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Hi! I read Survivor's Guilt a few months back and I absolutely loved it! the characters are so in character which was so good. Anyways I was just wondering how you came up with this fic; what was the inspiration behind it, if you know what I mean?? I look forward to your reply! :D

I feel like I always had a different answer to this question in the past because I could never quite remember the very very first thing that inspired it, but a couple of days ago I REMEMBERED:

So I was thinking of writing a canonverse bellarke fic but kept hitting walls in figuring out plot because I was like “but wait, what if that character dies in the next episode? Then this fic will be irrelevant and all my time wasted” This is the kind of show that has shocking, series-changing twists every couple of episodes, so I didn’t feel free enough to make up my own plot you know?

And then I went and re-read  from one end to the other, by twnkwlf, a stydia one-shot where everyone except stiles and lydia dies and they have to learn to deal with it. And that was like, BINGO. I knew what I wanted to do. It grew from there, obviously. This is going to sound ridiculous but two of the biggest inspirations for the other plotlines of the fic are the movies Ice Age and Year One. lmao. i’ll leave you to figure out where those come in.