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Master Post of Date Ideas!

I was just brainstorming a ton of ideas of things for Evan and I to do when we’re together next, and I thought I’d post a few ideas. Hope you guys like this list! I would love any suggestions too!

  1. Bake something together
  2. Bike Ride Together
  3. Bowling
  4. Build a Blanket Fort!
  5. Build a Snowman

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Grey Seal watching in the fog by Yrjö Julin 

From the photographer: This Grey Seal was watching my efforts making a passage through the ice with my kayak.

one thing I noticed about Yuri On Ice is that there are no really big hardcore rivalries. You see it off ice a bit with Yurio and Yuuri of course but even that you know is turning into a respectful friendship and it was more one-sided anyways. They are all competitive and make fun of each other but nothing is bad spirited, even with JJ acting out and running his mouth, you see in episode 9 that he just really wants to be the next best skater like all of them and make his family (one with big ties to famous skaters) and country proud of him. You can tell that the creators want you to love all of the characters for their individual aspirations. They just all want to win and prove their worth but they do it without tearing each other down for the sake of cheap drama. I find it a bit more realistic in terms of sports I’ve played or ones that my brother and family have taken part in.

Dates for The Signs

Aries: going to a sporting event, having a water gun fight, riding roller coasters at a theme park
Taurus: picnicking in the park, bowling, acting like tourists in your own town
Gemini: going to a fair and riding on the Ferris wheel, paintballing, taking a hot air ballon ride
Cancer: having a dinner at a small romantic restaurant, going to a butterfly garden, spending the day at the beach
Leo: sneaking into a fancy hotel and go swimming in the pool, rollerskating, going to a concert
Virgo: going bike riding, going to a planetarium, kayaking
Libra: ice-skating, embarrassing yourself at karaoke, waking up early to watch the sunrise
Scorpio: shopping in a thrift store, going to an arcade, bowling
Sagittarius: going on an impromptu road trip, browsing a flea market, swimming in a lake at midnight
Capricorn: hiking, taking a cooking class, horse-riding
Aquarius: getting your palm read, going to an art museum, going to a drive in movie
Pisces: going to a musical, playing with animals at an animal shelter, stargazing

💕 Big/Little get-to-know-you date ideas for NEW pairs! 💕

Q: I just got a little this year and I’m super excited to get to know her and be someone’s big, but I’m also super nervous. What are some good big/little date ideas in the beginning, to get to know each other?

A: I think doing something together to ease the awkwardness of a new relationship is an excellent idea! You might not be ready to sit face to face and chat over coffee. Adding a fun activity as a buffer, while you get to know each other, helps bigs and littles relax. This is hopefully just the beginning of a long friendship and many good times. xoxo ;)

💖   48 ‘New’ Big/Little Things To Do Together: 💖 

  • Shopping - of course! 
  • Can’t beat a good movie.
  • Museum trip for a special exhibit.
  • Campus concert or musical performance.
  • Art gallery hopping.
  • Attend greek mixers & parties together in matching costumes.
  • Lunch or dinner at your favorite spots.
  • Attend a football game & tailgating together.
  • Go to a campus play, or other performing arts event.
  • Mani/Pedis with ice cream, smoothies, or frozen yogurt afterwards.
  • Amusement park day with a group of other big/little pairs.
  • Picnic in the park - pack her favorite foods.
  • Chic Flick movie marathon and slumber party.
  • Bike riding - explore your area on two wheels.
  • Take a yoga or other exercise class together. 
  • If you have access to a kitchen, cook together - cupcakes, cookies, individual pizzas, gourmet salads, etc…
  • Go to a comedy club - see if you have the same sense of humor.
  • Study together in the library - help each other with tough subjects. 
  • Attend a weekend festival or farmers market in your town.
  • Binge watch a favorite TV show online.
  • Paint ceramics or canvases at an art studio. 
  • Give up bad habits together. Help each other stop smoking, stop drinking too much. or stop eating fatty foods.
  • Get make-up applications together at a department store cosmetic counter. 
  • Go for afternoon tea at a tea parlor. 
  • Take a weekend trip together to the mountains or the beach.
  • Go rock climbing at an indoor rock wall.
  • Go wine tasting or on a pub crawl - if legal age of course.
  • Take a jewelry making or pottery class together.
  • Attend a local flea market and buy some vintage bobbles. 
  • Give each other nicknames. 
  • Host a poker night and invite some other big/littles to play.
  • Fly kites in the park. 
  • Plan an informal scavenger hunt at a funky used book store or thrift shop. See who can find the weirdest old books in different categories. 
  • Go swimming or boating together. 
  • Take a helicopter ride together. 
  • Plan an afternoon of horseback riding. 
  • Volunteer together and work side by side.
  • Enjoy a trip to the zoo. Act like little kids again.
  • Depending on what’s in your area, go to: an aquarium, water park, go-cart race track, mini golf, a zip line, ski slopes, ice skating rink, or kayaking/canoeing.
  • Create and share a big/little Pinterest board together.  
  • Try a new coffee shop, or new restaurant together, and have fun playing food critics. 
  • Pretend you’re tourists in your college town and go on a photo shoot. Share your pictures at the end of the day. This could also be a photo scavenger hunt around the city. 
  • Pick fruit together: apple picking, berry picking, pumpkin picking.
  • Buy a challenging jigsaw puzzle and spend time putting it together, with a little wine on the side. 
  • Write together as big/little. Write your own Life Plans and share your goals. Write your “bucket lists” and share your wishes and dreams. 
  • Go dancing or take a dance class together. 
  • Throw a board game party and invite other big/littles. 
  • Swap clothes you no longer want. Have your own big/little fashion exchange. 

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