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  • Other people: i organise all of my blogs so that none of my interests clash with the content my followers want
  • Me: i fell into this fandom so let me subject all of my followers to it
  • Victor: I’m going to need everyone to be straight with each other from now on. No more games.
  • Yuuri: I’m always straight.
  • Phichit: Oh, man, that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told.

York, UK (by Sam Fryers)

  • Yuuri: I'm always straight.
  • Phichit: Oh man, that's the biggest lie you've ever told.
  • <p> <b>Mom:</b> hey you know that thing you're obsessed with?<p/><b>Me:</b> ...<p/><b>Me:</b> can you be a little more specific<p/><b>Mom:</b> yeah, the one with the two guys that you ship<p/><b>Me:</b> ... forget it<p/></p>

I was talking to a friend who was feeling down about human-caused global climate change. “It may be,” I told a friend in London as we walked across Tower Bridge, “that our ticket was punched before we ever got started.” While there is no doubt we’re cutting our time on earth shorter through carbon emissions and the destruction of the ecology, it might be that our species was never going to make it past the end of the womb of our ice-age birth. I explained this, about how fragile an organism we are, and how the ice ages cycle. She laughed, she was used to my strange form of hope.

“You have to choose to have hope, or just jump out of a window,” a person I was interviewing once told me, a person who’d been accused of techno-utopianism. We were walking along the California coast hills at sunset, talking about all the ways our technological lives could go wrong, and the many ways it is going wrong. He wasn’t utopian, it turned out, he’d thought of the worst long before his detractors had. He’d decided to try to head it off, instead of jumping out of a window.

We are diseased and angry and we kill each other and ourselves and all the world. We are killing off life on Earth like a slow moving asteroid. I try to look at this, and my own part in it. Sometimes it is overwhelming. I feel so powerless trying to comprehend all the terrible things we face, much less get past them into our future, with our humanity and our inconceivably beautiful little blue-green planet preserved.

All these grown-up monsters for my grown-up mind, they are there in the nights I wake up terrified and taunted by death. When I feel so small and broken, when despair and terror take me, I have a secret tool, a talisman against the night. I don’t use it too often so that it doesn’t lose its power. I learned it on airplanes, which are strange and thrilling and full of fear and boredom and discomfort. When I am very frightened, I look out the window on airplanes and say very quietly:

I have seen the tops of clouds

And I have. In all the history of humanity, I am one of the few that has seen the tops of clouds. Many would have died to do so, and some did. I have seen them many times. I have seen the Earth from space, and spun it around like a god to see what’s on the other side. We are the only consciousness we’ve ever found that has looked deep into the infinite dark, and instead of dark, we saw galaxies. Galaxies! Suns and worlds beyond number. We have looked into our world and found atoms, atomic forces, systems that dance to the glorious music of the universe. We have seen actual wonders that verge on the ineffable. We have coined a word for the ineffable. We have coined thousands of words for the ineffable. In our pain we find a kind of magic, in our worst and meanest specimens we find the flesh of a common human story. We are red with it.

I know mysteries that great philosophers would have died for, just to have them whispered in their dying ears. I can look them up on my smartphone. I live in the middle of miracles, conceptions and magics easily worth many lifetimes to learn, from which I can pick and choose. I have wisdom and knowledge poured around me like a river, more than I could learn in a thousand lifetimes, and I am still alive. It is good that I am alive, it is good that we are alive. Even if we kill ourselves off with nuclear fire, or gray goo, or drown ourselves in stinking acid oceans, it is good that we have lived, that we did all of this, and that we grew into what we are, and learned to dream of what we could be. The only thing we can say for sure is that we will die, but we will die having gone so far above our primordial ponds and primate forests that we saw the tops of clouds.

i wasn’t going to respond to this, i really wasn’t.  but now i am:

“Why would he?  Robert ignored him.  He would have beat him if I’d allowed it.  That brute you made me marry once hit the boy so hard he knocked out two of his baby teeth, over some mischief with a cat…”

you begin losing your baby teeth when you are six years old.  does this mean that joffrey was younger than that when robert hit him?  yes the situation with the cat was bullshit, and really terrifying.  does that mean that joffrey deserved to be beaten by his father?

not paying attention to a child, is, in fact, a very potent form of emotional abuse.  it’s called neglect.  and it is profoundly dangerous, both on an emotional developmental level and on a psychological level.  

gif credit to the op, i’m reposting them because they are relevant:

#no it’s not because cersei spoiled him kids #it’s because every father figure he had #robert #jaime #tyrion #all fucking abused the shit out of him #cersei certainly didn’t help matters #but for fuck’s sake please look at joffrey’s abuse wholistically #it explains so much of his own later abuse #this is not a moment to be happy about or to laugh at or to be thrilled with #this is not joffrey being punished for being a li'l shit #this is joffrey being reminded that his father thinks he’s trash and that no matter what he does his father isn’t out to keep him safe #and doesn’t love him #and never will #does this justify what he does later? #fuck no #does it help explain it? #yes #child abuse is never ok #never ever ever ok 

lastly, joffrey died when he was thirteen years old, he died responsible for death, destruction, chaos, mayhem, and physical and sexual abuse of his own.  but pinning that solely on inbreeding as opposed to the vicious cycles of abuse that so many characters in this series are trapped in…please read the above and reconsider.


Hexagonal Symbol Waves - Compositing Variations

Higher Quality Versions: Ello | G+

This is the series of steps I took in developing the two final designs in this set (Warm & Cold) - they actually both came off the same cycles render, but were variations in post-processing. This is how I take a multi-layered render and obsess over it for a week before I post the variants that I’m happy with. This is how I fail at anxiety management relating to “Is this design cool enough on its own, or is it true enough to the original idea at its inception?" Bah. Anyhow. It’s done now. It has to be. It’s time for me to work on more important things. Like sleep. That’s a thing I do sometimes. lol, sleep

This set is named Hexagon Symbol Waves. My two favorites from this set (Warm & Coldwere posted earlier today for your reblogging pleasure.

What do you think of all of these variations? Which one is your favorite? Why?

Basically, fandoms are like drugs.

You just need that little bit to get you hooked, and a tiny bit more here and there when-



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