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NHL Playoff Teams Ranked by Name and Logo

Washington Capitals: Their logo has a hockey stick as a “t” that’s so clever! 8/10

Toronto Maple Leafs: Plural of “leaf” is “leaves”. Bad grammar, but nice logo so 5/10

Pittsburgh Penguins: Penguins don’t play hockey, that’s silly. (but if they did, that’s for sure what they’d look like) 7/10

Columbus Blue Jackets: Reminds me of yellow jackets, the wasp. But their logo is very patriotic and I hear they have a cannon. Truly embodies the American spirit 8/10

Montreal Canadiens: What is a “hab?” Still not sure about these guys 6/10

New York Rangers: I’m not 100% sure they’re not a government agency. 2/10

Ottawa Senators: Isn’t senators a U.S. thing? The old white dudes that pass laws? Not sure what they’re going for here 3/10

Boston Bruins: Logo looks like a basketball, which is deceiving 4/10

Chicago Blackhawks: Nope. Offensive. Would have been cooler if it was a real hawk. 0/10

Nashville Predators: That tiger’s teeth are far too big for its mouth. Looks menacing though. If I were an opposing team, I’d be scared of that. 7/10

Minnesota Wild: What is their mascot? Is it wearing a hat? I can’t tell but it’s something really fucking wild-looking. 10/10

St. Louis Blues: Music note? OH BLUES MUSIC I GET IT. That’s clever 7.5/10

Anaheim Ducks: Clever “d”-as-a-duck-foot design, but would prefer to see a REAL duck 5.5/10

Calgary Flames: Did they design their logo on Microsoft Paint? Could be better 4/10

Edmonton Oilers: Logo looks more like an oil company than a hockey team. 5/10

San Jose Sharks: SHARKS!? Hell yeah. Sharks are so cool 11/10


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See you on the other side, guys! May you keep your fandom friendships intact, fave players healthy and stress levels manageable through all this!

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i’m sorry now i’m so hooked on klance aus where keith is a hockey player and lance is a figure skater it really gets to me… i just love hockey player keith like imagine him getting into fights all the time mmmm GOOD SHIT

  • Me, yesterday: I haven't heard or seen Billy Idol in a long time... Is everything going bad in the end? Am I doing something wrong or going to a wrong direction with everything?
  • Me, today: *Randomly hears White Wedding while watching ice hockey game*
  • Me: Thank you!
Crush imagine #30

I sat in the bleachers, watching y/c in his game. I cheered loudly when he made a goal, and felt proud of him. Y/c and I weren’t best friends per say, but we had met this year and were fairly good friends, so when he asked me to go to his ice hockey game, I couldn’t say no. Suddenly, someone from the other team slammed into y/c, sending him sliding across the ice, straight into one of the walls. He got up as if nothing had happened, and played on, which seemed like a miracle.
In the end, our team won, with y/c scoring one more goal, to make the score 3-1. The team went into the locker room, and I waited on the bleachers until y/c came out.
“Hey, you were great” I hugged y/c and congratulated him on the win.
“Thanks, I’m glad you decided to come” he squeezed me and let go( so we could walk to my car since he had come with his team on a bus. I drove us to y/C’s house, and helped him get his hockey stuff out of my car.
“Do you want to come in?” Y/c asked, running his hand through his hair.
“Sure” I locked my car and followed him into his house.
We took off our shoes near the door, and headed into the kitchen. Y/c grabbed onto the ledge for a second and put his hand on his head. “You okay?” I asked, walked around him to face him.
“Yeah, it’s just from when I crashed into that wall” he said. “Hold on” I took out my phone and turned on the flashlight. “What are you doing?” He asked, dropping his head to look down at my phone. “Just one second, let me check something. Put your head up” I instructed and placed one hand on his shoulder, while the preheat held my phone, and stood on my tippy toes, on top of his feet. I shined the light into his eyes, checking to see if they would dilate, but they didn’t. “Y/c, I think you have a concussion” I turned off the flashlight from my phone and put it back in my pocket.
“No, I don’t have a concussion” he placed a hand on my waist to steady me. I stepped down from his feet, thinking he would remove his hand, but he didn’t. “Thank you for checking, but I don’t get concussions” he smirked.
“Y/c, lets just get it checked, okay? It’ll put me at ease” I rubbed his shoulder.
“Okay” he hung his head down, which brushed his hair against my face. “But you’re getting us Pancheros after. He lifted his head back up and smirked. "Okay” I rolled my eyes and we headed back out to my car.

1 hour later
“The Doctor will be back with your results soon, just sit tight y/c” the nurse left the room.
I sat in one of those extra chairs in the room with y/c, waiting. “Y/n, come up here” he patted the area on the bed thing next to him. I stood up and sat next to him
“So, what happens if you’re right?” Y/c turned his head,asking me. His lips brushed my cheek for a second and then he moved his head back a little. I hated when things like that happened since feelings I’d been trying to hide would all come back. “What happens if I’m wrong?” I retorted. “Look, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something” y/c shifted a little, so he was facing me a little better. I looked up to talk to listen, but then the doctor came in.
“Alright Mr.(y/c/last name), it seems like you have a moderate concussion, you should be all set to play again in 3 weeks” the doctor wrote something down on her clipboard. “Come back for a follow up in 3 weeks, until then no ice hockey unfortunately, no loud noises, no bright lights, take days of from school if you can’t handle it, your health comes first” the doctor instructed. “Other than that you’re all set to go” she left.
“Well that sucks” he sighed and got off the bed.
“I’m sorry, I hate that I was right” I got down and rubbed his bicep.
“Hey, it’s good we did this. Otherwise I could have made it worse” y/c placed his arms on my waist.
“Also this may never have happened” he whispered and leaned in, giving me a long kiss. “I’ll expect you to be the one taking care of me till I get better” he smirked, and gave me a quick kiss.