ice cream of the month

Tbh I don’t recall ever taking a picture of this…
Or even drawing it, for that matter.


The making of Flavor of the Month # 142, Leftovers
cranberry ice cream with candied cashews, bourbon-sweet potato pie, and a marshmallow swirl

Step 1: Those real, good for you, cranberries. We called up our friends at Cape Cod Select and asked them to send us a box of their freshest crans. The next day, these bbs showed up. 

Step 2: We cook the cranberries down until they POP. Of course, we add a little sugar until it’s this shockingly sweet cranberry puree.

Step 3: We turn that cranberry puree into cranberry ice cream base by adding our milk, cream, eggs, sugar and running it through our pasteurizer. It’s so pink! And then, once cooled, throw it into our ‘scream machine to churn it up into ice cream. 

Step 4: Meanwhile, we make our mix-ins. House-made marshmallow (sans gelatin), bourbon-sweet potato pies, and sweet candied cashews.

Step 5: Add the mix-ins to the freshly churned ‘scream and pack those pints

How You Meet

Preference #3-

Peter: When you arrived on Neverland. He had come down to the beach to greet the new arrival, stunned to see his first Lost Girl sitting there on the sand.

Robbie: On set. You had played the role of his character’s love interest, and his feelings for you grew as you spent more and more time together.

Tommy: At the ice cream parlor. You had been hired to work a few months after him, and he had instantly taken a liking to you.

pastel asks

ask as many or little as you please

tangerine - your crush’s name

apricot - favourite ice cream flavour

aqua - initials

auburn - favourite month

azure - favourite type of flower

blond - fuzzy or silky

violet - pastel or dark colours

turquoise - favourite art work

sapphire - how many siblings do you have

lavender - shampoo brand

carnation - paper or plastic

cotton candy - favourite tv show

cream - favourite blog

champagne - least favourite fandom

eucalyptus - green or purple

emerald - hunger games or maze runner

indigo - first pet

lemon - vanilla or chocolate

baby pink - batman or superman


Urie Kuki + Quotes

finnish culture in a nutshell

-queuing for free buckets (FREE!!!)
-intentionally walking slowly so the person ahead you won’t feel obligated to hold the door open for you because that’d be Super Awkward
-accidentally making an eye contact with a random person and then planning to move out of the country
-whining about winter but wearing canvas shoes through the whole few months of it
-eating ice-cream at -25°c
-spending 30 mins on the candy isle deciding what to buy
-getting sweaty when asked to do self-evaluation

The making of Flavor of the Month # 141, Cobbler Hill
cinnamon sugar ice cream with pumpkin cobbler

Step 1: First we make a cinnamon sugar spiced base. With plenty of sugar and spice. 

Step 2: Then we prep the pumpkin cobbler. Fresh sugar pumpkins that we scooped out one by one and baked. Plus that  oaty crumbly cobbler topping.

Step 3: Churn the ‘scream and add the cobbler right on top.

Step 4: Pack those pints (and milkmade minis!). We pack each pint by hand, ensuring each has the right proportion of cobbler : scream.

Preference #11: Not Just Friends.

Harry: “Please, I’m on my knees and literally begging you.” You stifled laughter as Harry pleaded with you dramatically. For the past hour he had been trying to convince you to attend Liam’s ‘party of the year’ with him. You had to admit, he had gone to great lengths to persuade you, including buying your favourite ice-cream and promising to be your slave for a month. But, alas, you were being your usual stubborn self. 

“Dude, will you ever give up?” You laugh, tossing your hair over your shoulder and walking away from the kneeling Harry. The sound of footsteps followed behind you rapidly before you were roughly tossed over his shoulder. “Harry!” You let out a surprised squeal as you realised you were eye level with his butt, not that you were really complaining. The boy had a nice ass. 

“Sorry Y/N, you left me no choice.” He continued walking down the street leading to his house, with you squirming in his arms at an attempt to not flash random people. 

“Damnit Styles, you know I don’t do parties.” 

“I’m offended that you don’t want to be my date.” 

“Stop being so dram- wait…. did you say date?” Your jaw dropped open at Harry’s choice of words. You felt his shoulders stiffen before he gently lowered you to the ground. He scratched the back of his head with a small, nervous smile on his face. 

“Um.. yeah, I said date. I know it’s pretty random, but I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while… although not in this way…” He trailed off, looking at you sheepishly. You realised your jaw was still wide open and hurriedly closed it, a million thoughts rushing through your head. 

“I’d love to be your date Harry, although I’ll still hate you for dragging me to a party.”

Liam: “Karen, that meal was delicious! Thank you so much for having me.” You smiled up sweetly at Liam’s mother as she beamed down at you. Your best friend Liam had dragged you to another one of his family barbecues, it had been a tradition since you were both twelve years old. You had always felt perfectly comfortable with the Payne’s, it was as if they had become your second family. 

“No problem at all, sweetie. Would you mind going to get Liam and Grandma Payne?” You nod politely and stand up, heading down to the garden. Liam and his Grandmother had disappeared half an hour ago, most likely in the middle of a deep conversation. Grandma Payne had a habit of rambling and Liam was always too polite to try and end the conversation. 

“…. Y/N….” You stopped in your tracks as you heard your name being brought up. You peeked through a gap in the bushes and saw Liam and his Grandma talking seriously. As bad as it was to eavesdrop, you couldn’t help the feeling of curiosity that was taking over you. 

“I know Grandma, I know. I just can’t do it.” You leaned closer, brushing the leaves out of your way, edging as close to them as you could get without being seen.

“Liam, darling, you’ve liked the girl for years. It’s about time you tell Y/N how you feel.” With those words you felt the wind knocked out of your stomach. Liam… liked.. you? What the actual hell. 

Zayn: Butterflies flooded your stomach as you ran down the school hallways, searching for any sign of your best friend Zayn. Eyes followed you as you ran like a madman, looking at any place that Zayn might be. Of course, as per usual he was to be found in the quiet solitude of the library. 

“You will never believe what I just got.” You slammed the crumpled piece of paper you had found in your notebook, in front of your best friend. “A love letter, I have a secret admirer.” You slouched in the chair as Zayn curiously picked up the note and studied it slowly.

“Wow, this guy has a way with words.” He let out a deep chuckle, sliding the paper back to you and leaning back in his chair. You grabbed it and nodded enthusiastically. 

“I know, he sounds perfect. I just wish I knew who he was.” You sighed and looked wistfully around the near-empty library, as if your secret admirer was hiding behind the shelves. The serenity of the library was interrupted as Zayn’s phone vibrated against the desk. He looked at you apologetically. 

“Sorry Y/N, hold that thought.” He answered the phone call and walked outside. You sighed and studied the note, looking for any clue as to who wrote it. It was hopeless. 

“Fuck my life.” You grumbled, glancing over the table to see what Zayn was studying. His neatly written biology notes were everywhere, of course the boy was ahead of the class. You felt your heart flutter as you looked closer at his notes. The handwriting was identical to the love letter… completely the same…

Niall: “Okay, honest opinion. How does this look?” You twirled around the dressing room in your favourite store, feeling the black dress fan out around you. You had dragged your best friend Niall around to about twenty stores, in search of the perfect outfit for your date tonight. 

“For the tenth time Y/N, you’ll look good in whatever you wear.” He chuckled, clearly bored with the activity. You rolled your eyes and stuck your tongue out at him.

“I need to impress, this is the first date I’ve been on in a while and I think Hunter could be boyfriend material.” Niall’s jaw locked and you noticed his fists clench slightly, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. This had become a constant reaction every time you mentioned Hunters name. “Niall, what’s up with you? Every time I mention Hunter, you go weird..” You trailed off, glancing down at him uncertainly. 

“It’s nothing Y/N, drop it.” He stood up abruptly and began to pace the room. This was a classic Niall move and it happened whenever he ached to tell you something, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. You shrugged, knowing he would come around when he’s ready, and attempted to unzip the dress. Warm hands sent shivers down your spine as he suddenly brushed your bare back gently, slowly unzipping your dress.

“Niall…” You felt a blush spread to your cheeks. Although you and Niall always considered yourself best friends and no more, situations like this has been occurring lately and you couldn’t deny the tension between you two.

“Honestly Y/N, I’m jealous. Hunter isn’t good enough for you… he’s not me.” 

Louis: The anger was rumbling inside of you, look a gigantic thundercloud ready to explode at any moment. Your footsteps echoed around the corridor as you stormed down it, in search of your idiotic best friend. The news had spread quickly. Louis had supposedly punched Ryder, the school’s ‘bad boy’, which was known to be an instant death wish. Your fists clenched at your side and you took a deep breath as you reached the nurses office. Louis knew how much you were against violence but he was your best friend, so of course you would be by his side. You pushed open the door and saw him slumped in a chair, smiling sheepishly at you. 

“Outside now.” You folded your arms as Louis trailed outside, going to all measures to avoid eye contact. As soon as the door shut, you glared at him waiting for him to explain himself.

“It’s not my fault.” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Not your fault? From what I’ve heard, you punched him not the other way around!” You waved your arms in frustration, trying to keep your voice from becoming a scream. 

“Y/N the guy was talking shit, okay? He was disrespecting you, you know I couldn’t just let him do that.” Louis yelled, running a hand through his dishevelled hair. Your fists automatically unclenched and you let out a deep sigh.

“Louis, sure the guy is a tool, but you can’t always protect me. I am a big girl. Why do you even care so much? You know Ryder does this about every girl.” You rolled your eyes, Ryder was known to be a jerk to girls so this came as no surprise to you. 

“Why do I care? Y/N, you’re my girl, okay? I like you, so much, I couldn’t listen to his bullshit for a second longer.” 

A/N: Message me if you want a part 2 xx


Last night I finally got to try this “rolled ice cream” phenomenon that I found on Facebook several months ago! Ordered the matcha flavored one (cuz obviously 🍵) and took a video for you guys. So peaceful watching this. 😊 Don’t think I can #cheapcleaneats it though because I don’t have a huge freezing pan and neither do most of you guys, so let’s leave it to the experts! (at Chelò Creamery)

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Dating Castiel would include:
  • Long nights looking at the stars while he told you stories from Heaven
  • Him giving you his trench coat when it rains
  • The pizza man and baby sitter ;)
  • Getting lost in those blue eyes of his during conversations
  • That adorable puppy look and tilt of the head he does when he doesn’t understand
  • Dean and Sam getting grossed out when they see him and you kissing
  • Him getting all protective and worried when you go out on hunts
  • Him being protective over all no matter what
  • Sweet and sometimes rough kisses
  • Cuddles on rainy days
  • Little fledglings stumbling all over the place
  • Getting a puppy because lets face it, Castiel would love a puppy!
  • Binge watching Orange Is The New Black
  • Him eating everything you cook even though he’s not even hungry and the taste of molecules causes his face to cringe
  • Him going to the store to get you chocolate and ice cream when it’s that time of the month
  • Him texting you at random times with all kinds of emojis because he thinks they’re funny
  • And eventually…. you might get to change Dean’s and Sam’s name to Uncle Dean and Uncle Sammy…
Save Me

dad!Steve Rogers x Reader

Gender Neutral (As far as I can remember)

Word Count: 1578


You were off in your own world, unable to hear your father trying to catch your attention. Focusing had been hard lately. It was your inability to pay attention that had almost cost you your life on a mission yesterday, but luckily, Captain America had stepped in.

Not your dad–Captain America. There was a big difference.


Your dad was your favorite person. The father-daughter relationship was healthy and well kept. You had traditions full of ice cream, chocolate, movies, and lunch dates, no matter the time of the month. You could tell him anything, and had told you everything. There weren’t secrets between you two.


You looked up innocently to meet the eyes of Captain America, a man that you could honestly say that you hated.

“(Y/N), what was the last thing that I said?” Cap asked you accusingly.

“Something about how I’m careless in the field and need to pay more attention to my surroundings?” you said hopefully.

He let out a sigh, and his face dropped into his hand. “(Y/N), that was five minutes ago.”

“I guess I was spacing,” you apologized.

“No kidding,” he scoffed. “This is just like yesterday.”

“What happened yesterday?” Natasha asked.

“You said that you wouldn’t tell anyone!” you whined.

“It came up, so I had to say something,” he justified.

“Yeah, because you brought it up.”

“Rogers!” Sam shouted, knowing that it would shut both of you up. “Tell us what happened yesterday. We have the right to know.”

“You want to tell them, (Y/N)?” Cap gave you the chance.

Given the lump forming in your throat, you didn’t trust yourself to speak. You shook your head, staring down and the table.

“She almost got herself killed,” he summed up. He didn’t say anything after that, leaving the details to the imagination. No one else was much help, as they had all gone silent. “Right, so, other than that, mission accomplished?” he tried to move on.

“You can’t just say something like that and not give us details,” Rhodey frowned.

“It’s like just now. She can’t focus for more than five minutes at a time before she goes to la la land.”

“Context?” Wanda demanded.

“I found her just staring at a time bomb, watching the clock tick down,” he explained.

“That’s not what was going on!” you shouted suddenly, not caring about the quality of your voice.

“Then tell me what was!” Cap fired back.

“What does it even matter? It’s not like you’re going to listen to me,” you stated. Unable to take anymore of the soldier that replaced your father, you stood up and stormed out of the meeting room, blinking back tears.

“We’re not done yet!” he called after you.

“I am,” you grumbled to yourself. You went up to your room and told FRIDAY not to let anyone in without your permission.

Tony graciously offered to take you to school the next morning. You didn’t know whether or not to be relieved that you didn’t have to face your father, but you didn’t know which side of him you’d see. Captain America would just criticize you some more, while Steve would insist that he was the one to blame.

For the first few minutes of the ride, you did nothing but sit silently and stare at the breakfast that you were supposed to be eating. You really weren’t hungry. Come to think of it, you hadn’t actually felt like eating in a while.

“Spacing again?” Tony asked, a small smile playing on his lips.

You looked up at him in surprise, a blush rising to your cheeks. “Um, no–well, yes, kinda? I just can’t remember it I can eat in your car or not,” you attempted to cover, but he just chuckled.

“I don’t care if you eat in my car, but I’m going to go out on a limb guess that you’re not going to eat it, anyway.”

Your brows furrowed in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“You haven’t been eating a lot recently, but you’re not complaining about it. You haven’t been able to get to sleep easy, and what little sleep you do get isn’t so good. You can’t pay attention very well, and progress on homework and other things that you used to make quick work of is a lot slower than it used to be,” he listed. “Tell me if I’m wrong.”

Your mouth hung open. “Are you using FRIDAY to stalk me?”

He laughed again. “Nah, kid, that would be creepy. I just know because that used to be me. I can see myself in you, which is really weird, considering that you’re not even a little bit related to me,” he grimaced. “But it’s all the same. Now, I don’t know how much experience Cap has with dealing with this crap, but I know that Steve just wants to be there for you.”

“You–you do it, too,” you noticed.

“Do what?”

“You refer to Cap and my dad as different.”

“It’s because they are. It’s not like the guy has split personalities, it’s just that he has two frames of mind,” he agreed.

“A soldier and a regular guy,” you added.

“Exactly. And it’s only natural for you to favor the regular guy,” he said. He pulled into the school parking lot. “Just remember that he’s trying his best. You can leave the food in here.” He reached over and opened the glove compartment to reveal assorted bags of cereal. “Choose one of those instead.”

“Thanks, Tony,” you said. You smiled at him, grabbed a bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and got out of the car.

“Have a better day than yesterday,” he encouraged. “It’s not going to be hard, but it’s always a good thing to have in mind.”

Your high school building was almost a hundred years old, so in the long run, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when the boiler kind of…exploded. Most of the explosion was contained in the boiler room itself, but unfortunately, your 6th hour classroom was almost right above it.

The cinder blocks surrounding the door–the only way in and out of the classroom–collapsed in on the doorway. Thankfully, the floors were holding up just fine, but as alarms began to blare, everyone, including the teacher, was scared out of their mind.

People started to rapidfire express their worries, hyperventilating and crying, until you picked up your chair and slammed it into the one wall that wasn’t cinder block. That shut them up.

“Come on, this is the quickest way to get out of here,” you explained, hitting the wall again. Others cautiously did the same with their own chairs, but as you started to break through, that wall collapsed in on itself, as well. “This sucks,” you complained. “Let’s work on breaking through this wall.”

Steve’s phone buzzed from his front pocket. He was talking with Tony about you, completely unsuspecting of the emergency notification that he’d received.

“Explosion at your child’s school. The following students and teachers are unaccounted for.” it read. Tony looked over at the notification and frowned. He swiped the notification, and a short list of names popped up. Steve scrolled to the end of the list, and his heart dropped when he saw your name on it. He and Tony looked at each other fearfully.

“Go, Steve,” Tony commanded his friend. “Save her.”

He wasted no time, except for grabbing the shield. He had a funny feeling that he would need it. He made up for that lost time by driving almost ten miles per hour over the speed limit.

He talked to the first school officials that he saw, and they directed him to the firemen, who were preparing to enter the building and look for the people who were still missing.

“Thanks for joining us, Captain Rogers,” the chief said. “Which class is your kid in?”

“Just call me Steve,” he said. “She’s in Andersen’s 6th hour, I think.”

“You take that one with Newton, Leibniz, and Bernoulli, then. Best of luck,” the Fire Chief offered.

The three men walked as calmly as they could into the building. The power was iffy, so the lights kept flickering on and off. Steve could only imagine what you were doing right now.

He didn’t have to wait long, however, as with a grunt, you finally broke through the cinder blocks with your now very deformed chair.

“We did it!” you called back into the classroom, not taking care to notice the four men looking at you. You set down your chair and said, “Come on, the exit is–” You bumped into what you thought was another brick wall, but as you looked at it, you realized that it was your father. “Dad?”

He wrapped you into a tight embrace. “Are you okay?” he asked earnestly.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you replied. “Why are you here?”

“They said that you were unaccounted for. I had to come find you and make sure that you were safe.”

You looked up into his eyes, and what you saw coupled with his response told you that he was definitely your dad hugging you, wearing the brown leather jacket and carrying the vibranium shield.

Your dad would always be Steve Rogers, best dad in the world, and Steve Rogers, Captain America. You were okay with that. He would always be there for you, and that was what mattered.



The Jamaican Academy for Sorcery Studies is hidden in the low, rolling mountains of Montego Bay, with a sprawling village surrounding the campus that is hidden with spells that render the space collapsible and, therefore, virtually non-existent to those who do not know how to access the magical realm. Much like Hogsmeade, students are permitted to visit the village on weekends. There is a particularly popular local sweets shop that is frequented by students for its candied pineapples that are made with a euphoria-inducing syrup (it is especially popular around exam time), and plantain and cinnamon ice cream that never melt in the tropical heat. On the first of every month, the shopkeeper, along with other volunteers from the village, visit the academy and host classes on practical magic application, with topics ranging from cuisine and potions to divination in weather forecasting. The academy boasts a large focus on music studies, with classes that teach the art of oral spellcasting through song, and the magical influences of certain beats and rhythms on the natural world. A little over five years ago, a student caused quite a stir when he claimed he found the discarded skin of Ol’ Hige, a malevolent witch who sheds her skin and assumes the shape of an owl. The “skin”, however, merely turned out to be the badly mutilated robe of a student who had discarded it after a prank spell went wrong.

I want you. I want to have you here with me. I want to feel your warm body close to me. I want to hear your voice in my ear before I fall asleep. I want to feel safe in your arms, as well as I want you to feel safe in mine.

I want you. I want to be loved. I want to be desired. I want your passionate eyes while we lay awake in bed. I want your lustful hands pinning me on our bedroom wall.

I want you. I want your taste, I want your lips. I want them on my forehead while we’re buying ice cream on a late afternoon. As well as I want them down my stomach at 3 am in our living room.

I want you. I want to be your light in your darkest nights. I want you to take my hand before I drown into insanity.

—  S.D. Santos
Membership- C.C. Imagine:

Blogger’s Note: So y'all got me 15 notes (I expect twice as much on the smut). My first ever Cody Christian smut. If this does well I may write more ❤🙈

Requested: No💎
Reader x Cody Christian
Word Count: 618
Warnings: yeah yeah you know the drill, choking hazards, smut, language, kinky shit, some dirty diddlies & panties 😏💕

Wattpad: cherrybombdaizies🍒

“Can we stop now?” I panted, chugging my water
“Girl come on!” Cody laughed
“Babe we been at this for over an hour.” I said
“But you look good doing it.” He smirked
Cody had dragged me to the gym to do a kickboxing lesson with him.
“It was fun though right?” He said
“Oh major fun and a great work out but ya girl would rather Netflix and eat ice cream.” I laugh
“Yeah I know babe but come on just once a month at least.” Cody laughs
“How about twice a month?” I agree
I grab my shoes and walk into the locker room as Cody follows behind me.
“You cannot be in here.” I laugh
“No one except us are here.” He laughs
I opened the locker to get into my gym bag that Cody had gotten me just two months ago on our year anniversary.
“I suppose you want to quickly shower before we grab some food.” He says
I nod and take off my tank top exposing my sports bra from VS.
“You so hot.” He hummed
“I know babe you don’t gotta tell me.” I laughed
I felt Cody sneak up and press against my ass as his rough calloused hands touched my body.
“What do you say I give you a private exclusive workout no gym membership could ever pay for.” Cody whispers as his bulge rub my ass
“Uhm well that sounds good.” I stammer
He hand rubbed down my curves and tummy until he reach the top of my pants and wiggled his hands down in finding the sensitive bundle of nerves.
“Cody don’t tease.” I moan and let my head fall back on his shoulder
His forefinger rubs hot circles in the bundle of nerves between my thighs.
“Let’s get these pants off.” He grunts and with one swoop I’m only in my bra.
His finger flicks my sensitive clit in diffrent directions as he pushes my back against the locker.
“I’m yours daddy.” I moan
He pulls his bottoms down and take his dick in his hand, giving it a few quick jerks before running it along my folds.
“God fuck Cody stop!” I screech
He lifted my legs around his waist as he found my entrance and guided his tip in.
My teeth clamped into his shoulder as he slide in painfully slow until I was stretched around him and he was completely inside.
“Fuck.” He grunted as he began bouncing me up and down on his cock
“Oh fuck.” I moan and dig my manicured fingers into his shoulder blades
“You’re so tight Princess.” He growls
“You own my pussy daddy.” I moan in his ear
He grips my ass as he thrusts harder into me, making my walls throb and clench.
I wrap my arms around his neck as his thrusts become rougher and faster
“I’m so close Cody, fuck.” I moan
He pulls out leaving only his tips as he slides it in and out giving me time to catch my breath.
“Fucking tease.” I growl
“Fuck y/n I’m gonna cum.” He grunts and thrust in full throttle catching me off guard
His thumb rubbed my clit side to side as he repeatedly hit my g-spot.
“You own my orgasm daddy, I’ll cum for you.” I moan
“I love when you call me daddy.” He growls
“Daddy, fuck, daddy.” I moan driving myself over the edge as I came around him striping him with white down his cock
“Fuck y/n.” He growled and began to cum as he thrusted through our orgasms
He sat me down on my feet as we struggled for breath.
“Well I’m spent.” He pants

Our fresh pick of the month? Hydrangea. This beautiful bloom from The Home Depot® is a garden classic. Pair with another summer staple, ice cream cones, and you’ve got a whimsical display perfect for a bridal shower or patio party.

DIY in three easy steps:
1. Remove extra greenery, cut the stems at an angle and then store in cold water
2. Wrap the stems in a wet cloth and spritz the heads with water
3. Tuck into waffle cones and scatter a few petals around for that carefree look