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So basically I have had this idea FOREVER, and to truly develop it would take a really long time, but I couldn’t resist at least putting together the basic structure.  I’m not sure if I’ll go back and develop it further at some point, but I wanted to share it with you guys.  I’d really love your feedback on this one!

When Jon Snow rode for the Wall for the first time, his head was full of delusions.  He thought of the stories of the brave men of the Night’s Watch defending the Wall from wildlings and worse. He thought of becoming a ranger like his Uncle.  And hidden, somewhere deep in his heart, he thought about finding the missing Stark girl.

Sansa Stark had been taken by wildlings when she was five years old. The Starks had been visiting the Umbers.  The men had gone on a hunt while the ladies enjoyed a ride.  Sansa and one of the Umber girls had raced ahead.  The afternoon had been full of laughter, until the laughter turned to screaming.  The Umber girl screamed and cried and pointed in the direction they’d taken her.   

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Shared Light: Chapter Five

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The stadium is quiet as Present Mic announces the final round.

“After defeating several people from the hero course, they are back for a final battle,” he shouts into the microphone in his normally overly jolly voice, “from general studies, Y/N!”

“And after several victories where he made it on top, now with his full powers recognized, from the hero course, Class 1-A, Shouto Todoroki!”

You bow your head and say, “let’s have a good fight.”

He doesn’t move, but he says, “let’s.”

You both look over to Midnight, who waiting anxiously to start the match. You look back at Todoroki and nod your head. He readies himself and you follow suit.

Midnight clear her throat then says, “the final battle starts…NOW!”

Immediately, Todoroki sends a wall of ice towards you that you manage to dodge and get up on. You sprint in his direction as he adds another strong ice wall in your way. You put your hand forward and the darkness from inside of you releases itself against the ice. A black substance begins to fill the ice wall Todoroki created.

This is the first time you’re letting people clearly see your quirk, or at least half of it.

“What is that!” “Some kind of dark substance?”

Present Mic yells in response, “Yes!! Y/N’s quirk allows them to filter a darkness from within to unleash out to any barriers in their way.”

When each piece of ice has some darkness inside of it, you look over at Todoroki and say, “you want to see me use my quirk more? Here goes nothing.”

You clench your fist and every single piece of ice breaks. The darkness that was layered inside the ice blasts outwards, destroying the walls Todoroki had created. You jump and land in the center of the stage as there are chunks of ice shattered around. You pick up a piece of ice, holding it in your hand.

The crowd screams in awe, “they completely obliterated his defenses!”

“You can’t hide behind your walls anymore,” you say as Todoroki sends another ice wall right for you. You put your hand up and the darkness from inside of you filters out, destroying the ice in front of you as you walk toward him. You’re able to drill your way straight through his ice and then you clench your fist again, sending the ice flying outwards against from around you.

“I wasn’t expecting this,” he lets out an icy breath.

“No one was,” you say as you sprint towards him.

He starts to send more ice walls at a fiercer pace but you’re able to break them each time as you inch closer and closer. He knows that if you get a touch in, he’s out. So he does what he has to do.

A wave of fire comes crashing towards you. You were ready for it, but not fast enough. You brace yourself with your arms up as you use your darkness to keep the flames from affecting you too much. It still burnt your skin though. You shake it off and look all around you. You’ve been pushed back to the center, but all the ice around is melted.

This is it.

Shinsou was probably smiling in the crowd. He knew that you needed Todoroki to melt the ice. You needed the water for your quirk. You put your palm facing Todoroki, releasing an extreme amount of light. This was for show; it didn’t do anything to him besides blind him for a second. And that’s all you need.

You pull off your necklace in that time you blinded him and threw it on the ground where all the water was.

“Activate Life!” You shout to the crowd as you refocus your palm towards your necklace.

“I’ve heard that catchphrase before…” The crowd watches carefully.

Todoroki stands in shock as a giant tree emerges from your necklace. You always carried a seed with you, just in case. You already cleared it as an accessory with Midnight and the festival counsel. Your quirk brought the tree to life, but you needed a kick start. That’s why you needed the water from Todoroki. He made the growth faster and stronger.

As the tree trunk grew, you hopped on it. Todoroki attempts to jump on it but you created branches to swat him away. When they did their job, the branches dissipated into crumbled darkness. The tree grew like a giant, with you at the top. You created two large branches, that connected to your arms. You swing your left arm, which in turn swings the left branch in Todoroki’s direction. He sends ice to cover up the tree branch, with subsequently freezes your actual arm. You bite back the pain as you disconnect yourself from your tree control to go to the frozen branch. You place your hand on it and a darkness fills the branch, slowly making it disappear. The tree branch completely dissipates into dust and Todoroki’s ice crashes against the ground, blocking his way to the tree trunk. You shake off the frostbite on your arm and recreate the tree branch and get back into position.

“This is it!” Present Mic exclaims, “time for the grand reveal! You must all be wondering what Y/N’s quirk is…well now we will tell you. Their quirk is very unique, a combination of their parents’ quirks.”

“Their parents?” The crowd chats among themselves, “but that must mean…”

“Yes!” Present Mic points to you from the booth and projects his voice, “they are the child of the hero duo, Life and Death! Their mother, daugther of Recovery Girl, was the powerful hero Regenerator, whose quirk could bring things to life and regenerate limbs, and their father was once the hero Half-Life, whose quirk could make everything around them crumble with darkness!”

“Half-Life,” Todoroki says to you. He was thinking what the crowd was, “he’s a villain now, right?”

You take your right tree branch and traps Todoroki in your grip when he asks that. You don’t do it because of his comment. You know these kinds of comments would arise eventually.

“Indeed,” Aizawa answers the crowd’s worried thoughts, “Half-Life is now a villain who uses his power of Decay to harm. But Y/N is nothing like him. They have both their father’s Decay and their mother’s Regeneration. So together, their quirk is…”

Growth and Decay. You think what Aizawa announces, the ability to both bring life and destroy it. A powerful quirk that requires balance above all else to handle.

“And Y/N handles it well,” Aizawa says.

Todoroki tries to free himself from your grip by freezing your right side. It was painful but you needed to suffer through it. You disconnect from the top of the tree and sprint down the right branch, still holding your grip on Todoroki. Without the use of your right arm, you needed a clean touch with your left or you lose. You run but the ice suddenly melts from under you, making you lose your balance. You trip and scream as you catch yourself on a branch you created on the frozen tree, which pops one of your veins on your arm. You can’t heal yourself when you bring life to something because you’re channeling your power on keeping it alive. So you fight through the pain and climb back up onto the tree branch.

Halfway there.

But once you think that, your arm goes from experiencing frostbite to fighting a third-degree burn. Todoroki just set the tree branch on fire, seeing how it affects you. You hold your grip tightly, despite how much pain you’re in and you fight through Todoroki’s flames with your darkness. You walk through his flames, slowly approaching him. You can feel yourself succumbing to shock. You fall forward, tightening your grip. You were so close to him. He sends another wave of flames throughout the tree branch, which is now threatening to break down. You could lose your arm. You knew that’s what your grandmother was thinking as she sits frightened in the infirmary. You knew that’s what Shinsou is probably sweating profusely about as he watches you.

Midnight and Cementoss are on stand-by once again, ready to stop the battle if needed.

But you won’t let them.

You take a deep breath, steadying yourself so you can fight through your body going into shock. You feel the adrenaline coursing through your body. The pain leaves your arm and you smile. You start sprinting towards Todoroki, running through his flames, charring both your arms. He creates a fire wall right in front of him and you quickly cover your face with your arms.

You jump straight through.

The crowd screams at your crazy actions as you just ran straight into a fire. You land right in front of Todoroki and he freezes your feet. You fall over, with your hand reaching for him. You were so close. He was so close. You just need to touch him.

“Give up,” he says. “Before you lose your arm.”

You look up at him and tell him, “I won’t.”

“You’re willing to risk your entire arm, for what?” He says as he freezes the tree branch again. You scream in pain but you let yourself sweat. Your body is slowly being covered in ice. If you’re immobilized, you lose. You can hear Midnight readying herself to make the announcement that you lost. You can’t let that happen.

You clench your left fist and the darkness flows through your body, enough to break the ice off the upper part of your body. You can see move, officially, so Midnight pulls back.

“For what,” you clench your right fist harder, squeezing Todoroki tight. “To prove that I’m not my father.”

You then flick your wrist, which brings Todoroki towards you. The momentum is enough for you to put your hand out and touch his face for a split second. He is knocked out cold.

Midnight looks and waves the flag, “Todoroki is officially unconscious. Y/N is the champion!”

When you hear those words, you unconsciously let go of your control on the tree branch and Todoroki falls out with the lack of hold. You realize what you’ve done. You grip your right arm with your left hand and it glows bright as you heal yourself while in sprint. You jump off the burning tree branch, diving towards Todoroki. You catch him mid-air and hold him against you as you both pummel towards the ground. You wrap your bad arm around Todoroki to stop yourself from using that side and you put your left hand up.

You clench your fist and close your eyes.

A soft patch of leaves envelopes you and Todoroki, covering you both on all sides with leaves and soft branches. You move to put your hand on his arm, but you stop yourself. You normally did this so that they didn’t wake up when you were around anymore. But you didn’t want that this time. You want to see his reaction. You put your hand on his forehead and your palm lights up.

Todoroki’s eyes slowly open up and he looks at you.

“I lost, didn’t I?” He asks you.

“You fought well,” you tell him, giving him a thumbs up.

He looks at your arm and says, “you should get to Recovery Girl. She must be worried about you, especially if she’s your grandmother. Sorry…for that.”

“Don’t worry about it,” you wave your hand at him shakingly, “I’m glad you fought with your all.”

“I’m glad you did too…” He trails off then says directly to you, “you’re nothing like your father.”

“Neither are you,” you smile. “Your flames are much brighter than his..”

You put your hand against the tree to lower you both down but Todoroki stops you. He stands up and lifts you up into his arms and jumps out of the tree. The medics are on the scene and Todoroki hands you off.

“Get well soon,” he says to you. “You’ve got a victory speech to make.”

“Thanks,” is all you can say as they carrying you away. You can see Todoroki in the distance. He faces you and gives you a thumbs-up. You lay back, laughing, with your view back into the sky. You close your eyes and let the shock take over your body.

Good game, Todoroki. Good game.

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January: Snowball Fight

@gfhunklescalendar2017  (UNEDITED)


A/N: The beginning of a year where once a month I post a fic based of this wonderful calendar. 

The snow covered land was something to be expected when one was sailing around the Arctic Ocean and reached some form of land. The freezing cold wind also was something to be prepared for and then you added in what time of year it was and it shouldn’t have been a shock to see the snow.

But it was.

It was a magical thing to walk on land where no one had ruined the bed of white and leave their foot prints behind on the once untouched blanket of white. Everything about this small moment and break in their journey was just amazing.

Stanford stared up at the ice covered trees with a smile that just showed awe. Even with countless dimensions that had been covered in snow or had been in a winter-like season when he had entered them he still felt like there was nothing quite like his Earth. His home still had so much to show him.

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ask-the-frost-guardian  asked:

((I don't know if this sent because I was on my phone so I'm going to send it again.)) Jack had thought he was alone, it was the dead of winter, in Alaska. No one in their right mind would venture outside, but someone was there. The hairs on the back of Jack's neck stood up on end and he raised his staff prepared for anything. "Hello?" ((I'm pretty much open for any kind of rp, my only rule is it has to be Safe For Work.))

[[thanks for sending again, this is the first one I got!]]

Nightlight was just as surprised to see someone out in the snow as Jack was. Why was someone out in the cold? He knew he couldn’t feel cold but all the humans he knew could. His head tilted the glowing boy watching him absently even as he hid himself shyly behind an ice covered tree.

‘The wind ran frigid over the elleth’s neck, yet it was not the icy cold that prickled her hardy elven skin. Footprints in the snow. Smudges of handprints in the ice that covered the trees. The scrunching of snow beneath the sole of a shoe floated through the air. The smell of orc.

She whirled, her blade flashing out in the dim twilight. Her red cape swirled, whirling in shadows and flecking bits of powdered snow around her ankles. She should not have wandered out looking for him, alone and with only a distant ancestor’s dulled sword to protect her. She should have waited. She should have been patient.’

This is my submission for the Tolkien Inspired group’s contest 'If I were a Tolkien Character’ 2016 contest on DeviantArt. Basically, it is me as a Tolkien elf. I used the Procreate app on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil to create this piece. I took inspiration from the elves of Mirkwood, the latest Star Wars Movie (because I loved Rey) and myself… obviously. heh.

I envisioned myself as an elf, descended from the warriors of Mirkwood and born late in the fourth age. Most elves have departed Middle Earth and sailed west, but a small faction is left in Ithilien. The world has turned into somewhat of a dystopian wasteland, with fortresses and kingdoms lying in ruin, prey to bands of hideous creatures that roam the countryside unchecked. Elves have lost most of their magic, only barely remembering their history and ancestors. All that is left are mere trinkets of the past; an ornate ring, a dulled sword… All remnants of a bygone age that has been lost to the ravages of time. 

If you would like to commission such an artwork, visit plotbunniesincolour. Please like and reblog!! <3

Trees Covered with Ice after Toronto ice Storm 2013

Trees Covered with Ice in Sunlight. After an unusual ice storm (lost of freezing rain) a lot of transformers exploded, and tree limbs broke off and fell on hydro lines and shut off power to about 1 million people in Toronto (my estimate). 3 days later it’s still very cold and the ice is still on the trees (and everything else) but when the sun shines through it, it looks like we live in a city made of crystal. Very difficult to capture in a photo but this one comes close. It looked much more amazing in person. (Via.)