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The Types as Drinks

ENTP: wine

ENFP: ginger ale

ENTJ: black tea

ENFJ: flavoured tonic water

ESTP: lemonade

ESFP: orange juice

ESTJ: blueberry tea

ESFJ: champagne

INTP: milk

INFP: iced tea

INTJ: green tea

INFJ: bubble tea

ISTP: coffee

ISFJ: rum

ISFP: apple juice

ISTJ: hot chocolate

Promptis Celeb AU, pt 10~

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(been sitting on this update a while, wanted to get it out before d23… see ya all later~) 

Did time always fly by so quickly? Prompto honestly can’t remember. There’s a distinct line in his life, and he can very easily separate things into pre-Noctis and now. Life on the ‘now’ side is so much better. Prompto’s busy, of course, with the usual. Work, and school, his visits to his uncle’s, and trying to work around Noct’s schedule. It hasn’t been easy, and lately, it’s been damn near impossible.

Before Prompto knows it, it’s the day before this fancy work event of Noct’s. He’s staring at his phone calendar, at the alert that he’s set for it. Prompto doesn’t want to admit that he’s nervous about it, but, well, he’s nervous about everything. At least everything where he’s gonna be the center of attention. And even though Prompto’s planning on sticking close to Noctis and smiling and nodding and maybe getting drunk. Or, well, maybe not the drunk part, because that doesn’t seem like a particularly good coping mechanism. Not to mention that Cor would be disappointed with him about that.

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Todomomo first date headcanon?


-Yaoyorozu is the one who tries to initiate first but ends up stuttering and all like “To-Todoroki san, would you like to um…..there’s this new theatre is what I mean, and I thought we could go? Of course only if you’re free, it’s rude for me to intrude and assume you’d be free….” she rambles ‘cas it’s him …she’s nervous

-Todoroki finds it funny (rarely would he find ANYTHING remotely comedic, but he does enjoy Iida’s hand poses) and he casually answers “yeah sure, I like movies.” 

-Yaoyorozu recognizes it right away that it was a date since that’s what she was intending, while Todoroki had to be berated by Midoriya, Kaminari and Kirishima before finding out. Romance was never on his mind (plus he is superrrr oblivious) but he liked her company so maybe having a first date would be fun

-Unbeknownst to one another, they actually haven’t been to a movie for a long time. Hero training aside, their childhood strictly consisted of studying schoolwork as well as the ideals of how to act accordingly (they are both from wealthy/powerful families after all). And so when they first go to the theatre, they took a long time deciding what to watch and whether they should share popcorn.

-Yaoyorozu sits, cross-legged, super straight, with her fingers intertwined like a princess, watching the 3D King Kong movie beside him, and Todoroki finds it cute.

-Todoroki accidentally drinks out of Yaoyorozu’s soda bottle and she FREAKKSSS out internally. LIKE WHAT, INDIRECTLY KISSING???

-Her face turns red and her chest feels like collapsing. Todoroki thinks she has a fever and puts his hand on her head. She almost melts into a puddle

-Yaoyorozu gets super annoyed ‘cas Hagakure and Ashido text her every 5 minutes asking for an update

-She also has this odd habit of mumbling to herself when they’re walking down the street and Todoroki realllyyyyy cares about it. 

-”Yaoyorozu, what were you mumbling to yourself about just now?” x 100 (AHEM drama cd)

-They have ice cold milk tea and madeleines at a Cafe after, that overlook the sunset, houses looking small and stacking next to each other along the golden horizon. 

-It’s 8pm, Todoroki insists on taking the train with her and bringing her home despite her saying that she could just call her driver (rich girl is rich $$$). 

-She also jokes about how she could take care of herself and he agrees but says he’s adamant on how their first date should end so he escorts her anyway

Almond Haus - Sea Salt Iced Coffee

(Location: Garden Grove, CA)

I fell in love with Almond Haus’ iced jasmine sea salt caramel green tea when I first tried it, and had to come back for their other famous sea salt drink. Unlike 85, Almond Haus makes their sea salt coffee with Vietnamese coffee, so the coffee flavor was at level 100. This is not something I’m used to, so it took a while to adjust to its flavor profile. After the ice melted a bit and the sea salt blended a creamier texture into the drink, it evened out the strength of the flavor. Overall, this is good.


Coffee- Charlie McAvoy

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Omg Charlie is adorable but when you google image him… the NHL has some terrible pictures. Like bad! He looks so miserable! Omg! Anyway… enjoy guys!

Warning: none

Anon Request: I absolutely love your writing it always makes my day to read it! Could you possibly do something with Charlie Mcavoy please? He’s basically the love of my life


              You hated your job with a burning passion that was normally only reserved for the most horrible of things.

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Tea vocabulary in Japanese

お茶 [おちゃ] - (green) tea
煎茶 [せんちゃ] - sencha
抹茶 [まっちゃ] - matcha 
緑茶 [りょくちゃ] - green tea
紅茶 [こうちゃ] - black tea
白茶 [はくちゃしろちゃ] - white tea
黄茶 [きちゃ] - yellow tea
烏龍茶 [うーろんちゃ] - oolong tea
ルイボス茶 [るいぼすちゃ] - rooibos tea
ハーブティ - herbal tea
カモミールティー - chamomile tea
ジャスミン茶 [じゃすみんちゃ] - jasmine tea
ペパーミントティー - peppermint tea
ネトルティー - nettle tea
アイスティー - ice tea
ミルクティー - milk tea
ぶくぶく茶 [ぶくぶくちゃ] - bubble tea
茶葉 [ちゃば] - tea leaves
ティーバッグ - tea bag
一杯のお茶 [いっぱいのおちゃ] - a cup of tea
茶道具 [ちゃどうぐ] - tea tools
ティーセット - tea set
ティーカップ - tea cup
湯のみ [ゆのみ] - Japanese tea cup
茶碗 [ちゃわん] - Japanese tea bowl
ソーサー - saucer
ティースプーン - tea spoon
薬缶 [やかん] - kettle
ケトル - kettle 
急須 [きゅうす] - tea pot
ティーポット - tea pot
茶漉し [ちゃこし] - tea strainer
ティーストレーナー - tea strainer
茶筅 [ちゃせん] - tea whisk
お茶屋 [おちゃや] - tea house
茶室 [ちゃしつ] - tea room
露地 [ろじ] - tea garden
茶道 [さどう、ちゃどう] - tea ceremony
喫茶店 [きっさてん] - coffee shop
茶会 [ちゃかい] - tea gathering
茶事 [ちゃじ] - tea event
ティーパーティー - tea party
淹れる [いれる] - to brew
煎じる [せんじる] - to infuse
抽出する [ちゅうしゅつする] - to extract
注ぐ [そそぐ] - to pour
飲む [のむ] - to drink
すする - to sip
楽しむ [たのしむ] - to enjoy
濃い [こい] - strong
薄い [うすい] - weak
熱い [あつい] - hot
冷たい [つめたい] - cold
甘い [あまい] - sweet
苦い [にがい] - bitter
健康に良い [けんこうにいい] - good for health
お湯 [おゆ] - hot water
和菓子 [わがし] traditional Japanese confections often served with tea
砂糖 [さとう] - sugar
牛乳 [ぎゅうにゅう] - milk
ミルク - milk
クリーム - cream
レモン - lemon

The boys' favorite drinks

Stan: Gatorade
Kyle: iced tea
Cartman: milk, it goes with a lot
Kenny: vanilla bean frappucino
Butters: warm milk
Craig: green tea
Clyde: Red Bull
Token: coffee of all kinds, especially with caramel
Tweek: tea, once he gets over his meth coffee addiction, he finds it surprisingly calming