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     bad day ,     huh ?    you look like you just fell from the sky .     

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     what’s this ,          then ?                         arms cross          /          sable brow arches with mock curiosity .                         some sort of dress up competition ?     


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❛     enough !                     huff of angered breath ,     hands place ‘pon hips as foot plants into stable ground .                          give it up     ———–     you’re addicted to the loosing fight .     

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  • just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by.  repost & tag away !

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001. Fury
002. Aggression
003. Confidence
004. Emptiness
005. Pride
006. Ambitiousness


001. Black
002. Gray
003. Maroon
004. Ice Blue


001. Spearmint
002. Coffee
003. Expensive Cologne
004. Whiskey
005. Cigarette Smoke


001. Guns & Bullets
002. Trenchcoats
003. Leather Gloves
004. Piercings
005. Combat Boots


001. Clenched Jaw
002. Squared Shoulders
003. Furrowed Brows
004. Bared Teeth
005. Tight Fists


001. Black Metal Guns and Silver Bullets
002. The view of fresh cigarette smoke dissolving in the air
003. A perfect glacier, free of cracks and untouched.
004. A window with a single bullethole, shattered but still put together
005. Blood spattered against one’s face
006. A single dark room with nothing in it save for a small box which is locked tight, walls painted black.

     need a lift ,     there ?                         cycle roars ‘pon ground ,     hand extended for a practiced quick     &.     easy on     -     the     -     go      pick up .                          i’m behind !     

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Baby 004 was crying and his familiar was having a hard time calming him down. It was easier with help from BD; with just the two of them the baby's emotions would spread to the adult and he would have to try to stop both himself and his little self from getting too loud. Trying to gently shush little 004 through his own beginning tears was proving increasingly ineffective. Hugging his little self to his chest he looked around, both of him hoping to see BD.

For once, BD was not waiting by his sons, on alert for trouble. Flower had convinced him to rest before he dusted himself. Unfortunately, that left the poor boys open to danger.
Swapfell stirred, growling. Something was being noisy. He could hardly pay attention to his dear, sweet sons! He just had to get rid of the noise, then. He stalked through the darkness of the void, his hands curling around the source and lifting it off what passed for ground in the void.
Shut up…” he hissed, voices overlapping just a little bit out of sync.

     wait     ———-     shut up a moment while i think .     

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The adult 004 had gotten a little bit lost but was sure he was nearing the same 'area' as TM by now. "Hello?" he called, focusing to keep his voice more 'normal'.

The Tall Man was more than a little surprised, to say the least.
004…? You’re- you’re much older than I remember you… Am I missing memories? Or was I just… gone for that long…? He shook his head, dismissing those thoughts and instead looking over 004. Ah. It seemed that the corruption in his code really hadn’t been fully destroyed by his death. You know, you don’t have to try so hard to act around me Aheh, I know how exhausting it can be.
He gave a small, genuine smile, not one of his practiced ones but one of the ones that usually scared people away, as he moved forward to meet 004.

marisile answered your ask “[ text; ] it’s 3 am and i can’t sleep”

Body felt like it was on fire as Katsu laid in his bed trying to get the four hours of sleep he was only going to get from coming home so late. Tossing and turning wasn’t making him anymore comfortable and the blankets were adding to the heat. Lazily lifting up his bare arm, Katsu laid his forearm across forehead. “No.” His closed eyes were now opened now looking at  the semi lit ceiling of his room as he denied the warm feeling coming from his forehead. Lifting up his arm once again, he used the back of his hand to confirm. “No, no, nooo.” He was sick, a fever to be exact. Pushing the blankets off, the air of his room that was usually comfortable felt like heaven on his skin, but only for a brief moment. He couldn’t afford to be sick. 

His head pounded as the bright light of his phone shined on his face like the sun. Was it making him feel warmer or was it the fever getting worse? He groaned as he scrolled through his phone trying to get to his messages. He stopped on Hitomi’s name and thought, she wouldn’t be up. He looked down at the next name that was Hibiki’s. Katsu remembered her saying that she was going to study and go to bed earlier that day so she definitely wouldn’t be up. His only hope was Kimiko. Pressing her name, then the message box, his keyboard popped up. His motor skills were slower than usual and it frustrated him just a bit. How sick was he?

to: Okane Kimiko 💮 ] “I’m sorry if I’m waking you.”

The words he was trying to find were stuck behind the fog of his mind, but his fingers still moved. 

  [ to: Okane Kimiko 💮 ] “It’s 3am and I can’t sleep.”

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Kimiko boarded the train carefully, trying to avoid bumping shoulders with anyone. All of the seats were already taken; she worked her way to a less crowded area, and reached up for a handle. 

She looked around – most of the passengers were average civilians, businessmen on the way to work, students en route to school.

And then her gaze fell upon a familiar face. “Kasai!” She hadn’t intended for her voice to come out so loud; she blushed as heads turned towards her.

The train was already moving, so Kimiko had to shuffle over, gripping one handle after the other, until she was next to her classmate. “Good morning! Um, how are you?”

     he’s not here .     oliver ,     i mean .     i’m assuming you’re looking for him .      

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     another high ,     another low .     

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     well ,     i coulda     SWORN     i told you i was mean .     

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     no ,     no ,     no !     this is     ALL     wrong !     

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hands splay firm ‘pon hips ,     lips for thin line ‘pon porcelain visage .     foot taps ‘gaints solid flooring ,     impatient in manner .                    ❛     you know you shouldn’t be there .      

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     that’s     ———–     that’s a terrible idea !     

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a low chuckle from tinted lips ,     hand splays ‘pon jutted hip .     visage overlooks night lit city from roof tops .                    ❛     well ,     what else can i say ?     i’ve got a pistol for a mouth     &.     he’s asking me to     APOLOGIZE     like the situation was my fault .      

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