ice breakers duo

My first order from @stimtastic came in today, so i decided to show off my stim toy collection in celebration
(Left to right)
Bottom row:
-two chewable necklaces from stimtastic (the black dulcimer one is my favorite)
-two spin rings, the one on the left is the starry night ring from stimtastic, the one on the right is from a renaissance fair
-green panda charm from stimtastic
-ice breakers duo, watermelon flavor. These are nice because one side is a textured fruit flavor, and the other is mint
-a hackie sack from and two pop toys from various arcade places

Middle row:
-Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty, ion glow in the dark color
-a thick button that is just nice
-two small metal “rocks” with engravings on them. One has the braille on the back
- a pair of earbuds
-a mochi cat plush that i got from momocon
-a yoda tsum tsum i got from a disney store

Top row:
-Two eggs of silly putty, one of which is blue I got from CVS
-three tangles: textured, metalic and fuzzy. I got theses from a 3 pack on amazon
-a “whimzy pets” moose i got from target a few years ago