*
  • Yuuri: How can you look so damn good in a mushroom cut?!
  • Viktor: *sighs in relief* Well you know ;)

Frank Hurley :: Mushroom ice formation, 1912. Silver gelatin print. First Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914 / source: State Library of New South Wales

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“But what?” She asked. She waited and he wouldn’t answer her and she tried to leave again, only to be stopped. “Stop fucking with me Tatum.” 

“I’m not–– I just,” He grabbed her waist and rested his hand on the side of her head. “This never happens to me. I’ve had many assistance that I’ve let go in the past because of their attraction to me, I have a strict no dating in the workplace policy. But I have never fallen for my assistant and I look at you… and I want to risk it all and I don’t know why.”

6217. One time for charity, the main Titans (sans Raven) appeared on an episode of "Chopped". Beast Boy was eliminated in the appetizer round because his sliders were under-cooked. Robin lost the main course round because he let his pasta cook for too long. Cyborg ended up being the Chopped Champion, narrowly beating out Starfire's sour cream and onion ice cream with mushrooms.

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