ice king and gunther

Adventure Time Glam

Adventure Time Ship Zodiac

Aries:  Jake X Lady

Taurus: Finn X Princess Bubblegum 

Gemini: Marshal Lee X Prince Gumball

Cancer:  Marceline X Princess Bubblegum

Leo: Finn X Flame Princess

Virgo: Bmo X Bubble

Libra:  Lemongrab X Lemongrab

Scorpio: Fiona X Marshal Lee

Sagittarius: Bmo X NEPTR

Capricorn: Ice King X Gunther 

Aquarius: Simon X Betty

Pisces: Gunther X Bottle


Marceline in her every episode (29/29)

727: Broke His Crown

“Peebs, you work too much. Imagine a pizza. Only half should be business, the rest should be personal. Personal pizza.”