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NHL Playoff Teams Ranked by Name and Logo

Washington Capitals: Their logo has a hockey stick as a “t” that’s so clever! 8/10

Toronto Maple Leafs: Plural of “leaf” is “leaves”. Bad grammar, but nice logo so 5/10

Pittsburgh Penguins: Penguins don’t play hockey, that’s silly. (but if they did, that’s for sure what they’d look like) 7/10

Columbus Blue Jackets: Reminds me of yellow jackets, the wasp. But their logo is very patriotic and I hear they have a cannon. Truly embodies the American spirit 8/10

Montreal Canadiens: What is a “hab?” Still not sure about these guys 6/10

New York Rangers: I’m not 100% sure they’re not a government agency. 2/10

Ottawa Senators: Isn’t senators a U.S. thing? The old white dudes that pass laws? Not sure what they’re going for here 3/10

Boston Bruins: Logo looks like a basketball, which is deceiving 4/10

Chicago Blackhawks: Nope. Offensive. Would have been cooler if it was a real hawk. 0/10

Nashville Predators: That tiger’s teeth are far too big for its mouth. Looks menacing though. If I were an opposing team, I’d be scared of that. 7/10

Minnesota Wild: What is their mascot? Is it wearing a hat? I can’t tell but it’s something really fucking wild-looking. 10/10

St. Louis Blues: Music note? OH BLUES MUSIC I GET IT. That’s clever 7.5/10

Anaheim Ducks: Clever “d”-as-a-duck-foot design, but would prefer to see a REAL duck 5.5/10

Calgary Flames: Did they design their logo on Microsoft Paint? Could be better 4/10

Edmonton Oilers: Logo looks more like an oil company than a hockey team. 5/10

San Jose Sharks: SHARKS!? Hell yeah. Sharks are so cool 11/10

a bulletpoint for my wonderfully talented m

feminist/college/ice hockey/shy!shawn (who even knows anymore tbh)

  • walking into the lecture hall on that first day and seeing a cute boy in the corner, sporting a hoodie with the logo for your college ice hockey team.
  • his hood slightly up, his brown curly hair peeking out from underneath
  • tapping his pen on his notepad because he always writes everything by hand
  • you sitting down not far away from him and watching as his warm, brown eyes flick to you and a patch of red appears on his cheek. 
  • biting his lip as he looks back down at his notepad, grateful when the teacher walks in to provide a distraction from the gorgeous being sitting just along the row from him.
  • he never speaks up or offers an opinion, always being too shy to find the courage to share his thoughts on the topic (of which he has many)
  • watching in awe as you stand up for what you believe in
  • you being so god damn irresistible to him that he cant help but sneak glances at you when he thinks you aren’t looking
  • he tries not to get caught looking at you but somehow your eyes always find his, inciting the usual reaction of blushed cheeks and a bit lip.
  • awkwardly pushing his hand through his fluffy hair when you walk through the door 
  • listening so intently to your opinions and thoughts when you speak up in class
  • trying to work up the courage to speak to you for so many weeks
  • until he trips over your bag when trying to get to his seat
  • his face literally turning as red as a tomato because oh god did he really just trip in front of the pretty girl?
  • asking him “are you okay?”. your gorgeously soft, accented voice causing him to trip over his words 
  • “n-never better" 
  • truly noticing for the first time how tall and muscular he is
  • not long after that, he stops being your little secret when the professor says something that shawn really doesn’t agree with, causing him to sit forward in his seat, his jaw locked, a patch of red forming as he rants passionately about the true definition and importance of feminism
  • melting in your seat, watching his shovel hands gesturing wildly as the usually shy boy finally speaks up
  • him instantly becoming 1000x hotter to you while the rest of the class look on in shock because he speaks?? since when??
  • attending the next ice hockey game and spotting the boy from your social studies class, clad in padding protecting various parts of his body and a jersey with the name MENDES across the back
  • finally stumbling off the ice after winning the game, his curly hair sweaty and a grin on his face as he blushes wildly at the cheers and applause.
  • him wiping the sweat from his face with his jersey
  • trying not to imagine what he looks like under his hockey uniform or you’ll never be able to look him in the eye again
  • smiling widely at him when you get to class the next day
  • “good game mendes”, referring to the name on the back of his jersey
  • THE BLUSH im tellin ya, his cheeks would be on fire.
  • stuttering, avoiding eye contact as he thanks you, earning a dazzling smile from you in response
  • biting his lip, noticing the cute dimple in your chin and the way your eyes sparkle up close
  • “you’re shawn, right?” queue the blush once more because you know his name
  • when you tell him your name he’d smile shyly
  • “beautiful name for a beautiful girl”
  • him realising how cringey that was and beginning to awkwardly ramble until you quieten him with a laugh and a soft ‘thanks’
  • shawn finally building up the confidence and, fiddling with the ring on his right hand, he asks you out for tea or coffee
  • happily accepting the offer from the tall, shy, hockey playing dream of a boy
  • he’d smile and blush when you accept, nervously handing over his number
  • that one patch on his cheek, near the corner of his jaw, burning red
  • your smile literally dazzling him
  • his hands dwarfing the coffee cup in front of him, sitting across from you in the cosy coffee shop as you sip from a mug of tea
  • fiddling with his ring whenever he gets anxious
  • running his fingers through his fluffy hair when he smiles at you
  • the shy boy coming out of his shell just for you
  • walking you back to your dorm after your date
  • you reaching up and kissing the corner of his mouth, mostly his cheek and revelling in the blush that spreads across his nose and cheeks
  • sitting next to him in class the next day, your hand finding his and giving it a soft squeeze
  • smiling once more as you see him blush out of the corner of your eye
  • your relationship begins to progress until you’re having secret make-out sessions in the back corner of the library, surrounded by old books that no one ever uses anymore
  • his team mates teasing him about the hickey left on his neck until you’re convinced he is going to explode if he blushes any more
  • him letting you wear his jersey, mostly to let people know that you’re his since he’s too shy to make it known verbally
  • but also because he knows you really like it
  • you two being /that/ goal couple
  • him asking you to read his paper for class to make sure it was good enough to turn in and you marvelling at just how passionate about social studies he really is
  • wondering how does so much passion come out of such a shy boy
  • him showing you exactly how much passion he really has

congrats on winning best smut my love, im so so proud of you 


30.4.2017 - Melbourne Ice vs Adelaide Adrenaline 


Stars @ Lightning (4/5/14)

Go To The Rink To Watch A Few Hockey Births And 4 Other Tips For A Perfect Day In Montreal

There are so many amazing things to see and do in Montreal that experiencing everything this amazing city has to offer in just one day is pretty much impossible. So if you’ve only got 24 hours to spend in Montreal, here are the things you absolutely have to do in order to get the most out of your visit.

1. Try poutine, Canada’s only food: It’s a big plate of french fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy. It’s called poutine, it’s delicious, and it’s Canada’s only food. You’ll find it everywhere in Montreal, from grocery stores to McDonald’s to high-end restaurants to vending machines and everywhere in between, because as literally the only food sold or consumed in Canada, it’s pretty much everywhere.

2. Bring your carpet and have it cleaned by one of Montreal’s many carpet cleaners: There are dozens of professional carpet cleaners in Montreal, so be sure to pry up your carpet, roll it up, put it under your arm, and carry it everywhere you go in Montreal until you see one. Pet hair and food and beverage stains are no match for the quality service you’ll receive from any one of Montreal’s many, many carpet cleaners.

3. Go to the rink to watch a few hockey births: Hockey is absolutely beloved in Montreal, and everyone’s favorite part of this sport (which Canadians call “Baseball On Ice”) is the moment when one of the players lies down on the ice in the middle of the game and gives birth to a beautiful baby right there in front of the screaming fans! All children born on the ice during a hockey game become the property of the Canadian government, and they are immediately taken to a military base where they are raised from birth to become mail carriers.

4. Ask everyone you see if they’re hungry in French: “Avez-vous faim?” means “Are you hungry?” in French, and it’s one of the most important French phrases to learn if you plan on running around Montreal and asking everyone if they’re hungry. Not only will doing this improve your French, but it will also help you figure out who’s hungry and who’s not.

5. Pitch investors your wing suit while you’re still in a country where hospitals are free: With everything your doctor said about what will happen if you get any more concussions after falling hundreds of feet, you’re going to want to be somewhere where healthcare doesn’t cost a dime when you show venture capitalists how much glide your homemade bat suit can get from a third-story rooftop.