ice blackbirds

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*walks up to his brother and straightens his collar* Honestly if you're going to keep hanging around here, dress properly...

     His eyes were on Doflamingo the entire time while he approached. What was he going to do? Well, whatever it was, just the older accepting to be in his presence was a step in the right direction. Then, his collar was straightened ( not that it helped much, Corazon was always a MESS ). It made him smile though - it wasn’t like that took a lot. His head would lower then, in a ‘ yes ‘. He was going to make sure his collar was straight from now on! 

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When his brother is asleep, he walks over and places a soft kiss onto his forehead. "I don't know who you are, I don't know what you want... But I can't pretend you're a stranger... I'm an idiot."

     The younger Donquixote had fallen asleep with a feeling of sadness resting in his bones. The glasgow smile would hide it well, even in his sleep - it looked like he was SMILING. He knew he was dreaming, because there was no way what he felt was real. That was a pair of lips pressed against his forehead, right? Oh, what a SWEET dream. He prayed he would never wake up. The words confused him, and even more so since they were spoken in his brother’s voice. He didn’t know who he was? He was CORAZON - Rocinante, his BROTHER! And all he wanted, all he wanted in this world was to be forgiven, so that he could stay by the other’s side. He was not a stranger, and Doflamingo was no fool. He wanted to open his eyes and look at him, but was afraid that the dream would disappear, and that he would wake up in the same sadness. He wanted to stay like this. To pretend. 


‘’Hope for Spring’’

I really liked all the plants frozen underneath the bed of ice…like Spring longing to burst out once again..:)

I know it’s a natural reaction of humans to be repulsive by death..but I’ve always had a fascination for this ever since I was a kid and I’m exploring this fascination…

I see beauty in certain things that are hard to explain, even for myself…but I know that beyond the sadness there is a certain beauty in death, that I’m trying to show in my works.

I know this means not everyone will like my work, but at least, I can somehow try to make at least someone look at this in a different way than they are used to…for me death is part of nature, part of life..eventually everything will die, but nothing will ever be wasted..

Even the end of life… has a sublime beauty…