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a 3 year old stole a bunch of ice breakers from the gas station i worked at a couple years ago. i coulda just been like ‘excuse me sir your 3 year old just grabbed a bunch of mints’ but i was like fuck it. fuck it. who cares. she’s 3. let her have this


Victor “A True Artist Gets Dumped After A Party And Milks That Pain For All It’s Worth” Nikiforov

Ice Breaker Memes

“Um, hi. I’m looking for someone. Can you help me?”

“Hi. I’m here about the job offer/internship.”

"Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to spill my ______ on you.”

"So you’re the one we’ve been so worried about. You don’t seem that intimidating.”

"Cat got your tongue?”

"Are you ok?”

"Can I buy you a drink?”

"Hands up!”

"I’ve never done something like this before.”

"Are you the one in charge here?”

"Mind if I join you?”

"I think this belongs to you.”

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The soviet/russian Arktika/Арктика nuclear-powered ice breakers, the most numerous class of its kind, composed of 6 ships build from 1975 to 2007, with currently 4 active.

General characteristics:

Type: Icebreaker
Displacement: 23,000 t
Length: 148 m (486 ft) to 159 m (522 ft)
Beam: 30 m (98 ft)
Decks: 12
Installed power: Two OK-900 nuclear reactors (2 × 171 MW)
Propulsion: Nuclear-turbo-electric
Three shafts, 52 MW (combined)
Speed: 20.6 knots (38.2 km/h; 23.7 mph)
Endurance: 7.5 months
Complement: 138–200


I watched over you, thought about you, and worried about you.


Glass Animals • Tumblr IRL • Los Angeles • 8/31/16

Bringing an album to life at a Tumblr IRL had yet to get THIS literal. 

The characters pictured in the Glass Animals’s new album and videos added a whole new dimension, inviting fans to be Human Beings with them. With a background of 8 bit projections from the minds of Whoopi (@whoopthis​) & Myk (@myk31​), the band (@glassanimalsband​) performed their new songs on stage in a world made from their imagination. 

Graced with some oldies, and hit hard with new music that could only make them dance, those in attendance at The Village Studios in LA didn’t just get a show. They got to truly experience the album. 

Listen to How to be a Human Being here, and check out all the art on Glass Animals’ Tumblr. OR get the damn thing on vinyl and impress your friends. 

Big thanks to the band and their brains, to Whoopi & Myk and to Ice Breakers Mints (@icebreakersunicorn​) for making this happen, to Vinyl Me Please (@vinylmeplease​) for putting Tumblr IRL art on a record (!!!), to Yours Truly (@yourstrulysf​) on production and to Spotify Sessions (@spotify​) for enshrining it in their vault so we can all enjoy a show with as much energy and passion as you’ll ever see.

We’ll let you know when that’s available. 

Photos by Ponneh Ghana (@poonehghana)

By the way, I keep saying I want to stay away from politics in this blog, and I mean it, BUT I don’t consider talking about Communism as a political topic, rather, it’s a fully social one in my eyes, as not only it affects me on my daily life, but time and again you see how through history it has affected others as well, in ways that rival Nazism. 

So yeah, I hope this doesn’t bother you, the focus of this blog is still purely militar, that’s why I never refrain myself from posting soviet material, just like I never do with nazi material as well, because at the end of the day, it’s all about awesome machines of war, aesthetics, and man conquering nature through technology!

Arktika-class nuclear-powered ice breaker Yamal somewhere in the Arctic circle.  


The Soviet nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin (Russian: Ленин).

Both the world’s first nuclear-powered surface vessel, and the first nuclear-powered civilian vessel. She sailed over 85,000 miles in her 30 years-long career, from 1959 to 1989, out of them, almost 65,000 miles sailing trough frozen seas. 

Curiously, due to her reactor design, she was incapable of sailing through warm waters, as doing so would create a risk of a meltdown.

At the end of the career, she became one final world’s first, after being successfully turned into a museum ship, the first and so far only time a nuclear-powered vessel has done so. 

Earlier in her career she suffered two reaction accidents, both due to loss of coolant, and after the second one her original three-reactor propulsion system was changed to a more reliable two-reactor one, lasting until her retirement, when it was removed and disposed of. 

Total original displacement: 16,000 tonnes (reduced as time went on due to her hull being slowly worn out by the ice).

❉ sisterhood get-to-know-you-better questions! ❉

A new semester means sweet new members, class retreats, sisterhood socials, parties, big/little matchmaking and other events where “getting to know your sisters better” is the #1 goal. Enjoy these conversation questions aimed at breaking the ice, getting the conversation going and becoming closer to your sorority sisters. Of course these questions are also terrific for recruitment! xoxo ;)

 50 Greek Girl Get-To-Know-You-Better-Questions: 

  1. What’s your favorite memory of someone in this room?
  2. Which decade had the best music?
  3. If you could design an app, what would it do?
  4. What’s your favorite quote?
  5. What do you wish you had a picture of from history?
  6. At the pearly gates, what question would you ask God first?
  7. What do you eat after a night of revelry?
  8. What skill or sport do you wish you’d learned as a kid?
  9. If you could invite only one person to your college graduation, who would you choose?
  10. What’s the oldest thing in your dorm room?
  11. What’s the funniest advice your mother gave you?
  12. What’s nicknames have you had?
  13. Which two adjectives would you use to describe your room or apartment?
  14. What color won’t you wear, no matter how fabulous the outfit?
  15. Which singer would you choose to sing a duet with?
  16. Which self help book did you fail to finish?
  17. If you could live in a house from any movie which would you choose?
  18. Who would you pick as the sexiest male celebrity of the year?
  19. What was the best TV show ever?
  20. What restaurant makes the best hamburger?
  21. What’s the perfect age?
  22. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done at college?
  23. How would you describe your dream picnic?
  24. Did you ever dislike a celebrity you once admired after learning more about them?
  25. Do you have a keepsake box from childhood? What’s in it?
  26. Have you ever had a household disaster?
  27. What’s the most dramatic thing to ever happen in your hometown?
  28. Which crazy idea of yours would most likely make a million dollars?
  29. What’s the best meal your mom cooks?
  30. If you owned a boat, what would you name it?
  31. What’s the best outdoor concert you’ve ever attended?
  32. What food fad do you think is silly?
  33. Would you rather take photos of friends or take selfies?
  34. Would you rather be lucky or hot?
  35. What funniest prank you’ve pulled?
  36. What’s your favorite beach in the world?
  37. What’s your least favorite exercise? 
  38. What do you eat when you’re alone?
  39. Which college has the best mascot?
  40. What TV shows are you ashamed to admit you watch regularly? 
  41. Would you rather spend time in the college library, gym, dining hall, or performing arts theatre?
  42. If you were on a volunteer vacation, who would you most like to help?
  43. What law would you make?
  44. What kind of music would cause you to leave a restaurant or shop?
  45. Can you do any impersonations? 
  46. What’s your most favorite pair of shoes?
  47. How much would you need to be paid to never use a cell phone again?
  48. Have you ever taken a bad vacation?
  49. Would you rather have more time or money?
  50. Have you ever been in a natural disaster?

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