ice coil

I had this idea in my head, and this Phandom needs more Savant Par

It wasn’t anything they had expected to happen.  Sure, his enemies always went after his friends, but only as a distraction.  They had never done this before.

“Tucker?!”  A cry of shock and horror cut through the air, silencing the sound of jet engines, plasma guns, shaking buildings.  Everything was muted as a black and white blur caught the falling teen.  The knife was lodged in his chest to the hilt, red staining the yellow sweater.  Sam was next to them in an instant and Valerie’s suit was generating ten times the amount of firepower that it normally did.

Tucker was looking up at him, eyes wide with blank terror.  Danny could feel it, feel the life draining from the older teen in his arms as he coughed up blood trying to breathe.  Peridot eyes slipped closed and Danny saw red.  Then, Phantom saw blue.

A flash of light, and everything was painted over with a layer of brilliant sky blue.  He set tucker down on the ground and growled, low and primal.  “Dash!”  A halo of light, there and gone in an instant, and the quarterback was there.  “You have healing powers, use them.”  The blond was stammering in confusion and bewilderment, but a glance and snarl had him snapping to attention.  “Heal Tucker, NOW!  the ecto mutated teen got to work, and Phantom rose from the ground, silent and shining so brightly that his aura seemed to encompass everything.

Eyes that showed only the frozen tundras of the north and south turned to the source of this pain in his core.  He had attacked him, had thrown the knives, not at Danny, who had been right in front of him, but at Tucker.  He had hurt Tucker.  He hurt Phantom’s friend, his best friend.  “Skulker…” the mech operating ghost was gaining altitude and aiming his missile launchers at Phantom - at his Sam, Dash, he was aiming at His Tucker - and with a quick glance around the area, the missiles were fired.  They didn’t get far, covered in frost and landing with dull thuds mere meters from their launch and that was when he saw it.

Skulker looked into the eyes of what he dubbed prey and saw not anger, fury or predatory rage.  What he saw was the unadulterated wrath of a being far beyond his power, a terrible storm that would rage across the land, freeze and shatter everything in its path until it’s target was found and eradicated.  Skulker saw a force of nature pushed beyond the point of blind lividity and regretted every action he had ever taken.  That was all directed at him.

Phantom raised a hand, ice and snow creeping along the ground and rising into the air with the movement, and pointed a finger at Skulker.  “You will pay.”  the metallic suit was knocked back higher into the air and Phantom rose up to grasp its wing in one gauntlet glad hand.  “You hurt Tucker.  You killed Tucker!”  howling winds whipped through the air as the wing was torn off like cardboard and the mech careened through the air in an uncontrolled descent.  He would pay, he hurt Tucker, he killed Tucker, he hurt his mate, he would pay, he would pay with his after life, Skulker must die!

Ice spread through the circuits and sheets of metal that protected the tiny specter and he ejected himself from the suit with a squeak of terror.  He left it and flew as fast as he could towards FentonWorks.  He had to get out of there, had to escape this aura that was now covering every inch of the city that he could see.  A wall of ice rose up to meet him and spikes twice his size nearly impaled the diminutive ghost.  Ducking low he swerved around a corner.  Spears of ice rained down around him, missing by millimeters and most grazing his body.  As he passed through a wall, ectoplasm left a trail and he cursed the fragility of his true form.  The family whose dinner he was invading shrieked in panic and he soaked up the negative emotion as fast he could, sighing in slight relief when his wounds healed.

It was nearly a second too late that he realized they were screaming because of the ax made of ice heading for his midsection.  Shooting upwards he swore and flew faster than he knew he could.  In the streets stalagmites of ice rose up in his path and flurries of snow threw him into frozen walls, seconds before hundreds of spikes could shoot out of it, barely missing his eyes.  The Child - no, whatever Phantom was, he wasn’t playing around or trying to capture this time.  Panic fueled the tiny ectoblast he managed to shoot out and knock an icicle off course.

Snow was falling all over and as he shifted out of the visible spectrum, skulker rose to the clouds and saw that even they were arctic blue - along with the entire town!  Stark white jets that seemed to defy the supernatural aura surrounding them cut through the air and began firing in the direction of Phantom’s blurred form - the armor of a Viking had replaced his usual hazmat and morningstars of ice knocked them aside like flies.  Snow rose up to grasp the vehicles and pull them to a safe landing but now more than gravity was pulling Skulker to the ground.

Becoming intangible and using every ounce of will he had, the green speck of a ghost zipped towards the halfa’s home, desperate for the quickest means of escape.  His parents! Surely the boy would never do anything to harm them.

Jack Fenton’s bellowing voice was drowned out by the wind that still affected the undead hunter, but he could see a large bazooka being brandished… and then frozen over slowly, the only shots it had managed to get out rising up and changing from green to eerie blue.  The entire Assault Vehicle soon suffered the same fate as both hunter’s weapons and the spheres of blue plasma were launched in his direction.  It was sheer luck that he managed to evade them, one grazing just barely against his arm and covering it in frost.

He dove for the building and had nearly gotten home free when ice, infused with power that dwarfed his own, smacked into him with all the force of a semi truck.  It encased his body fast as lightning and all that was left unfrozen were his eyes.

The ice - and its prisoner - were lifted twenty, thirty, fifty feet in the air before flying towards the earth like a comet and slamming into icy black concrete.  Skulker was lifted by ice once more and the frosty prison shattered into a thousand tiny shards.  All of them pointed at him and orbiting like birds of prey, or wolves waiting for the command to kill from their alpha.

Skulker.”  he looked up and saw his second death, felt the needles of ice and pain rack through his body and pierce his core a million times over.  “You shot the knife that drained Tucker’s life from his body,” a voice whispered like a breeze, and boomed like thunder with the reverberation of a spirit enraged.  Phantom’s eyes were flickering between red and blue, as though his body couldn’t decide what would best display his fury, though obviously irises and pupils didn’t make the cut.

This was the reaction one only got when you threatened a ghost’s mate, so why in the Hells-



One reason,” the halfa spoke, the wind around them whipped up into a frenzie.  “One reason why I shouldn’t pierce all 372 pressure points and see how close to the human body yours is before you melt into a puddle.

“Y-y-you’re the good guy!”  The shards came together into long needles.  “You- you have mor- morals!”  He raised a barrier of green light that was crushed by the pale blue that blanketed the area.  “He- the other boy- your mate!  He wouldn’t approve!”

DON’T YOU SPEAK OF HIM AS THOUGH YOU KNOW HIM!”   frost covered the grass, the trees, the sidewalks, the buildings, everything was ensnared in Phantom’s wrath.  Fangs were bared and a serpent made of snow and ice spiraled into existence, coiled around the two specters.  “YOU THREW THAT KNIFE AT HIM! NOT ME, HIM!  Y̴̨͘͘O̷͟͟͞Ù̴̶̡͜ ͏̨T̵̶̢͞Ó҉̢O̶̸͘͡K̕͞҉́ ́͘̕M̕͘Y̶̸͡ ̨̧M̀͜҉́A͢͠͡T̀͞E̛̕͝ ̴͏͝F̷̧͟R҉́O̸҉̶̡M̴͏ ̷̢̕M͠E̶̴̡͠!͏̛͏͡”  blue sparks arced from needlepoint to needlepoint, and Phantom’s fingers stretched out flat.  “And now I shall make sure you never get to see yours ever again, you filthy slimy putrid hunk of pla-

“Danny…” a familiar voice - hoarse and quiet yet crystal clear - called out and the winds stopped.  Everything stopped and Phantom turned to see Tucker, his friend, his ally, his mate, leaning on Dash for support.  Danny rushed to meet him, wrap his arms around the unhealthily pale boy and breathed.  He was alive!  “Danny, don’t do it.”

Tucker, he nearly murdered you, he deserves it!”  his very core cried out for Justice, for vengeance!  The mongrel must pay!

“No!”  Green glared into orbs of ice and the tech savvy teen stood as firmly as he physically could.  “That’s not how you work, Danny.  You have morals, you don’t kill.”


“And you’re better than him.”  Tucker placed his hands on Phantom’s - Danny’s shoulders, and his eyes pleaded as much as they demanded.  “Please, Danny.  Show me that you’re better than him.”

It was several heartbeats of tense silence before the needles that prodded Skulker’s flesh melted away.  The snow dragon roared before dispersing, and the frog like ghost let out a breath of relief.  The force of Phantom’s will dragged him over to the pair and he shook in terror.  Circles of red imposed on glaciers stared down at him with the intensity of the sun, and a voice reminding him of a fallen king reverberated through his core.  “If I ever see you in the human world again, ever, then nothing will be able to save you from me.  Not your suit, not Plasmius, not Ember.  I ban you, G̢̨̡ros͟͏ve̡ń͢͞ò̷r ̛͜H̶̀͡un̴͟t̛e̛͘r̡, from the Earth and her home dimension, on my name as King.  Begone.”

Skulker did not linger, and Danny watched him flee for his afterlife.  A hand was on his face now, and he allowed Tucker to turn his head towards the other teen.  “You done freaking out?”  A shaky laugh from the halfa, and the geek grinned.  “Good, cause now I get to do this.”  lips met Danny’s and the world was no longer covered in blue.  His hazmat returned and the hero returned the kiss.

questions, comments, thoughts about the world? and yes, Danny did in fact teleport Dash there through sheer force of will.

Angry Danny is an angry Danny. and deadly.  skulky ain’t comin back, ever.


* …fire dragon…

[ A streak of pure flame came hurling out of nowhere, striking the first two greyfaces tormenting Solo with an armored fist. ]


[ He skidded to a halt, the anons having been hurled out of sight, extra crispy from magic flame. ]

* Eurgh… the nerve of some people…

[ His furious, blazing aura faded, the dragon rushing to his girlfriend’s side. ]

* …You okay, love?

[ @solo—soul ]

AN: Helllllooooo everyone. I hope everyone is having a great, fantastic, amazing, magical, spectacular, superb, outstanding, beautiful day! Anyway, thank you to the anon that requested this COOL imagine (pun intended~ just look at the prompt and you’ll understand). I am so not funny. *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Warning: Swearing

Prompt: If by chance you could sometime write a story where the reader has freezing abilities, as in controlling ice and snow. She would of course be a new recruit and Pietro gets very interested in her from the start. And the season would be early winter c;


“Warm Heart”


The cold nipped at his nose as Pietro stepped out of the large SUV car. It was a crisp day at the end of the fall, the time of year in which the winter months were just beginning to take root.

Pietro had always loved this type of weather, it wasn’t sticky or humid like the summer months. The air seemed fresher and more refreshing, much more pleasant to run in than any other time.

“So why are we hear again?” Tony Stark grumbled, clearly annoyed at the road trip they had to take to get here. Pietro didn’t mind at all, in fact he loved seeing the American country side, it was a refreshing change from the busy streets of New York City.

“The newest recruit is going to be dropped off her any minute, and we’re going to train with her here.” Natasha said whilst she sent a quick message to SHIELD, confirming that they had made it to the location safely.

“Why do we have to do it here? Why not at the tower?” Stark whined, which reminded Pietro of a small child.

“Because, we were told that her abilities are better seen in an outdoor environment, not inside a gym.” Nat responded bluntly, clearly annoyed with Stark’s childish behavior.

Pietro rolled his eyes and began to stroll around the woods that they had been dropped off at. The trees stretched up far into the sky, the branches were being blown a little by a cool breeze. Pietro loved the sound of the decomposing leaves and frost-covered grass crunching under his feet.

“Speedy, get back here!” He heard Clint shout from a distance away. "The newbie’s ride just got here.“

In a flash Pietro made it over to where the entire team was. They all stood in a line, shoulder to shoulder, as the girl stepped out of the car.

She shrugged a weathered-looking backpack over her shoulder and looked at the team carefully, soaking in all of the attention uncomfortably. Her shoulders tensed and she shoved her hands into her jacket pockets.

She must be cold, Pietro thought.

"My name is Natasha, nice to meet you.” Nat said with a warm, genuine smile as she reached out her hand to the girl.

The girl smiled back at her and shook her hand softly, still very shy. “My name is Y/N.”

“Well, Y/N, we can get into the proper introductions later, but we should definitely do some training while we still have the sunlight, okay?”

Y/N captured a lock of her Y/H/C hair and tucked it behind her ear. She gave a nervous smile. “Okay, I guess.”

Pietro’s curiosity was beginning to grow with every moment that he looked at Y/N. The way she carried herself seemed so strange and different than when she first stepped out of the car, it was as if the cold air was aiding her confidence with every step she took.

The entire team trekked into the woods until it was deep enough in where they could practice without much distraction.

“So, you want me to…” She trailed off, not sure what to say.

“Just show us what you can do, whatever comes naturally to you.” Steve said with a soft smile, clearly trying to make Y/N feel comfortable.

Y/N bit her lip, then nodded to herself as she sorted out what she was going to do in her head.

The team backed away from her to give her space as she straightened her arms and put her hands in front of her.

Pietro crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against a tree.

Y/N sucked in a deep breath and closed her eyes, then began to rub her fingers together. Her thumb ran over the tips of her pointer, middle, ring, and pinky fingers on both of her hands, and from them fell a white powder.

At first Pietro wasn’t sure what it was, but soon the powder flow got larger and larger, and once it hit the ground it began to swirl around her feet back into the air, like snakes to a piper.

It’s snow and ice, Pietro realized with wide eyes.

Y/N’s eyes snapped open to reveal a now-white eye color. She shot her hands out in front of her which directed the coils of ice and snow where to go. They all crashed into a tree that was in front of her, the tree was left with a bluish-white sculpture of spikes and ice wrapping around its trunk.

The ice that still remained in the air retracted back into her fingertips, and it was almost like they had not even been there, the frozen tree being the only proof.

The team members clapped for her as she blushed and made an oh-so-cute bow in front of everyone.

Pietro could feel his heart beating just a little bit faster as he saw her cheeks turn rosy red.

After blinking a few times, the white-grey faded from her eyes, leaving them with her normal Y/E/C.

“How long have you been able to do that?” Bruce asked, eager to learn more about her with a scientific eye. Pietro could see him already mentally jotting down notes.

“Since I was born.” Y/N said, looking down at her shoes, which now had a layer of frost coating them because of their proximity to her ice coils.

“Interesting,” Bruce commented. “So, you’re not like the twins then, seeing as they were genetically modified after birth.”

Bruce was muttering more to himself, yet direct comparison to himself and to Y/N still pleased him a little.

“So what else can you do with those powers of yours?” Steve asked curiously.

Y/N shrugged and put her hands back into her pockets, shivering. “I’m not sure, the only thing that I’ve been able to master is what you saw. It’s good for attacking, but still doesn’t do much damage.”

Steve nodded and told her that he sees great potential in her, then walked off to talk to Tony and Natasha about Y/N’s powers. Everyone seemed to be talking about they had seen with each other, yet no one was actually talking to Y/N herself. She just stood by herself, rubbing her arms and shivering.

Pietro took this as the perfect opportunity and went up to her, handing her his black sweatshirt with the white arrows on the sleeves. “You look cold and you don’t have a proper jacket, take this.”

She looked up at him with wide eyes and shook her head feverously, trying to hide her blush. “I’m fine, really–”

“Please, just take it.” Pietro said with a pleading smile. “it would make me feel so much better knowing that you are warm.”

“W-what about you?” She asked, taking the sweatshirt from his hands.

“I naturally make heat, I’m like a radiator. I’m fine.”

“Oh.” She said quietly whilst she slipped the jacket on. The bottom of the jacket fell past her butt and the sleeves were a lot longer than her arms were, yet she was a lot warmer, both in the face and the body.

Pietro swallowed upon seeing her dressed in his clothing. She looked so…cute.

“Well, well…” Tony’s vice carried through the trees and over to Pietro and Y/N. “That sweatshirt looks awfully similar to the one that Pietro owns, strange, huh?”

Y/N looked down at her feet, and Pietro noticed that she wrapped her arms around herself and gripped the floppy ends of the sleeves in her hands.

“He offered to give it to me, I was cold…” She squeaked out.

“How does a person who makes ice get cold?”

“Even though I make ice and snow, I can still get chilly.” She answered.

Pietro (being the cocky little shit that he was) wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him, and almost immediately she felt the warmth of his body radiate to her.

“Oh, leave the girl alone Stark. Don’t you have better things to do than terrorize the newbie?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Tony grunted whilst waving dismissively. “I’ll just leave you two to go back to flirting.”

Pietro pulled away from Y/N as Tony turned his back to them and began to walk back to the others.

“Shit!” Tony hollered as he fell on his bum. He frantically looked around from side to side to see what had tripped him, only to come up blank. The team was snickering at him, telling him that he needed to watch out more.

Pietro heard Y/N let out a little giggle, and he looked at her just in time to see the ice that Tony had slipped on retract back into her finger tips.

I think I’m going to like her, Pietro thought as he watched the small laughs escape her lips. A lot.

((Sorry if it was short, but I hope that you all liked it!))

Persevering Glow


Rating: T

Summary: Lighthouse keeper AU! The lighthouse keeper’s nightly routine and the mystery of the lighthouse.

AN: Just a quick piece to go with this art here @garrulousgibberish​. Cause it’s amazing and I’ve said since the charity stream that I wanted to write something for this AU (or well the cute thing I thought was meant the first time round haha)

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Both of them reached out at the same time, their hands merely inches away before they touched. A humble gasp of delight left Lucifer’s mouth when it happened and Sam simply smiled at his reaction.

They never pulled away.

Lucifer’s gaze stayed fixated onto their hands, and he tilted his head with soft and curious eyes.

“Warmth,” he purred, “Fascinating.”

“You feel pretty cold, though.” Sam informed and slowly dipped his digits in the gaps between Lucifer’s fingers, interlacing them, “It feels nice.”

“Yes, it does.” The archangels confirmed, sweetly simpering with sympathic eyes.

Sam took a moment to feel the chills run down his back, Lucifer’s cold touch freezing a few of his fingers before he decided to raise his other hand, to which the archangel grimaced in bewilderment. He was examining Sam’s hand for a while as if he was trying to understand the gesture, and then hesitantly raised his own, sedately placing it against Sam’s.

A sharp blue flare of pride bloomed in his eyes and ceased as soon as those fingers interlaced too.

“What if we stayed like this forever?” Sam asked, voice low as if their conversation was meant to be kept a secret, though it pleasant to listen to. Ice started to coil around his veins and the coldness froze his blood meanwhile Lucifer burned hot from his side. “Alone, together, puzzled back as one piece? Isn’t that supposed to be our destiny?”

“Of course. But not like this.” Lucifer said and leaned closer to place a lingering, hot kiss to the tip of Sam’s fingers, watching the ice melt and turn into water that dribbled down Sam’s skin later on. “You wouldn’t be able to survive it for so long.”

The archangel folded his warm hands around Sam’s and squeezed, providing all of his heat to his other half.

“You feel like the sun.” Sam remarked, slightly bemused by his discovery. “A minute ago you felt like the North Pole itself.”

“I was born to be the essence of the stars and the sun. But once I fell, my light went out and I eventually lost all of my heat as I landed. My stay in Hell changed me, and now…” Lucifer blew some of his hot breath over Sam’s hands, rubbing soothing circles with his fingers over his vessel’s skin before he looked up with sparkling blue eyes. “…I freeze everything around me. Even you.”

Sam shook his head, “How come I can feel your warmth now?”

“What still makes my touch so warm is your presence around me and my everlasting devotion and love towards you, Sam.” Lucifer gently let Sam’s hands fall on his lap before he pressed their lips together for a short moment. “I may freeze everything in my way, including yourself, and as much as that happens against my own will, I am certainly well-trained enough to control myself when it comes to you and my heart is not as vile to make yours stop breathing.”

Prompt: Steve and Bucky got in an argument the day before and Bucky thinks that’s why he hasn’t spoken to Bucky today. He follows Steve outside and to the cemetery. Steve is looking at a grave. It turns out its the day Bucky died.

James Buchanan Barnes.
A good man and a brave solider.

Steve stands alone in the middle of a graveyard, the icy cold air blowing persistently, and making itself at home in his bones.

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A creaking bow, a burning flame, tide on the ebb, new ice, a coiled snake, the sons of a king, an ailing calf, a witch’s flattery… No man should be such a fool as to trust these things. No man should trust the word of a woman, the hearts of women were turned on a whirling wheel. To love a fickle woman is like setting out over ice with a two-year-old colt or sailing a ship without a rudder.

3x01 | Mercenary

freelancer-rwby  asked:

Sickle and hammer (soviet guard-prisoner rp) (soviet!RWBY AU). Reverse the situation though. (Heeheehee) I am the prisoner and you are the guard now

“Alright in ya go scum. ” Saihyo growled pushing the ex-hunters into cells.The kingdom of Atlas had discovered a way to internally disable the Aura of hunters and swept over Remmnant to be the one kingdom to rule it all. Vale was the first to fall and many of her hunters were killed, with the rest of them locked up and unable to act on their own.

“Last one .” Sai said with Glee as he roughly grabbed aminta by the arm and threw her bodily into the cell.“ Have fun in there, and I hope we don’t have any problems.” He activated his aura to prove a point and ice coiled around him like a protective crystal serpent. “ I wouldn’t want to have to borrow an example.”