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A crack in the Larsen C ice shelf grew by 11 miles in the last week of May

  • President Donald Trump on Thursday announced his decision to withdraw the U.S. from the historic Paris climate agreement. Thousand of miles away in Antarctica, the devastating effects of climate change were making themselves abundantly clear.
  • Scientists at Project MIDAS tracking the Larsen C ice shelf reported that a rift in the ice shelf grew by an additional 17 kilometers, or 11 miles, between May 25 and May 31.
  • It’s just the latest period of rapid growth for the rift, which previously grew by 10 kilometers in January and 18 kilometers in the second half of December 2016. Read more (6/2/17)

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Looming Floods, Threatened Cities
Antarctica’s potential collapse could damage coastal cities across the globe.

Some scientists fear that parts of Antarctica are on track for an unstoppable collapse. If the resulting rise in sea level turns out to be as rapid as some worst-case projections, it could lead to a catastrophe without parallel in the history of civilization.

Pressure - Bruce Wayne

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Request: Can I request: The reader attends a gala or something which unknowingly Bruce planned to proposed to them w/ an audience. The pressure kills the reader & in the end rejects him, telling him that their leaving. (Bonus: reader is secretly pregnant)- @giraaffee

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Word Count: 836

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You had always accompanied Bruce to his monthly Gala’s, today was nothing new. You and bruce had been dating for 4 years now; you could say that you two were serious, you were very,very happy with Bruce . You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard a voice, instantly recognizing it as Bruce’s “Y/n are you ready?” he asked, “Ya one sec,” you replied as you checked yourself in the mirror one last time before exiting the bathroom. “You look absolutely stunning,” Bruce said taking in the view of you. “Thank you, you look very handsome as well.”

As you and Bruce sat in the limo, you began to converse about anything that was going on in your lives. You had enjoyed talks like these. You soon made it to the Gala and Bruce got out first, offering his hand to help you out, you took it kindly and both of you had made your way to the entrance. As you made your way there, camera flashed trying to get a good picture of you and Bruce. Even though you and Bruce had been dating for a long time, the media still focused on you two, despite other breaking news like the ice caps melting in Antarctica due to global warming. But you still put on a smile and made your way inside.

You felt as if this was the longest Gala you have ever been to, usually you like going out, just not today; you don’t know why but you didn’t feel like doing much, you were hoping you could just spend a quiet night at home. Regardless, you grabbed a drink from the bar and made your rounds with Bruce, conversing with some of his colleagues. Soon you felt a tap on your shoulder you turn around, only to be dragged by Bruce to the center of the floor, he started kneeling down and you knew what was about to happen, and you weren’t ready for it. “Y/F/N, I knew I had fallen in love with you, the first time I laid eyes on you, you are truly the most amazing thing that has ever came into my life. Will you marry me?” You didn’t know what to say, you weren’t ready for this, plus you’re in front of a huge crowd, you weren’t so good with too much attention. “Bruce I-I cant, i’m sorry.” You pushed your way out of the large group of people and called a cab. You knew that this would be everywhere by tomorrow, and right now, you didn’t care, you just had to get a hotel room and find out what you’re gonna do. You got in the cab and left before Bruce got a chance to leave the Gala.

You found a hotel not far from the place you had just been, you get a room and right when you get in you take your shoes off and flop on the bed. You started thinking about how bruce felt and how you were gonna get your stuff; ‘I mean I could just ask Alfred or Dick, i’m sure they won’t mind….right? Ugh who am i kidding i rejected him, they probably all hate me right now’ you thought to yourself. You groaned into the pillow and closed your eyes, soon enough you drifted to sleep.

You woke up to loud banging on your door, “Ok ok ok i’m coming, geez” you opened the door to find Jason standing there with the newspaper in his hand. “Oh no,” you groaned as you let your head hit the door. “What happened.” You invite him in and you explained last night’s events. “You know if I was in Bruce’s place i’d be devastated.” You just let your head fall down into your lap, “ I just don’t know what to do.” Jason rubbed your back soothingly and told you, “Maybe you need to talk to him, he hasn’t left the cave since last night, not even for food. I really think you should at least give him a call.” He got up and made his way toward the door, “And if you still don’t want to marry him, give me a call and I can get all of your stuff for you.” he winked and closed the door. You laid back down on the bed and reached for your phone, you took a deep breath before calling him. It rang 2 or 3 times before he picked up. “Y/n? Where are you?” his voice sounding like he hasn’t talked in days. “I’m at a hotel, i’m so sorry about what happened last night, i was under a lot of pressure and i just-” he cut you off before you could finish, “it’s ok, I knew i shouldn’t have put you in the spot, i just need you back here, please” his voice cracking when he finished his sentence. “Ok, pick me up i’m at the Hilton.” you could feel him smiling, “i’ll be right there.”

In spite of the flood of disturbing reports coming from both the Antarctic and the Arctic—just a few days ago, the National Snow and Ice Data Center reported that the extent of the Arctic ice cap in winter had hit a record low for the second year in a row—the issue of climate change has rarely come up during the Presidential primary campaign.
—  Elizabeth Kolbert, “Climate Catastrophe, Coming Even Sooner?