Autumn Classic International SD review

Heart eyes, like major heart eyes.

I haven’t realised how much i’ve missed Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir until now. They were both energic, charismatic, always smiling and it seems like they are at an happy place right now. We connect with them whenever they are on the ice and that’s one of the things that I love about them. I think that they will forever be my favorite ice dancing team, to me, no one can compare to them. 

About the short dance, I was (AM) amazed. I couldn’t look anywhere but at them. Tessa is certainly the queen of ice dance. She puts ice dancer in nice dancer. Man, I would love to dance like her. The beginning makes me :O !!!! Every movement is connected with a musical note (I don’t know if I am clear) and that makes me lose my mind. Scott is also an amazing performer, he compliments her perfectly and he is so charismatic. This guy is full of life and you can tell that he is in his element, that he loves what he does. Just like Tessa, they seem both so happy and comfortable in their choice of returning to competition. I am sure that tonight was very special to the both of them. Just wow. The ending of the short dance is parfait, tout simplement parfait. I can’t wait to see it numerous times and to see it evolve during this season. It’s only the beginning ! ;)

I’m extatic to see the “Latch” free dance now. ♥

P.S I feel like the biggest idiot for not saying hello to them and wishing them good luck when they passed behind me. I hope that this shyness of mine will shy away saturday lol. I didn’t want to impose or to disrupt their pre sd preparations. 

Until saturday folks !


Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker SD Autumn Classic International 2016