ice bucket challenge

The breakthrough discovery deals with a a protein called TDP-43, which can be found clumped outside the brain cells nuclei of ALS patients.  When researchers introduced a protein designed to mimic TDP-43 into the neurons of mice, cells came back to life and were fully restored. 

This was an incredible breakthrough for the field, as treatment could have the potential to slow down or even stop effects of the disease, which is currently incurable.

The next step is to create a therapeutic model to treat mice as whole organisms rather than just treating their cells. After that, researchers hope to be ready for human clinical trials.  


I was nominated to do an illustrated ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. By Ephorox Tyon
So, this is it! Challenge Accepted!(I know the challenged individuals must comply within 24 hours, so sorry for the delay). I nominate Lux UrisEj Daryll Fiestan and 大雄 next to take the challenge! Sorry if you guys already done this 

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