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Love your posts ~! :) Can you write something AU where Emma is a computer tech person and Regina is her neighbor and Regina ends up buying a computer (on purpose so she has an excuse to get Emma in her house) and may a relentlessly flirty Regina and hopelessly shy computer nerd Emma antics ensue ? :D

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“You are ridiculous and hopeless,” Regina rants at her reflection before resuming pacing around her apartment. 

She bought a new computer. 

She didn’t need one. In fact her laptop was only three months old…but her next door neighbour is…utterly incredible and cute and god it’s driven Regina crazy. What started as a crush is now a full-blown infatuation and Regina needed an excuse to talk to Emma. 

She knows she could have just knocked on the door and talked…but at least this way she has got an ice-breaker. 

“Just go knock on the door,” Regina mutters sternly to herself before walking confidently to the door next to hers and knocks. When Emma opens the door, with her hair in a ponytail plait and wearing her glasses, Regina’s confidence disappears, replaced by an utterly dumbstruck feeling. 

“Are you okay?” Emma asks worriedly after a few moments of silence. 

Regina curses realising she must have just been staring and gaping like an idiot. “I…uh…I bought a new computer and I know you’re good with computers so I was hoping you could help me set it up?” 

“Sure,” Emma replies, “I’ll come on over.” 

Regina grins goofily before heading back to her own place relieved when Emma follows. Emma spots the computer immediately dropping down onto the sofa and reaching for it so she can get to work. 

Regina smiles closing the door before sitting as close to Emma as she can get, “How does it look?” 

“State of the art,” Emma gushes, “I love a new computer. Okay…so how much of a set-up do you need? Can you turn it on?” 

“You can turn me on,” Regina says without thinking. As soon as the words slip out she blushes and groans internally. 

Emma goes beet-red at the flirty comment before fumbling clumsily with the computer to press the on button, “I…um…yeah.” She’s noticed her neighbour, of course she has, but she’s never dared speak to her before. Regina’s beautiful, confident, smart and graceful - and Emma couldn’t imagine any universe, outside of dreams, wherein Regina would be interested in her. 

“So…is this a hard job?” 

“No, this is quite easy…setting up a personal laptop shouldn’t take too long.” 

“So you have plenty of free time to spend with…”

Emma shrugs, “My cat mostly. His name is Henry.” 

“Nice name,” Regina replies before leaning in close to Emma so she can look at what the blonde is doing, “Does the cat mind your going out?” 

Emma blushes again as she feels Regina’s arm and chest flush against her side. She hastily runs her hand through her hair as she stammers, “Um…I…so long as he gets leftovers…he’s okay.” 

“I’m not opposed to bringing a cat leftovers.” 

“Oh that’s sweet of you but you don’t have to bring my cat food.” 

Regina sighs as Emma is clearly not getting what she means, “Can I bring you food?” 

Emma frowns curiously before turning to face Regina, her cheeks reddening impossibly further as she finds herself within breathing, and kissing, distance of the brunette. “Huh?” 

Regina sighs once more deciding to give up on the clunky flirting that has never been her forte, instead she’ll just have to go direct, “Would you like to go to dinner with me? On a date?” 

“With me?” 


“But you’re….you…and I’m…well I’m me.” 

Regina frowns, “What’s that supposed to mean?” 

Emma shrugs, “Well you’re amazing and hot and I’m…well I’m just a computer geek.” 

“An incredibly cute computer geek with an infectious smile,” Regina corrects, “And I like you.”

“You do?” 

“Emma I bought my laptop three months ago.” 

“So why’d you get a new one?”

Regina blushes this time, “So I had a reason to invite you over.” 

At that Emma laughs softly before replying, “In that case, I’ll pay for dinner.” 

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For their sophomore release, Glass Animals are pushing the conventions of album-making. It inspired us to do the same for Tumblr IRL.

Each track on How to Be a Human Being beautifully illustrates a fictional character, inspired by real people the band encountered on tour. Glass Animals have captured their personalities on Tumblr, and have enlisted longtime internet friends, Whoopi & Myk to reimagine their lives in many, but not too many, pixels.

For one night, the characters will come to life, backed by the unique sounds of Glass Animals. And with the help of these super creative minds, along with our friends at Ice Breakers mints, Vinyl Me Please and Spotify, Tumblr IRL is transcending new planes. Please join us.

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Phantogram have released their third album. It’s called, Three

With songs that explore how we may find calm amongst chaos, the duo have aptly selected Ben Zank to collaborate on a special Tumblr IRL. As you listen to the album, scroll through the photography, which will be rolling out all week right here

Oh, and there’s a whole thing in Boulder too, thanks to our friends at Ice Breakers Mints. The band have planned a super intimate, one-of-a-kind performance to pair with the visuals that Ben created. 

Our first Tumblr IRL to hit the Mountain Time Zone, and we’re damn proud of it.

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The soviet/russian Arktika/Арктика nuclear-powered ice breakers, the most numerous class of its kind, composed of 6 ships build from 1975 to 2007, with currently 4 active.

General characteristics:

Type: Icebreaker
Displacement: 23,000 t
Length: 148 m (486 ft) to 159 m (522 ft)
Beam: 30 m (98 ft)
Decks: 12
Installed power: Two OK-900 nuclear reactors (2 × 171 MW)
Propulsion: Nuclear-turbo-electric
Three shafts, 52 MW (combined)
Speed: 20.6 knots (38.2 km/h; 23.7 mph)
Endurance: 7.5 months
Complement: 138–200

Send me a ☓ and I will generate a number for what the situation in which our muse’s first meet will be

ICE BREAKER MEME. meant for first interactions, leans towards modern things, for example bars, public transport, etc.

Muse A - the person who answers

Muse B - the person who sends the ask


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Glass Animals • Tumblr IRL • Los Angeles • 8/31/16

Bringing an album to life at a Tumblr IRL had yet to get THIS literal. 

The characters pictured in the Glass Animals’s new album and videos added a whole new dimension, inviting fans to be Human Beings with them. With a background of 8 bit projections from the minds of Whoopi (@whoopthis​) & Myk (@myk31​), the band (@glassanimalsband​) performed their new songs on stage in a world made from their imagination. 

Graced with some oldies, and hit hard with new music that could only make them dance, those in attendance at The Village Studios in LA didn’t just get a show. They got to truly experience the album. 

Listen to How to be a Human Being here, and check out all the art on Glass Animals’ Tumblr. OR get the damn thing on vinyl and impress your friends. 

Big thanks to the band and their brains, to Whoopi & Myk and to Ice Breakers Mints (@icebreakersunicorn​) for making this happen, to Vinyl Me Please (@vinylmeplease​) for putting Tumblr IRL art on a record (!!!), to Yours Truly (@yourstrulysf​) on production and to Spotify Sessions (@spotify​) for enshrining it in their vault so we can all enjoy a show with as much energy and passion as you’ll ever see.

We’ll let you know when that’s available. 

Photos by Ponneh Ghana (@poonehghana)