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tbh one actually bad thing about Trump in my opinion is that he denies climate change. However, I do not think he is the literal devil (plus, if I'm not mistaken, no one called him racist before he ran for president, so...) Tumblr and the media are overreacting. Also it's not like he'd be able to do whatever he wants if he becomes president. Some people literally act like a Trump presidency would be the end of the world or something... Anyway, what's your take on the climate change thing?

Umm I think global warming is a thing, but I dont think its because of humans. The earth goes in natural cycles of ice ages and warm ages.
Like when the dinosaurs were around, that was a warm/hot ice. Mammoths, sabre tigers, etc was an ice age.

9 Books to help you understand ALTERED STATES: or, Dropping Science with your host Steve Orth!

by Steve Orth

Hi everyone, this is Steve Orth. I’m sure you’ve heard of me. And I’m sure that you have heard about my love of small press poetry and small press books in general. But one exciting passion I have that often gets overlooked is my love for science. I love science. It’s very fascinating. And it’s very exciting.

So when I heard that this month’s Handpicked theme is ALTERED STATES, I really bit at the chance to make a listicle. Finally, a situation where I can really explain how the whole water-ice-cloud-steam cycle thing-y really works. I love to explain things to people just as much as I love small press poetry and science. So, without an further ado, here it is: SPD books that will help you to understand the altered states.

1. 50 Water Dreams by Siwar Masannat

Many people don’t even realize that water is the most important state. The human body is not 45% steam. It’s not 45% ice. It’s not 45% cloud. It’s 45% water. And 35% stomach.

2. The Empress of Frozen Custard & Ninety Nine Other Poems by Jorge Guitart

One of the biggest misconceptions about water is that it must be turned to steam and then returned back to water before you can freeze it to make ice. This is a flat out myth. You can just fill up that ice tray with regular water. And to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t even need to be water. You can make ice with your favorite fruit juice or milk.

3. Century Of Clouds by Bruce Boone

What happens when water evaporates into steam and then because fluffy? It becomes a cloud. Clouds are beautiful and interesting. There are many different types of clouds.

By putting clouds into specific cloud groups, it helps us organize these clouds, which really helps us be organized. And organization is the #1 biggest tool in science today. Award winning scientist Alfred Einstien once said, “that without organization, science would be totally disorganized, which is the #1 biggest obstacle in science today.” Those words still ring true today.

4. Cloud vs Cloud by Ethan Paquin

One of the biggest misconceptions facing people today is that when clouds collide, they battle. That is not technically true. It’s not really a battle, it’s more of a merger. But what happens next? What happens when a Cirrus cloud moves into a Cummulus cloud? Well, I am happy that you asked.

What happens is that the two clouds become an even bigger cloud. And it becomes a  Cumulus cloud. See the Cumulus is dominant and the Cirrus is more submissive. And every cloud is ranked from most dominant to most submissive and when they merge the dom cloud takes on the molecules of the sub cloud.

5. Professor Harriman’s Steam Air-Ship by Terese Svoboda

I’ve always been fascinated by steam. Steam is very interesting. For thousands of years, scientist believed steam to be a type of smoke. It was actually referred to as “the second smoke.” One day, all of that theory went out the window, when some water got hot and someone said, “look, the water is smoking.” and then another person in that kitchen said, “you’re an idiot.”

6. Heaven from Steam by Carol Light

So remember: steam is not smoke. Its water and ice, but water and and ice that is very very hot. The molecules fly apart and “evaporate.” However if you are trying to make steam at home. Please make sure to use a pot. If you throw the water or ice directly on to an open flame, steam will not materialize and you can permanently damage both your fire and water.

7. Gasoline & Vestal Lady on Brattle by Gregory Corso

Gasoline is a gas that can make your car drive. It is invisible to the eye. But it is very visible to the nose.

8. I Have Nothing to Say About Fire by Marjorie Saiser

Fire is not water, steam, clouds, or ice. Fire is fire and it is sometimes referred to as the sun’s sweat. It’s not actually the sun’s sweat. Well, it is. But it’s not. Fire is very helpful when you’re trying to cook dinner. But very unhelpful if it is unwanted or unwelcomed. Then it is considered dangerous. Very dangerous and you need to stay away from it.

Fire can even exist when you don’t see it. So even if you see a person that is not engulfed in flames, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not on fire.

9. Air On The Air by Juan Sanchez Pelaez

Probably the most fascinating thing is that none of this is possible without air. Air, also referred to as oxygen, is a key element of the life cycle. Without it we would be dead,  living in a world of rock. And I don’t mean rock n’ roll. If you know what I mean.

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