ice kayaking


Grey Seal watching in the fog by Yrjö Julin 

From the photographer: This Grey Seal was watching my efforts making a passage through the ice with my kayak.

Master Post of Date Ideas!

I was just brainstorming a ton of ideas of things for Evan and I to do when we’re together next, and I thought I’d post a few ideas. Hope you guys like this list! I would love any suggestions too!

  1. Bake something together
  2. Bike Ride Together
  3. Bowling
  4. Build a Blanket Fort!
  5. Build a Snowman

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one thing I noticed about Yuri On Ice is that there are no really big hardcore rivalries. You see it off ice a bit with Yurio and Yuuri of course but even that you know is turning into a respectful friendship and it was more one-sided anyways. They are all competitive and make fun of each other but nothing is bad spirited, even with JJ acting out and running his mouth, you see in episode 9 that he just really wants to be the next best skater like all of them and make his family (one with big ties to famous skaters) and country proud of him. You can tell that the creators want you to love all of the characters for their individual aspirations. They just all want to win and prove their worth but they do it without tearing each other down for the sake of cheap drama. I find it a bit more realistic in terms of sports I’ve played or ones that my brother and family have taken part in.