ice hockey rink


Currently 6°

Cold weather generally doesn’t bother me. I have good winter clothing, excellent boots, silk long underwear, things made with Gore-Tex and down feathers, a well insulated home, and a small flask of bourbon. My filthy Camry even has a well functioning heater.

My neighbor is outside today making ice for his kids’ hockey rink. Ella and Oliver are keeping an eye on him.

I just noticed a shadow or something on Oliver’s coat that looks like someone giving the finger. Which is what @mmommmmmm will likely give me when I brag to her about Midwesterners shrugging off snowfall while the sad people of the PNW hide in their basements at the hint of winter precipitation. Snowflakes indeed!

Except we don’t have any snow right now :(  Low temperatures and snow should be together like cheese and burger. Like Target stores and crying children. Like running skirts and absolutely nothing.

With a layer of snow on the ground bone-chilling frost doesn’t seem so bad. Tonight’s forecast finally has a few inches of snow for us. Yea! We will have a white Christmas.

Bob! Snow doesn’t make it less cold than lipstick makes the pig pretty!

I disagree. Being comfortable outside in the winter is a state of mind. A blanket of snow helps that. It makes the landscape pretty. Calms one’s thoughts. Soothes the soul. Lights a fire in the heart.

Bob! STFU!

Anyway, I soon get to use my new snowblower.