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While I find the sparkling vampires very original and interesting, I really hate the whole marble skin thing. I used to think it was because because humans were so fragile that vampires felt really hard in comparison but the more I read the more I understood that SM truly intended for her vampires to be stone hard. In the Bree Tanner book, she actually said, "just stone lips, no give." That's just weird, unnecessary, and unromantic.

There’s a lot in Bella’s narration that I understood to be hyberpole or metaphor, only later for SM to clarify like, no, they really DO feel like stone, and feel like ice, and all that. I had just thought Bella was being poetic and exaggerating. 

Because, like, how would that work? How could Carlisle, with ice-cold, marble-solid hands handle patients all day and no one is like ???

So I still think of it as mostly hyperbole/metaphor, and a little truth. Carlisle’s touch being cold (but not literally icy. .. and he carries around hot coffee mugs all the time to warm his hands), and his handshake being weirdly firm but not obviously marble works in my head.  

I seem to mentally block out that Bree Tanner thing because that’s just really bizarre and not at all romantic or appealing. And if that’s the sound they make when they kiss, what would sex sound like? I just can’t see them as actual living statues, clunking around stonily everywhere they go. The clickety-clack kisses also don’t really seem to correspond to Bella’s descriptions post-vampiring in BD where she describes Edward as feeling warm and soft to her now that she’s also a vampire–so wouldn’t Victoria and Riley’s lips have seemed soft to each other? 


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Chocolate/Vanilla Marble via Long Beach Creamery


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