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since this blog has died down a bit, im considering going through my followers and blocking all Gross People i find

Gross People include:

  • T/E/R/Fs or “gen/de/r cr/it/ic/als”
  • tr/u/sc/um or tr/an/s/med/ica/lis/ts
  • nsfw/kink blogs.
  • dd/lg, cg/l, cg/l(re), lil/tot, lit/tle/sp/a/ce, “sfw little” blogs.
  • “MAPs” aka pedos lmao yall are fucked ill report you too.
  • anyone who i see is lgbt+ phobic

so if you’re one of these blogs/people, I’ll give you about an hour or two to voluntarily unfollow and NOT get blocked

also dont even try to argue with me on this. im the most stubborn person youll ever meet and youll never change my opinions on anything

Lapis: “I almost drowned a lot of people”

Most of the fandom: “k”

Aquamarine: -has a teardrop gem on her cheek, stone cold elite gem, threatened to have a human killed-

Most of the fandom: “omg what if aquamarine killed someone!!!!!!”

sweet tooth | park jimin

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: tooth rotting fluff (get it? cause the title’s sweet tooth and sweets can ruin your- no? ok imma stop now) ; college!au

Word count: 1,914 words

Prompt: Jimin exceeds the amount of his sugar intake just because of you.

A/N: requested by @brittnelson24 (thank you for requesting ^-^)

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160724 Fansign ending talk

Taeyong: Winwin, would you like to say something to the fans?

Winwin: Yeah.. Did everyone watch NCT Life?

Fans: YES!!!

Winwin: *says cutely* I really want to eat ice-cream *then he stood nearer towards Taeyong, and looked at him while holding on to his microphone*

*whole room goes berserk*

Taeyong: Then let’s have ice-cream after this…

cr: TO2OK; peachyunn

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