ice crystals on a tree


Request: Hi! Can you do an imagine with the twelfth doctor where the reader is his companion and they’re always really optimistic and happy and stuff and the docor, being rather grumpy and sarcastic, always acts like he’s annoyed by it but he secretely loves their optimism and it makes him happy? Thank you!

Requester: @just-a-smol-squish

Pairing: Twelfth Doctor x Optimistic!Companion!Reader

Warning: None

Words: 1344



The Doctor didn’t look around from his position behind the column of the console, the only trace of him being there the swish of the bottom of his jacket occasionally poking out. As more of your cries and shouts echoed around the metallic framing of the TARDIS he sighed, a hidden smile on his face, and peeked around to see what commotion you were squealing about, his signature frown scrunched back onto his face. 

"What?” He asked sharply. 

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Can you name 5 women artists? As part of Women’s History Month, we’re sharing works from 5 women artists in our collection. In 2015, Ayala Serfaty was selected to create a special commission incorporating glass and light to celebrate the opening of the Museum’s Contemporary Art + Design Galleries. The resulting sculpture, Soma 2015, is part of a larger series of works by Serfaty that are inspired by organic forms like tree foliage, corals, stalactites, and ice crystal. You can explore Serfaty’s sculpture for yourself in the Contemporary Art + Design Galleries’ Special Projects Gallery. 

Soma 2015, Ayala Serfaty, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2015. 2015.3.12. 


“I’ll give you the cold shoulder, honey.”~

I haven’t taken photos in almost half a year because, as some of you may have noticed, I was dealing with severe depression. I was convinced by friends to seek out help and I have, and while things aren’t perfect, I’ve been feeling better. So here’s to reclaiming the Winter Blues (even though it’s year round) and turning it into something, well… ethereal!

Instagram: iridessence

Hair: Ebay
Bustier: Va Bien (thrifted) with Swarovski crystals added
Skirt: Ebay
Winter Decorations: Dollar Tree

Jack Frost

Author: lifeofsnark

Words: 2053

Summary: Reader starts to freeze to death after a run-in with Jack Frost. Dean and Sam have to warm her back up.

Warnings: cursing, non-sexual nudity

A/N: I would very much appreciate feedback! Contact lifeofsnark with comments/questions.


Dean cut the Impala’s engine, and steam wafted up from the hood into the frigid Montana night. You and the brothers were looking for a creature that was freezing its victims’ hearts. Sam and Dean had never seen anything like it. 

The three of you slid of out of the car, the door slams echoing across the empty snowy fields. “Well, this is it,” said Sam quietly. “When I looked at the areas around the body finds, this was the only overlapping territory.  Whatever it is, it probably lives up here somewhere.”

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