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Fanfic by the lovely @soraspromise <3 :DD

Some kinda vague spoilers for chapter 55 & up.


“Maybe we should have went to Takamagahara with Yukine-kun.” Hiyori raised a hand to her forehead, pushing back her bangs while also blocking out the sunlight from her eyes, “It is really hot today…”

“Nah. I think he and Kazuma still need time alone to get reacquainted.” Yato answered from her side and she turned her head to see that he was still looking up at the sky.

With a small smile, she nodded, “Yeah, you’re right.”

His eyes flickered towards hers, suggesting, “We could always cool down with some ice cream.”

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Schubert blinked. Oh. There is was.

Who was on his mind, was the real question? It had to be someone like Mozart–the thought made his stomach lurch, but who else could it be? It had to be a man, and Chopin barely interacted with anyone. But those two were joined at the hip, it seemed.

Immediately, he deflated. It was either Mozart, or he was going to mock Schubert for thinking about it.

“Yes–I…I was wondering about that. What of it?” He asked softly, shyly. There was still something kind of embarrassing about that, not that he could tell what.

He felt his blush getting hotter, as he absently looked to his coffee cup, stirring slowly.

“Has something been on your mind, Herr Beethoven?”


May the heavens damn this man and his unwillingness to just speak and let him listen! Although he would rather have him stay silent if that meant that Beethes’s heart would leap whenever he spoke, the same way it did when he heard him say “Herr Beethoven”. His cheeks felt hot, and he was sure they were as bright as his scarf. He tried hard not to stare at Schubert as he stirred his coffee cup, but the slow, circular motions of his wrist seemed to hypnotise him.

“I’ve been… wondering about something like that as well, and thought that maybe you could give me some insight on the matter.”

His voice came out a bit raspy, and the words struggled to come out. He cleared his throat.

“I mean, I wouldn’t know how to go about it or even if these kind of thoughts were worth pursuing… maybe you could enlighten me.”

The Signs as... Members of the X-Men
  • (According to the Movies)
  • Aries: Cyclops
  • Taurus: Shadowcat
  • Gemini: Phoenix
  • Cancer: Bishop
  • Leo: Ice-Man
  • Virgo: Beast
  • Libra: Professor X
  • Scorpio: Havok
  • Sagittarius: Storm
  • Capricorn: Wolverine
  • Aquarius: Rogue
  • Pisces: Blink

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Cape Town by The Young Veins 

Aliens Exist by Blink-182 

Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice 

This City by Patrick Stump 

Little Ghost by The White Stripes  

Icky Thump by The White Stripes  

Northern Downpour by Panic! at the Disco 

Tbh my favourite canon dishonored thing is that Corvo loves to climb shit.

All that time you spent climbing all over the loyalist hideout cause you didn’t want to use the door? 100% canon compliant shit Corvo would do.
Trying to find out for about 20 minutes if you can climb up that wall without blinking? IC Lord Protector.

This hobo old man dork. I bet he learned it out of necessity and then never stopped. Like, sure I use the gate to get into the court yard, but climbing over the wall would be 900% more fun. No, you’re being childish Captain. Emily is so his daughter.

ficbit: Nothing But The Best

Maria was distinctly displeased to get into the Triskelion the next day, only to discover that Fury wanted her in New York.

“I just came from New York,” she pointed out to Fury’s PA, not quite able to keep the irritation out of her voice.

Nicknamed ‘the Dragon’ by more than a few agents who’d had the sharper side of her tongue on their way in to see Fury, Carla didn’t take offence to the irritation. She’d stand for angry, Maria knew, but not for rude.

“It’s been a zoo around here,” Carla told her, not without some sympathy. “First Stark and his expo, then the 0-8-4 in New Mexico, now finding Captain America in the ice—”

Maria blinked. “They found Captain America?”

Carla tilted her head to one side. “You really didn’t check your mails, did you?”

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>>Ice blink refers to a white glare seen on the underside of low clouds indicating the presence of ice which may be beyond the range of vision.

When other means of reconnaissance are not available, water sky and ice blink can assist travelers in navigating the ice of the polar seas, since they give a rough idea of ice conditions at a distance.

(Photograph by Charles Swithinbank, used in the Scott Polar Research Institute Illustrated Glossary of Snow and Ice.)

How to Hold a Torch 8

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 |

Chapter 7 | Chapter 8

Astrid felt like a boiled potato. That is, if you could boil a potato in the ocean in winter among the ice floes.

She blinked awake, feeling disoriented. Her hands were freezing and her feet felt like logs steeped in ice, but her back was deliciously warm, and her head felt like it would explode a little less violently. The pate of her mouth itched, and then her nose twitched and she sneezed.

Everything in her room was sort of hazy, like that one time she’d drunk too much with Ruffnut, and they’d ended up barfing all over the grass on their way home. There were lights in weird places and everything turned when she moved, but in the opposite direction, making her feel even dizzier and ill.

As she shifted, a gentle wuff of air from behind her alerted her that she is not alone. She turned, and when her eyesight settled, she found she had stuffed Hiccup’s nose almost in her ear. His next breath tickled her delightfully.

She turned to look forward, giddily ignoring the turning room as she pressed her fists to her mouth. Hiccup was here! Handsome, handsome Hiccup was in her bed! The boy she’d had a crush on for the past age was here. She allowed herself to giggle, because she couldn’t remember if there was a reason why she shouldn’t. Well, she knew there was one, but right now her head hurt, everything felt unpleasant, but Hiccup was here and she almost felt faint.

What should she do, turn around and wake him slowly? With a kiss. Say ‘good morning, dear’ (giggle) and watch that adorable half-asleep pout he always got in the morning (giggle). And his hair! It was going to be all poofy and all over the place, and if it got in his eyes she’d remove it and then kiss him.

Frigga she liked kissing him. His lips were always different;sometimes cold, or chapped, or warm and soft, or stiff or surprised or they moved nicely against hers. It was always new and exciting. Yes, she should kiss him. Right now.

‘Well, that escalated quickly,’ she heard, and looked out the window above her bed to see Ruffnut and Tuffnut there. It made sense for them to be there, somehow. ‘Yesterday he was giving up on you and now he’s cozy in your bed.’

‘Yes,’ she relied proudly. This made even more sense. Ruffnut needed to be there to see this. ‘Mine, hands off.’ Ruff frowned at her, and Tuff cackled.

‘You’ve been told!’ he gloated.

‘Oh yeah,’ Ruffnut replied, ‘who gives you the authority to decide who Hiccup Haddock belongs to?’ She folded her arms and glared, Barf’s head peered into the room curiously, almost slamming his rider into the wooden frame.

‘Hiccup Haddock does,’ Astrid replied, snuggling pointedly into Hiccup’s arm, still under her face as a pillow. Then she grabbed his pale hand from her waist, kissed the fingertips and rubbed his knuckles against her cheekbone.

Hiccup behind her groaned. It made her giggle again.

‘You know what, that is so weird,’ Tuffnut said suddenly. ‘I’m clearing out.’

‘You’re not going anywhere,’ Ruffnut hissed. Astrid smirked as Belch followed his rider’s lead, Barf growled but obeyed too, and Ruffnut was heard cursing as she was taken away reluctantly.

‘Totally banish you from my kingdom,’ Astrid told the now-empty window. Hiccup shifted again and she saw his hands twitch. The one she was sleeping on gave a spasm, and she moaned apologetically; she must have cut off his circulation, so she massaged it gently.

‘M’alright Toothlesh,’ he muttered into her hair. ‘I lost the foot not the hand.’

‘Not Toothless, darling,’ she said with a sigh, feeling dreamy and soft. Everything around her sort of looked mellow and light, and her head was stuffy and painful, but the pain was sort of … abstract. She knew it was there, but she wasn’t really feeling it properly. Like when she put her axe down and knew it was there but it wasn’t wedged into her leg so it was fine.

‘Darlin…’ She turned on time to see him waking up, yawning wide and then patting away her hair to stare at her. Thor, he had prickle on his chin that had captured a few of her stray hairs. She hadn’t noticed it before.

‘That’s the start of a nice beard,’ she purred, stretching and turning to face him. Oh, he was so warm. Her chilled parts instantly gave a sigh of relief, but the blankets were in the way, and she tried to pry them loose. Hiccup almost toppled off the bed, and she grabbed him. ‘No, don’t go.’

‘Oh right, you’re ill,’ he muttered, and that made sense! He was so smart.

‘I’m dating the smartest boy,’ she said, rubbing her face into his tunic. His face was strangely red when she looked up again, and she thought it suited him. But her back was cold now, and she shivered. ‘Come under the covers?’ she asked, tugging at him.

His eyes went wide, and somehow he manage to get out of her grip and onto his feet. A sinking feeling took over her chest, but then she coughed and she remembered she was ill.

‘I should really ask your mum’s permission first.’

He was adorable, and respectful, and amazing. She sighed happily, smiling at him. Then she thought that she really wanted to see him shirtless again. She didn’t exactly remember when she saw him shirtless, but she remembered it was nice. And she wanted to see it again.

‘Ok, please don’t be long,’ she muttered. ‘I’m freezing.’

He nodded and left quickly. He was so nice, hurrying like she asked. Snuggling into her bed, shivering slightly as his warmth faded, she buried her face in her pillow. There were violets everywhere, and Astrid was confused for a moment, before she decided that she liked the smell, though she had no idea where it had come from. Maybe Hiccup had brought her some.