ice box cool


I’m fine staying a slowpoke forever but if I were to meet a real nice shellder I wouldn’t be opposed to evolving with them! Real cute and sweet, like us!

externaldarkness: what about a wizarding summer camp? The Maurders and Lily. 

all of this

them going to the same camp every year

boys and girls camps that share the same grounds

living in primitive cabins but using magic to spiff them up - an ice box for cool beverages

telling scary muggle ghost stories by the campfire and botching them up

actual wilderness camping - what do you mean i have to dig a hole every time i want to poo?

hiking with a map and the four point spell to a specified destination

fishing the muggle way

magical scavenger hunts. MAGICAL SCAVENGER HUNTS

an archery range with charmed targets

cabin prank wars - the marauders always win that one, tho

capture the flag and the marauders dressing in camo and you have a certain number of offensive and defensive spells you can use

canoeing with enchanted boats

magical relay races

terrible cafeteria food and mess hall antics

bonfire - the songs and james with a guitar leading music time is my life, ok?

all the songs (all the songs)

making s'mores - the really good kind. arguing over how to toast a proper marshmallow and flinging it across and it sticks to the cit’s forehead

all the field games

swimming in a terrible, dirty lake

where did james and lily go? oh, they went on a hike. you mean a shag? yeah, that.