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um can i get uhhhhhhh bichie soulmate part 2

Part One / Two / Three

Legit I had no time to edit this but I have to get ready for a show tonight, so I figured you guys would prefer that I got it out now rather than it be 100% perfect and not out until like Monday sometime!

Warnings: Cute shit, upset Richie, bloody lips

Word Count: 2742

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Request: Hi! Can you do an imagine with the twelfth doctor where the reader is his companion and they’re always really optimistic and happy and stuff and the docor, being rather grumpy and sarcastic, always acts like he’s annoyed by it but he secretely loves their optimism and it makes him happy? Thank you!

Requester: @just-a-smol-squish

Pairing: Twelfth Doctor x Optimistic!Companion!Reader

Warning: None

Words: 1344



The Doctor didn’t look around from his position behind the column of the console, the only trace of him being there the swish of the bottom of his jacket occasionally poking out. As more of your cries and shouts echoed around the metallic framing of the TARDIS he sighed, a hidden smile on his face, and peeked around to see what commotion you were squealing about, his signature frown scrunched back onto his face. 

"What?” He asked sharply. 

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How do you think the fair folk would respond to architecture majors? It's an odd field halfway between the engineer and the artist. Plus it comes with a pretty ancient and hallowed history and tradition. Would they be respected, feared or in danger?

Overall I think architecture would be looked on favourably - as you said, there’s a long, long history and tradition, and such possible beauty in it as well. I wonder if it’s in some ways strange to the Gentry, as well - the effort involved in building confections of glass and stone and wood, instead of shaping it with magic, spinning crystal and ice into palaces, or weaving trees into courtrooms at will. The acknowledged importance of beautiful spaces crosses the line into the Elsewhere, but we come at it from a much different, more permanent angle than they do.

I imagine a possible consequence of architecture students who spend too much time Elsewhere, or who take up the Forbidden Major, is that they will once in a while design things that look fine on paper but that take on a certain Escher quality when built - little tiny Libraries of sorts.

Can you name 5 women artists? As part of Women’s History Month, we’re sharing works from 5 women artists in our collection. In 2015, Ayala Serfaty was selected to create a special commission incorporating glass and light to celebrate the opening of the Museum’s Contemporary Art + Design Galleries. The resulting sculpture, Soma 2015, is part of a larger series of works by Serfaty that are inspired by organic forms like tree foliage, corals, stalactites, and ice crystal. You can explore Serfaty’s sculpture for yourself in the Contemporary Art + Design Galleries’ Special Projects Gallery. 

Soma 2015, Ayala Serfaty, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2015. 2015.3.12. 

Love Can Heal (Part 9)

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 Pairing:  Paul Lahote X Reader / Emmett Cullen X Ex!Reader

 Word count: 1.303

  Warnings: Depression; self-harm; pretty much stuff like that.


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 Part 15 (FINALE)

 Paul gladly helps me with my baggage, leaving them in his room. I took a very abrupt decision, without even asking permission to invade his space. I sit on the couch, looking at my hands and trying to forget the pain on my back. How could it hurt so bad? I was pretending to walk straight before the Cullen’s. Before Emmett. But now I just want to lay down and sleep for a year.

 “Ivy?” Paul’s voice scares me, and I slowly get up. “The bed is ready. Take your shower first so I won’t end with the hot water.”

 “I’m sorry, Paul. I shouldn’t decide to stay here without talking to you first. I will sleep on the couch.” My throat is so dry it’s hard to speak.

 “It’s a privilege to have you here. And no, you will take the bed.”

 “I feel like I invaded your house, your life, now I’m stealing your bed.”

 “Just go take a hot shower. Let me know if you need anything. We’ll talk later.” Paul takes my hand and helps me upstairs, leaving me in his bathroom.

 I’m finishing the sandwich he made me when he comes to the kitchen. I can’t understand why the vampires complain about his sent. He smells good to me. I drink what’s left of my water and look up at him.

 “Want to get some sleep?”

 “Why are you shirtless?” I raise my eyebrows. I know they don’t feel cold and stuff, but it’s creepy. I’m freezing to death and there he is, protected by his… kind? Race. I don’t even know.

 “Give me a minute. Old habits are hard to break.” He leaves the kitchen and I wait patiently. I don’t have many options anyway. Soon enough he’s back, wearing a dark green T-shirt. “Better now?”


 “Now, want to get some sleep?”

 “I’m not… I don’t know.” I stand up from the chair and walk past him, taking a deep breath to get upstairs.

 “I’m sorry if you don’t feel comfortable here.”

 “I do feel comfortable. I just feel… Lost?” I lay on his bed, facing the ceiling. I feel his weigh on the mattress.

 “Tell me.” Paul’s voice is so kind that I want to hug him, let him keep away all my sorrows.

 “Tell you what?”

 “What happened. You already told me and the wolves, but I want to hear the truth.”

 “The truth.” I repeat, breathing slowly as my heart sinks. “I was an idiot. I grew up to be an idiot and they had this party. It was my friend’s birthday. My parents allowed me to go but someone called them to say that the party was planned to be overnight. Full of alcohol and drugs and even strips. Then they forbid me to go. But it was my friend’s birthday and I wouldn’t miss that. I sneak out the house. I got to the party, and moments later the police called me. Your parents had a car accident, they said.” I try to keep my voice down, as my tears roll down my face. My hands are shaking as the memory crushes my heart again. “I just wanted to dance. I never liked to drink or these things. But all my friends were there. I didn’t care about drugs or whatever the hell, I just wanted to dance! But I… Shit, I killed them. Both got stuck in the car and a fire started. They burned to death! They burned! They suffered to the very last moment!” I scream, pressing my nails against the skin of thighs, it hurts even through my jeans. Paul takes my trembling hands on his, looking in my eyes. “It was my fault and I can’t live with this.”

 My thighs are burning where my nails touched, but I don’t care. Paul silently pulls me to him, hugging me, his hand caressing my hair.

 “They were trying to protect me. They were only trying to protect me.”

 “Just try to sleep, we’ll talk tomorrow.” He pulls the blankets over me, fixing my pillow. “Just rest now. I’ll be here to keep you warm.”

 “I can’t. How can you stay so near me when you know that I…”

 “Ivy, sleep, please.”

 My eyes are heavy and I give up. I’m glad that I’m not cold since Paul is here. My sleep is restless, and I wake up over and over again, tossing around.

 The next morning the sun is struggling to appear among the clouds. I stand at the window, looking at the top of the trees with tiny ice crystals. I feel tired like I haven’t slept all night. Paul breaks something downstairs, a glass or something, but I’m smiling.  Not because I feel happy, but because of him.

 “You’re hungry?” His voice is low so he won’t scare me. I turn around, nodding.

 “What did you break?”

 “Just a…”

 Then my phone starts ringing, too loud, and I run to answer it.

 “Is that him?” Paul comes to my side quickly, and that sudden move makes me accidentally answer the call.

 “Great, Paul. Now you’ll talk to him.” I throw my phone at him because I just can’t deal with Emmett right now.

 I run downstairs, tripping on the last steps. Paul is screaming and my hands are shaking again. Why Emmett can’t just leave me alone? All my love is being replaced by fury. If he wasn’t a vampire, I would beat the shit out of him. Then a feel something wet on my forearm, and a sting. I take off my coat to see a line of blood staining the fabric. I get up, not sure of what to do now.

 “It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s just a… very tiny wound.” I whisper to myself, throwing my coat away. “It’s okay. It’s not bleeding anymore. It’s not bleeding anymore. ”

 “Ivy?” Paul reaches me, and I can’t help but cry.

 “I tripped and hurt my arm. It’s-it’s bleeding, Paul.” He takes a look on my left arm, carefully.

 “It’s just a scratch.”

 “But it’s bleeding.”

 “No, it isn’t bleeding anymore. Come here.” Paul hugs me, and I melt in his arms. I’m crying, shaking, feeling like I can’t breathe.

 “I’m out of control.”

 “No, you’re not. You’ll be fine, I promise. ”

 “Please, please just don’t let me go now.” I beg him, my voice scruffy against his chest. I don’t want to be a bother, but he makes me feel safe.

 “I’m right here. I’m with you. ”

 It’s midday when the movie Paul convinced me to watch ends. Evil Dead, the worst horror movie I ever watched.

 “This was the worst movie I ever watched.”

 “What? It wasn’t so bad.”

 “It wasn’t so bad? It was cliché, the plot is awful, and the end almost made me slap you. ” I turn the TV off, crossing my legs on the couch. “I’m not immortal, I can’t lose two hours of my life with a movie like that.”

 “You’re overreacting. The movie was just fine.”  Paul gets up, heading to the kitchen.

 “No way. You owe me a good movie.”

 “Is there any movie you want to watch?”

 “I would give it a try. I can’t even remember the last time I went to a movie theater. ” I lay back on the couch, exactly when Paul comes back. He stares at me and I sit again, giving him space to sit.

 “Movie theater then.”


 “Tonight.” He gives me a glass of water. I’m always thirsty, and Paul is aware of that. “But I’ll be a date, do you agree?”

 “A date?” I choke, coughing violently. “I don’t know, Paul, I…”

 “Just give it a try.”

 “Why everybody is telling me that?”

 “Just say yes. ”

 “Fine, fine. Yes.”









Jack Frost

Author: lifeofsnark

Words: 2053

Summary: Reader starts to freeze to death after a run-in with Jack Frost. Dean and Sam have to warm her back up.

Warnings: cursing, non-sexual nudity

A/N: I would very much appreciate feedback! Contact lifeofsnark with comments/questions.


Dean cut the Impala’s engine, and steam wafted up from the hood into the frigid Montana night. You and the brothers were looking for a creature that was freezing its victims’ hearts. Sam and Dean had never seen anything like it. 

The three of you slid of out of the car, the door slams echoing across the empty snowy fields. “Well, this is it,” said Sam quietly. “When I looked at the areas around the body finds, this was the only overlapping territory.  Whatever it is, it probably lives up here somewhere.”

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“I’ll give you the cold shoulder, honey.”~

I haven’t taken photos in almost half a year because, as some of you may have noticed, I was dealing with severe depression. I was convinced by friends to seek out help and I have, and while things aren’t perfect, I’ve been feeling better. So here’s to reclaiming the Winter Blues (even though it’s year round) and turning it into something, well… ethereal!

Instagram: iridessence

Hair: Ebay
Bustier: Va Bien (thrifted) with Swarovski crystals added
Skirt: Ebay
Winter Decorations: Dollar Tree