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On Otabek’s bike

I was doing some research for a fanfic I’m writing (”where to rent an Harley-Davidson 750 Street in Barcelona" for a certain someone). I found this website and I couldn’t stop smiling when I read the description of the bike:

“We chose this model thinking in our shorter customers […] we have come to the conclusion that is the bike ideal for pilots of small stature.”

Can we all appreciate the level of details, accuracy and love all the YOI staff put on this anime? On choosing the model of Otabek’s bike they kept in mind that Otabek is 1.68m so they chose a bike that he could ride for real!  

When you think you can’t love this show and their creators more…<3  


York, UK (by Sam Fryers)

me: can i be any softer for joshua?
joshua: :)
me: turns out i can


Don’t adjust your screens, it actually happened, I started training again!

While the pace wasn’t something I was proud of, getting the 5 miles completed was. The heat didn’t help, low 80s, but that was my stupidness in full effect when I decided to start my run at 2pm. Oh well, you live and learn. We’ll just say it’s a part of my “heat training” for my June triathlon in Connecticut.

Also, this trail starts less than a tenth of a mile from my apartment complex and apparently goes 12 miles out! I think I’m in love!

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In my neighborhood there's this guy that comes around during summer with ice cream and he's on a bike with a cooler full of ice cream. He's a super nice guy and he isn't creepy at all, but the music he plays is so fucking abstract for an ice cream truck/bike??? Like I remember it was the middle of summer and hottest day of the year and he was BLASTING Feliz Navidad as he biked down the street. Another time he played Bohemian Rhapsody.

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B.A.P’s Reaction to Their First Kiss with You

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thank you so much for writing that bap reaction <3 i love how you write those, its really good <3 can i already ask another? bc then i would like a bap + first kiss

Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you enjoy this reaction too :)

Bang Yongguk

The two of you would be some place quiet and intimate, such as an empty park at night. You and Bang Yongguk have been dating for a few weeks now (he takes it slow in relationships to make sure that neither of you feels overwhelmed). After talking for a long time that night, you would finally sit down on a bench with a beautiful view on the night sky. Suddenly, the two of you fall silent and simply enjoy each other’s company. There was a tension in the air and both of you knew what would happen next. Bang Yongguk would slowly lean forward to you, stopping only inches from your face to check your reaction and if it was okay for him to do what he had planned to do. When you give him a shy smile, he closes the distance between your lips and kisses you ever so softly, trying to put all his feelings for you into this first kiss.

Kim Himchan

Himchan is both classy and lazy at the same time. You two have been dating for a while, and usually you go out to eat in fancy restaurants or visit different scenic places in the city. However, this night Himchan just wanted to stay at home and watch a movie while cuddling with you under the blanket. When you come over to his apartment, he would have already prepared some snacks (and red whine, just to make the experience seem a little more sophisticated). Since the two of you were already pretty close, he would put his arm around your waist and pull you close to his chest while you are watching a movie on TV. Towards the end, when you want to make a comment about one of the actors, you notice Himchan staring down at you intently, obviously not paying attention to the movie. The next moment, his lips would be on yours, kissing you tenderly as if you were the most precious being in the world.

Jung Daehyun

The two of you would be outside on a fun date, such as ice skating, biking the city on a tandem bike or walking along the beach. The two of you could spend hours together without getting tired of each other, and Daehyun’s jokes always made you laugh until your belly hurt. Towards the end of your date, when the sun was about to set and night was already starting to spread its wings across the sky, Daehyun would look deep into your eyes and become very serious. After he made sure that nobody around you would see, he would take your face into his hand and kiss your lips quickly but passionately. He didn’t actually plan to kiss you, it was more like the urge to express his love and excitement to be with you, and like a reflex he had reached for your face. Afterwards, he would give you a shy smile, and try to hide his embarrassment by continuing whatever you guys had been doing before.

Yoo Youngjae

The two of you haven’t been dating for too long, only a couple weeks or so. From the very beginning, you two just clicked and were basically inseparable. Youngjae and you were like soulmates, and you knew exactly what each other was thinking at any given moment. Youngjae and you went out to check out a new jazz bar in the city, and overall the two of you had a great time. After enjoying a few hours of good music, tasty drinks and meaningful conversation with Youngjae, your boyfriend would offer to drive you home. When he stops in front of your apartment, both of you would hesitate to say goodbye. When you make eye contact with Youngjae, something inside of him snaps and he leans over to hold your chin in his hand and kiss you passionately. From this moment on, your relationship would start moving forward even more quickly.

Moon Jongup 

You wanted to surprise Jongup by picking him up from his dance practice (your boyfriend would often spend more time in the dance studio than with you) and invite him to go eat some tasty fast food afterward. But when you arrived at the studio, you still heard loud music blasting in the room. Because you did not want to disturb him, you patiently waited in the door frame and watched the smooth (and sexy) movements of your boyfriend in awe. You would think how amazing it was that Jongup acted cute and shy when he was with you, but seemed more like an impassioned beast on the dance floor. Jongup would only notice you after a few minutes, and you would flash him an encouraging smile. When you came over to hug him, he would press you against his hot body and kiss you passionately, full of the emotions that the music and dancing had created in him.

Choi Junhong (Zelo)

You have been together with Junhong for two months now, and hanging out with the cheerful boy was always playful yet innocent. He would always make you laugh, but keep his distance because both of you were rather new to this whole dating thing. One afternoon you were at his apartment and the two of you were playing video games. You had won the previous round, but Junhong was pouting at you and complained how he could have won if the controller would have been more sensitive. You chuckled to yourself and decided that your boyfriend needed a little bit of punishment for questioning your skills, so you jump on him and tickle his side until he was gasping for air. The next moment, he would flip you so that he was hovering over you. Your heart would suddenly beat faster, and before you know it Junhong’s lips would be on yours, kissing you ever so gently. 

Coming Home - Caleb Holloway (Part Three)

Author: @writing-obrien 

 Character(s): Felicia Williams, Sydney Williams, Reader 

Word Count: 3141

Notes: This is really fun and light hearted until the end, I got upset writing this because we all know what’ll be happening to Caleb in part four and part five is going to be pretty hard going. Massive thanks to my two angels, @dumbass-stilinski  and @stilinski-jpeg   Steff for her proofreading and her suggestions to keep it at the quality y'all deserve and to Nia for basically writing half this part because I had a mental block and she’s just been the absolute best. Love you both to bits!!

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