ice cream soda day

The Hangman’s Tree

There wasn’t much for a young boy to do in my hometown. It was all long stretches of tired looking strip malls and gated communities for the snowbirds to flock to when autumn set in up north; very South Florida chic. It was the kind of place where an eight-screen movie theater opening up at the mall was cause for celebration and high school football games were the big Friday night draws.

Wholesome. Quaint. Boring.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I were more interested in fishing or surfing, the favorite summer pastimes of my friends, but a fear of deep water (or rather, what lived in it) and an inability to swim kept me firmly planted on dry land. My parents preferred it that way. Transplants from New England, they’d seen Jaws one too many times and were convinced that a giant shark would gobble me up the moment I stuck a toe in the ocean.

So, while my friends were off enjoying themselves at the beach, I’d be stuck at home, trying to ignore how miserably hot it was despite our ancient air conditioner thrumming noisily through the vents. I read every book and comic I owned, I went through our entire VHS collection, I visited the convenience store down the street at least twice a day for ice cream and a soda. It did little to ease the stifling dullness that was my summer existence.

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Name your favorite..
  1. Place
  2. Person
  3. Color
  4. Food
  5. Smell
  6. Book
  7. Movie
  8. Music artist
  9. Genre of music
  10. Genre of literature
  11. Magazine
  12. Texture
  13. Time of day
  14. Day of the week
  15. Tumblr
  16. Thing to do when bored
  17. Celebrity
  18. Class in school
  19. Website other than Tumblr
  20. Drink
  21. Precious stone
  22. Animal
  23. Flower
  24. Time in history
  25. Font
  26. Video game
  27. TV show
  28. Play
  29. Sound
  30. Fruit
  31. Vegetable
  32. Store/shop
  33. Article of clothing you own
  34. Fashion/style
  35. Pattern
  36. Workout
  37. Quote
  38. Historical figure
  39. Boy’s name
  40. Girl’s name
  41. Potato chip flavor
  42. Meal of the day
  43. Ice cream flavor
  44. Soda
  45. Popcorn flavor
  46. Season
  47. Month of the year
  48. Word
  49. Disney princess
  50. Insult
  51. Joke
  52. Cussword
  53. Letter
  54. YouTube channel
  55. Eye color
  56. Memory
  57. Dessert
  58. Candy
  59. Restaurant
  60. Lifehack
  61. Language
  62. Thing to learn about
  63. Thing about yourself
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Minific #10


1000 FOLLOWERS AND THE FIC IS ON TIME (because I wrote it ahead of time)

This one is based on this request, and is as such a combination of two prompts - one by egg anon, one by me.


They hoped it’d be worth the investment, but if they really thought about it, they knew they didn’t have any kind of doubt that it was.

It was really a very simple machine, although it was very large. But most of its size came from its enormous, semi-transparent tank; the attached tube and pumping mechanism were only a quarter of its size. The kit had also come with a remote control, with an on/off switch and speed meter, with settings from 1-7.

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anonymous asked:

Rin also having really low tolerance for spicy things


He’s probably a little better at managing the heat than Sousuke is so up until now he’s been able to make fun of Sousuke and act like he’s so freakin cool but Makoto completely overshadows them both. at least Rin’s not eagerly rushing to an early death via insisting I can totally eat some of whatever you’re having give me a bite Makoto (cough sou why u gotta do this to yourself)

Makoto truly does not understand how someone could be so weak to spicy food and sometimes he just straight up forgets that he gotta take the heat down a few notches because Ren and Ran are capable of eating what their brother makes them

So they’re having dinner together again (literally no one learns from past mistakes obviously) and Rin and Sousuke are silently perishing but neither wants to be the one that cracks first and Ren and Ran are laughing at the funny faces they’re making while they easily consume their brother’s hellish cooking and Makoto gets out some milk and tells himself he should probably start learning how to make dishes that don’t require spiciness at all if he wants to keep those two around

But it’s fine because at the end of the night they can all enjoy ice cream together and Sousuke will ask to be fed and Rin will shove a spoon in his mouth and say “eat this motherfucker heh ok makoto feed me instead” and then ren and ran will take turns feeding the boys and it’s just rly cute all around



  1. Person
  2. Color
  3. Food
  4. Smell
  5. Book
  6. Movie
  7. Music artist
  8. Genre of music
  9. Genre of literature
  10. Magazine
  11. Texture
  12. Time of day
  13. Day of the week
  14. Tumblr
  15. Thing to do when bored
  16. Celebrity
  17. Class in school
  18. Website other than Tumblr
  19. Drink
  20. Precious stone
  21. Animal
  22. Flower
  23. Time in history
  24. Font
  25. Video game
  26. TV show
  27. Play
  28. Sound
  29. Fruit
  30. Vegetable
  31. Store/shop
  32. Article of clothing you own
  33. Fashion/style
  34. Pattern
  35. Workout
  36. Quote
  37. Historical figure
  38. Boy’s name
  39. Girl’s name
  40. Potato chip flavor
  41. Meal of the day
  42. Ice cream flavor
  43. Soda
  44. Popcorn flavor
  45. Season
  46. Month of the year
  47. Word
  48. Disney princess
  49. Insult
  50. Joke
  51. Cussword
  52. Letter
  53. YouTube channel
  54. Eye color
  55. Memory
  56. Dessert
  57. Candy
  58. Restaurant
  59. Lifehack
  60. Language
  61. Thing to learn about
  62. Thing about yourself 

Root Beer Float anyone? It’s national Ice Cream Soda Day! Two parts soda, one part vanilla ‘scream and you have a float made in heaven.

Ice Cream Sodas were invented in 1874, possbily by accident! Robert Green substituted scoops of ice cream to keep soda cold after he ran out of ice – it was, of course, an instant hit. In 2012 we updated the classic by taking an all ice cream approach to it with our flavor # 68, Scratch Root Beer Float – again, an instant hit!