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Chocobo Kigurumi | Prompto Fluff |

I wrote this a while ago on my other blog and my AO3 account. Thought I would repost it in honor of Episode Prompto. (It’s one of the first things I wrote and was based off a random daydream I had.)

“Want to hear a funny story?” You asked you best friend as you took a scoop of ice cream out of the cartoon the two of you were sharing.

The both of you were sitting on the couch watching Netflix and eating ice cream gossiping occasionally about life. She had bright red hair that was natural and was endless amount of teasing material from others which caused her to be a bit of a sarcastic salty woman but you loved her all the same. Giant green eyes flickered over to you she took a slow lick of her ice cream covered spoon she didn’t have to say anything she was interested always eager for your funny stories.

“So I was online shopping for some clothes, you know retail therapy I was having a pretty crappy day at work.”

“What people blaming you because of their crappy photos they took?” She mused a smirk playing on her lips, you worked at a shop that developed photos, matted, framed and did minor editing to them that’s how you met your current boyfriend Prompto Argentum.

“Yeah the normal ‘can’t you make this look more in focus?’ crap. Not my point though at least for today. So you know how Prompto likes Chocobos?”

“Likes? I think he’s more obsessed with them than anything…like are you sure he wouldn’t rather date a Chocobo than you? He’s fit for the nickname Birb Boy for sure.” She laughed her dry sarcastic laugh taking another spoonful of ice cream.

“Well on this website I found a Chocobo kigurumi on sale…”

“Kigurumi?” She interrupted you confused by the new word.

“Think of it as an adult onesie. Like the unicorn outfit your little sister wears.” You replied answering her question.

“Oh I see.” She said nodding her head. “Continue.”

“Well since it was on sale and I hadn’t really found what I wanted to make me feel better I saw those and well you know Prompto loves the silly birds. Well I bought them it was buy one get the other half off and I found a coupon for free shipping so might as well. I got them in two days ago. I called Prompto over I had decided to wear mine I wanted to see what his reaction would be figured he would laugh at me. He’s had a rough last few days so I figured he would laugh and be all better.”

“What did he scream and run?” She laughed.

“Well he screamed…but this is the embarrassing part.”

“Oh Astrals don’t say he did…”

“Yeah. . .well look at the photo of us in them.” You handed your cellphone over showing the selfie Prompto had taken of the two of you wearing your Chocobo Kigurumis.

“Nerds.” She hummed reaching forward taking her bottle of beer sipping from it.

“We are cute. But yeah before this happened…yeah he got turned on by seeing me in this. Like very visible hard on, he went about twenty shades of red and squealed like a fangirl. Like when you look at your kpop idols.”

“Jeez boy he’s strange…like that’s the unsexiest thing ever.” She laughed.

“Yeah. . .but combining me which he clearly likes and Chocobos which everyone in the world knows he likes was a lot for him to handle.” You giggled at remembering how embarrassed he had become.

His bright blue eyes had gone huge as he took in the view of you wearing the cute outfit  the happy smile on your face as you hopped in front of him making a playful, “wark!” sound. Prompto let out a guttural groan as his right hand flew to his crotch adjusting his pants as your eyes went to his hands it was apparent he was instantly turned on. Smiling smugly you had gone over to Prompto pretending to be a Chocobo teasing the poor boy the whole way. Giving him a kiss you wrapped your arms around him hugging him tightly pressing your body against his, feeling his erection against you.

“Stop imagining the whole thing you got that flushed look on your cheeks.” Your friend said flicking your ear.

“Sorry.” You said blushing a little taking a big spoonful of ice cream.

“That was a good story.”

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~With Love from St. Petersburg~
Super fluffy domestic life online colour Victuri fanbook 01


Higher quality calendar scans from


on twitter! The event featured in the calendar image is actually listed.  I’ve also listed the illustrator of each image. 

  • Cover: Barcelona Gala (Itou Noriko) 
  • Image #1- World Team Trophy (Itou Noriko) 
  • Image #2- Onsen on Ice Hasetsu Exhibition (Tadashi Hiramatsu) 
  • Image #4- Training Camp (Itou Noriko) 
  • Image #3- Start of the Grand Prix Series  (Tadashi Hiramatsu)
  • Image #5- Yuuri & Victor at the GPF in Nagoya  (Itou Noriko)
  • Image #6-  Worlds Gala Finale (Kubo Mitsurou) 
Spellcasting Combat Narration for D&D

image credit: Ben Wootten

So I was gonna include this in my other article on narrating combat, but it proved far too lengthy, so I made this into part 2! 

Combat is easy to describe compared to narrating spell attacks. I ran into this problem last session when I was getting into detail telling the barbarian how they tore off an ogre’s head but then the druid just kept using Fire Bolt and I kept defaulting to “you shoot a bolt of fire at his face.” I’m going to try and vary things up with these lists and help everyone else in the process! I am organizing them by energy type.

Mode of Attack

Half of a spell’s attack is how the caster shapes their spell. The same spell can look very different with every casting if you have a creative DM. Feel free to switch it up each time it’s cast, or vary the same spell when cast by different characters of different classes.

Attack Words

Generic shapes and terms that will launch from the caster’s hand.

Helix, Spiral, Beam, Erratic, Mote, Bolt, Stream, Blast, Burst, Blade, Arc, Miasma, Cloud, Eruption, Wave, Cone, Missile, Rune, Glyph

Class-Based Ideas

  • Bard
    • Energy manifests from thin air a foot in front of their instrument as they play
    • Energy is shaped like ribbons of written music that ripples towards enemies
    • Several tiny motes of energy appear with each note sung or played. Each point of damage comes from a mote hitting the opponent (rolls a 4 out of a d6, 4 of the 6 note-motes hit)
  • Cleric
    • Energy falls from the sky or emerges from the ground as the cleric prays
    • Beam of energy originates from holy symbol
    • Spell attack should highlight that the cleric is granted their powers from a greater power, don’t have the energy come from their hand/finger. Have the energy come TO them, and then be thrown at the enemy.
  • Druid
    • Energy is shaped like an animal.
    • Energy rushes forth from the surrounding wilderness and zooms past the druid and toward the foe.
    • Much like Cleric, energy shouldn’t come from the caster. It should come from elsewhere before being thrown at the enemy.
  • Fighter (Eldritch Knight)
    • Energy blasts from their bound weapon pointed at the enemy.
    • Energy fires from their mouth as they yell.
    • Energy surrounds their weapon and is used in tandem with it (if close enough)
  • Monk (Way of Four Elements)
    • Literally just watch Avatar: the Last Airbender and do that.
  • Paladin
    • Most Paladin spells are smite-based, so they usually happen when an attack hits. Otherwise, let the energy come from a higher power like the Cleric.
    • Energy bursts forth from within the creature hit
    • Energy surrounds weapon right as the strike lands
    • Energy falls from the sky or erupts from the ground
  • Ranger
    • Honestly, most Ranger spells often seem a lot like man-made traps like Cordon of Arrows (arrow traps), Fog Cloud (smoke grenade), or Grasping Vine (slipknot trap). But otherwise, Play it like the Cleric where the energy comes from a higher power.
    • Energy takes the form of the Ranger’s animal companion or an animal they associate with.
    • Spells seem to cast automatically whenever the Ranger is in a tight spot, almost as if nature itself is protecting them. The Ranger gives an approving nod whenever this happens in thanks.
  • Rogue (Arcane Trickster)
    • Energy is always accompanied by a shimmer of glitter
    • The Rogue plays with the energy over their fingertips as they whistle before casting the spell.
    • Energy enchants one of the Rogue’s daggers and casts the spell by tossing the dagger at the intended location or target.
  • Sorcerer (Draconic Bloodline)
    • Energy takes the shape of a dragon of your bloodline.
    • Energy surges forth from your breath
    • All energy takes the shape of your bloodline dragon’s energy type, regardless of the actual energy type. For instance, a sorcerer of a blue dragon’s bloodline that casts Burning Hands or Cone of Cold keeps the energy type but shapes the fire and cold damage into the form of a bolt of lightning. 
  • Sorcerer (Wild Magic) 
    • Energy takes on many random forms, never under the full command of the Sorcerer.
    • Energy erupts from random places in the environment when the Sorcerer calls upon them.
    • Energy bubbles and fizzes with all energy types (but mostly the one called upon), as if a piece of Limbo was thrown at the enemy.
  • Warlock (Archfey)
    • Your energy shimmers with iridescent colors and showers enemies with sparks of glitter.
  • Warlock (Great Old One)
    • Your magic corrupts and twists the flesh of the target of your spell, regardless of the energy type.
  • Warlock (Fiend)
    • Energy takes the shape of the unholy symbol of your patron.
  • Wizard (Abjuration)
    • Energy shoots forth from your magical wards, arcing towards your enemies.
  • Wizard (Conjuration)
    • You conjure a short-lived elemental of the energy type you need. It soars at the enemy.
  • Wizard (Divination)
    • You weave the glowing threads of fate in the palms of your hands, tweaking reality to cast your spell.
  • Wizard (Enchantment)
    • You enchant an object to exude the energy and toss it at the enemy.
  • Wizard (Evocation)
    • I mean, you just sorta blast them. That’s what this school’s about.
  • Wizard (Illusion)
    • Your spell usually spawns two or three illusory copies. When the attack misses, the enemy simply managed to dodge the right duplicate.
  • Wizard (Necromancy)
    • Your energy takes the shape of a skull screaming as it flies toward the enemy
  • Wizard (Transmutation)
    • You transmute the energy out of the surrounding environment and fire it at the enemy


So if half of a spell’s attack is the shape and travel of the spell, the other half is when the spell hits. I organized this list by energy type, as different energies will do different sorts of things when they hit a creature. This is mostly a collection of interesting effects, colorful language, and examples.


  • Your bolt of fire singes their armor (burning cloth, blackening leather, discoloring metal)
  • A tiny bead of fire explodes on contact
  • Showers them with red sparks
  • Your attack leaves behind a billowing trail of smoke
  • A fast-travelling meteor of flame soars from the sky towards the enemy.
  • Your flames leave blisters and cracked skin in its wake.
  • Your fire blackens the enemy’s flesh


  • You freeze the moisture in the air into icy daggers that fall onto your enemy
  • You freeze the water in their blood to damage them
  • Their skin turns blue and numb
  • You literally hurl a snowball at them.
  • Your spell leaves them covered in a layer of frost
  • A buildup of ice covers where your spell hit. (it’s easily shattered once they move, though)
  • A blast of icy wind and rain leaves them shivering.


  • A crack of thunder pummels your foe
  • A high-pitched, deafening shriek focuses itself on the target
  • A thin trail of blood races from the foe’s ears from a sound no one else can hear
  • The enemy falls to their knees cupping their hands over their ears, gritting their teeth
  • You buffet the target with waves of thunderous sound
  • The ground shakes with the force of your spell. Brittle glass objects nearby shatter.


  • Lightning comes from the sky to smite your foe
  • You all smell the faint odor of ozone before a bright bolt of lightning streaks toward the target of your spell
  • Before your enemy can blink they are showered in electrical sparks followed by crippling pain
  • The enemy’s back stiffens as the powerful current of lightning surges through them
  • Your attack leaves a permanent web of lightning shaped burns all over one side of their body
  • Your blast of lightning causes their skin to rupture as it travels through their body


  • Your acid sizzles as it burns a new, unnatural color into their skin
  • The attack melts their flesh, leaving them permanently disfigured at the site of the spell
  • Your spell’s acid causes blue fire to burn where it hit their skin, and bleaches their armor and belongings
  • A rancid smell fills the foe’s nostrils as the acid bubbles on their bare skin, burning through the simple cloth of their shirt.


  • You spew a poisonous cloud from your mouth at your opponent
  • A spectral viper or insect is flung at the opponent, biting them and filling them with magical venom
  • Your index and middle finger each grow a poisonous fang which you sink into your opponent’s arm (melee range spell attacks only)
  • The enemy’s mouth fills with a foul tasting liquid which forces its way down their throat


  • Your target’s flesh bubbles and boils as a black ichor sputters from the spell’s origin
  • The foe’s flesh festers with magical disease as boils and wounds quickly cover the affected area
  • A skeletal hand wriggles free from beneath the earth, flying towards the target
  • An incorporeal undead shrieks as it flies from your finger toward the enemy to deliver the spell’s effect
  • Black energy swirls around your arm before launching towards the enemy as if it had a life of its own
  • Your iridescent blue magic enters the target’s body and afflicts their soul, making them momentarily dazed as their eyes glaze over.


  • A holy light shines from the skies to harm your target, regardless of time of day or obstructions
  • A halo of radiant energy surrounds your head and blinds the target as they gaze upon it
  • Enemies that aren’t of your alignment hear the whispers of your deity moments before being enveloped in a blinding white light
  • The foe’s eyes and mouth emit warm light and they howl in pain
  • A blade of radiant energy slashes through the victim, leaving a trail of blinking motes of light in its wake
  • The enemy’s skin blisters from the raw positive energy surging through them

So essentially this whole post was a creative writing assignment for myself, but I hope that it gives you guys new creative ideas for new spells or new ways to describe existing spells! They don’t much affect the mechanics of the spell at all, so most DMs I suspect will be fine with most of these descriptions if you want your character to cast spells a certain way.


GUYS. I MADE THIS THING. ((also yes sorry for bad video quality. I honestly wish I could make it better but I made do with what I had i.e. a camera phone and a sister and some walls to prop things up on huhu)) BUT I HOPE YOU LIKE IT YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY


Click play. It’s worth it. 

If there’s ever an official Yuri!!! on Ice piano book that gets released, I’m going to be all over it.