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  • Yuri on ice season 2: Viktor and Yuuri tie exactly for first place in the Grand Prix Final. In keeping with their exhibitionist tendencies, they straight up have sex on the ice
  • Yuri on ice season 3: as Yuuri and Viktor have achieved the pinnacle of skating, all of the skaters retire. They all decide to help Phichit accomplish his dream ice show. Phichit has brought fame to Thailand. Yuuri and Viktor formally adopt Yurio.

160724 Fansign ending talk

Taeyong: Winwin, would you like to say something to the fans?

Winwin: Yeah.. Did everyone watch NCT Life?

Fans: YES!!!

Winwin: *says cutely* I really want to eat ice-cream *then he stood nearer towards Taeyong, and looked at him while holding on to his microphone*

*whole room goes berserk*

Taeyong: Then let’s have ice-cream after this…

cr: TO2OK; peachyunn

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Jeonghan pick up note that jisoo wrote for his fans and read it …

Q: Jisoo-yah do you have something you want to tell to Jeonghan? Please state it below. 

JS: Saranghae ♡

then Jeonghan show it to everyone and Josh became SUPER FLUSTERED and started hitting Jeonghan ….

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Me: Alright, I just started this new thing, better stay out of the Tumblr tag to avoid spoilers!

Also me: Checks the tag, reads fanfics, goes on the wiki for ONE THING and manages to get everything spoiled