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what went wrong with doctor who series seven? (part one)

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The latest Christmas special, the Time of the Doctor proves it. There’s no way to sugarcoat it, series seven was probably the creakiest run of Doctor Who episodes since the show hit its nadir in the 1980s. It hasn’t just been noted by tumblr fans or reviewers for the sci-fi section of websites; casual fans when asked just didn’t warm to Clara - “she’s cute but doesn’t do anything,” “she’s just there to be pretty for the doctor” and “she’s the impossible girl but the doctor does everything.” These are genuine complaints from fans who aren’t on tumblr; some watch the show religiously whilst others are more casual viewers. So what went wrong with series seven? Was it the split in episodes? Was it the departure of Gillan and Darvill, both of whom had magnificent chemistry with Matt Smith? Is it the (apparently) gargantuan boner Steven Moffat has for convulsion, paradoxes and overcomplicated plot threads?

Let’s have a look shall we, and ask - what went wrong with doctor who series seven? And then, how do we fix it?

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  • Doctor: Come on, quickly. (notices Clara isn't moving) What are you doing?
  • Clara: My bustle is stuck.
  • Doctor: You bustle? (tugs Clara out of window, Clara lands on top of the Doctor.)
  • Doctor: You're going to have to take those clothes off.
  • (Clara gasps)
  • Doctor: I didn't mean. I just..
  • Clara: I know. I understand, I do.
  • Doctor: Good.
  • Clara: Now what's the plan?
  • Doctor: Who said I've got a plan?
  • Clara: Of course you've got a plan, you took that. (Grabs umbrella)
  • Doctor: Maybe I'm an idiot.
  • Clara: You're not. You're clever, really clever.
  • Doctor: And you. If I've got a plan, what is it? You tell me.
  • Ice Governess: That's the way to do it! (Begins moving towards them)
  • Clara: Is this a test?
  • Doctor: Yes.
  • Clara: What would it do to us?
  • Doctor: Kill us.
  • Ice Governess: That's the way to do it!
  • Doctor: So come on, then, plan. Do I have one?
  • Clara: Oh I know what your plan is. I knew straight away.
  • Doctor: No you didn't.
  • Clara: Course I did.
  • Doctor: Show me.
  • Clara: Why should I?
  • Doctor: Because we'll be dead in 30 seconds. Do I have a plan?
  • Clara: If we'd been escaping we'd be climbing down the building. If we'd been hiding, we'd been on the other side of the roof, but no, we're standing right here.
  • Doctor: So?
  • Clara: So...(uses umbrella to reach invisible ladder) After you.
  • Doctor: After you.
  • Clara: After you. I'm wearing a dress. Eyes front, soldier.
  • Doctor: Mine are always front.
  • Clara: Mine aren't.