ice matcha


I’m such a slut for matcha ice cream I had to make my own as soon as I got back home. This actually does taste very similar to the Haägen-Danz’s matcha ice cream! Here’s recipe if you want to try it yourself:

Matcha Ice Cream

2,4 desiliter (2 40 ml) fatty whole milk
2,4 desiliter (2 40 ml) heavy whipped cream
1 desiliter (1 00 ml) sugar or fructose 
3 table spoons ceremonial level matcha powder*
Pinch of salt

1) Add milk, whipped cream, sugar and salt together and heat up with medium heat. Keep stirring!
2) Add matcha powder
3) Heat the mixture until it foams and is hot to touch but not boiling. Do not boil! Keep stirring!
4) Let the hot mixture chill (in ice cube water/in a sink in cold water)
5) When the mixture is chilled, put it in the freezer
6) Keep mixing the ice cream during freezing, scraping the frozen ice cream from the edges into middle. This makes ice cream freeze faster.


*ceremonial level matcha (or higher than that) is essential, as any lower quality matcha - like baking matcha - will be too bitter and grainy.

If you live in America, you can use 2 cups (4 80 ml) Half & Half instead of milk and whipped cream. I don’t live, so I used milk+whipped cream and the ice cream came out wonderful without it, too!

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