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The Whole I'm Sorry Thing- Liam Dunbar (Accidents Happen PART 2)


I was actually really surprised at all the messages i received on making a part two to the “Accidents Happen,” imagine

This imagine will be in only Scott and Stiles’ POV, I’M SORRY!

So here you go lovelies ;)

(P.S: I apologize in advance if this imagine seems a little all over the place)


PART ONE: http://kaleighstyles34.tumblr.com/post/105575645117/accidents-happen-liam-dunbar


Stiles’ POV:

“C'mon Y/N, you gotta eat something.” I begged, holding the spoonful of soup to her lips. Her face grimaced before she shook her head, turning to face the wall. I let out a sigh of defeat before standing and walking over to Scott. He looked so distraught, his hair in a mess, and bags under his eyes, probably looking just like me. 

   "Dude, it’s been almost five  months…, I-I don’t know how much longer we can keep this wall up between the two of them.“ I spoke, trying to address the problem at hand. After the incident with Liam and Y/N, Scott decided, as the alpha, to keep them away from each other. At first it was only suppose to be for a couple days, so Liam could calm down. But his anger got the best of him, so a couple days turn into a couple weeks…, which then turned into a couple months. And now all Liam was, was a ball of anger. 

  "I know Stiles, I know.” Scott sighed, running a hand through his hair.

  “Well can you at least help me get some food into her? She won’t eat anything! I mean every time I try to fed her she just throws it back at me! Look at my shirt Scott! Look.At.My.Shirt.” I exclaimed, my voice faltering a bit as I pulled my sticky shirt away from my shirt. “And all she does is scream at me and then don’t even get me started about how many times I’ve cleaned morning sick-”

  “Y'know, just because I’m human, doesn’t mean I can’t hear your awful job at whispering Stiles.” Y/N called out.

  “Stiles-” Scott called to me but it was too late. A hard object hit me in the back, causing my body to fly forward.


Scott’s POV:

I stifled a laugh at the sight before me. Y/N had taken advantage of the moment and chucked a book at Stiles’ head.

  “OWW!” He shouted turning to look at both of us. I just shook my head, chuckling softly before turning to see Y/N, with tears slowly trailing down her cheeks. My face immediately softened before I hastily made my way over to her.

  “Hey hey hey, what is it? Is it the baby?” I questioned, placing my hand on her growing baby bump. A surge raced up my arm at the touched, my arm twitching.

 "Uhhhg.“ She cried out, her arms wrapping around her stomach. 

 "Hey what’s going on.” Stiles called from the corner of the room, walking at a quicker pace over to us.

 "I-I don’t kno-“ but my words stopped short. Slowly, Y/N lifted her head, her eyes darting back and forth at us. Her yellow eyes.



 "Go start the jeep, I’ll call Deaton.”

 "What?! No! Scott, we need to take her to the hospital!“

 "I know!” My eyes met Y/N’s again, her eyes getting brighter by the minute. But then I noticed the red stain across her stomach, causing my heart to race.

 "But I don’t think any Doctor could solve this problem.“


(30 Minutes Later)

Stiles rushed into the emergency room before me, racing off to find my mother while I stumbled inside, carrying a sobbing Y/N in my arms, her head crooned into my neck.

  "It’s okay it’s okay it’s okay.” I mumbled into her forehead as my mother and Stiles suddenly appeared. Mom’s eyes widen, looking at Y/N then up at me, almost frozen in shock.

 "C'mon, in the back.“ She ordered, pointing to the room at the end of the hall, pushing us forward.

 "I’ve got an emergency. Codes ranging from 630 to 679,” she stopped me for a second, pulling up Y/N’s shirt, “A-An ICD-9-CM.” She shouted before about 6 other doctors or nurses began to follow us into the small, room. 

 After placing her on the white sheets, it was like Stiles and I weren’t even there anymore. We were immediately shoved off to the side, Y/N’s health the only important factor at the moment.

 "The patient has two wounds, one on the lower abdomen and another right below the rib-cage, both bleeding profusely. I’m gonna need some anesthetic and gauze.“ Mom ordered, looking around at the people surrounding her, all trying to do as told.

 "Y/N, Y/N look at me.” She mumbled, causing my heart rate to increase rapidly. “Keep your eyes open, and keep your eyes on me."Mom instructed, grasping her hand, squeezing them tightly. My hand pressed a bit harshly against the backs and shoulders and arms of the doctors, trying to get a better view. 

 "M-Melissa,” her words sounded rugged, like the pain was restraining her from saying much, “Just make sure…, m-my baby is okay.” she grunted.

  Before she was able to say much else, a scream irrupted from her mouth, this time sounding like a roar, or a howl. And then I could see her clearly. Her teeth sharpened and her nails grew into a point. But when I looked at her eyes, they weren’t yellow like before…

They Were Red.

 My eyes widened before I turned to Stiles, his face looking exactly like mine. I whipped my head back, looking to see Mom staring at me. 

 "Alright! Everyone Out! Out Now!!“ A voice demanded. The nurses looked back and forth at each other, completely confused. We all turned to see a familiar face standing in the doorway, plus another. Deaton and Lydia.

 The doctors turned to look at mom, searching for confirmation. She looked at over at me, then to Deaton, and then back at me.

 "Well you heard him! Go! Out!” They all immediately scurried out, all whispering questions to each other as the hastily exited the tiny, claustrophobic, room.

 Deaton quickly made his way inside, Lydia following and shutting the door.

 He walked over to Mom, his eyes looking over Y/N’s wolf state. His eye broadened before they met mine.

 "The last time I checked, Y/N was a human. So can you two tell me why she has the claws and eyes of an Alpha?“ He spoke, so calmly I was shocked.

 "We were hoping you could tell us.” Stiles spoke up, his hand against his lips. Deaton let out a sigh before turning back to the furious looking Y/N, examining her over.

 "Where’s Liam?“ Stiles and Lydia immediately looked at me, knowing I was the guilty party when it came to that question.

 "I-I’ve been keeping them away from each other.” I mumbled, rubbing the back of my neck awkwardly. His eyes met mine before he shook his head, almost disappointed. 

 "That makes this even worse.“ he murmured to himself, his eyes trailing around the room.

 "Why? Why is it worse?” Stiles questioned, his eyebrows raising as he stepped forward. But suddenly our conversation was at a stand still.


“Liam.” His name fell from Lydia’s mouth before she stared at us, almost fearful. A sudden roar irrupted from the hallway making my eyes widen. He was wolfing out in front of people.

 Without much time to go out and stop Liam, he bursted through the door, wolf and all.

 His teeth bared at all of us before his eyes finally found Y/N’s. My foot pressed forward, ready to stop Liam from doing something stupid, but Stiles placed his arm on my shoulder, pausing me from moving any further.

 "Baby.“ he whispered, stepping forward, but wincing as he did.

 "Liam, your stomach.” I pointed, looking at his bloody t-shirt.

 "I’m fine Scott, see.“ he snarled before lifting up the grey t-shirt, showing the wound healing rapidly.

 "And s-so am I.” Heads turned to see Y/N, pulling up the end of her shirt to show her growing baby bump, with the two scratches…, fading.

 "And now it all make sense.“ Deaton spoke, crossing his arms over his chest.

 "What?” Stiles questioned, looking from me to Liam.

 "They’re mates.“ My head turned, meeting Lydia’s lost eyes.

 "What?” I spoke, confusion covering my face.

 "In a pack, wolves tend, well more so need to develop a relationship with another member. Once the mates go through the first 3 stages of the Mating process, they’re eternally connected. As if they were sharing an organ. At first it starts with a extremity to be around each other. Soon the pull between the two becomes so undeniable that it almost hurts for the two to be away from each other for a certain amount of time.., at most, it’s an hour.“ Deaton explained.

 "The second stage is when they’re emotions start to get connected,” Lydia started, looking up at Stiles and I, “They can feel what their mate feels. Whether it may be happiness or grief. It’s like they have a radar or something.”

 "And the last stage, is the most painful.“ Deaton spoke, sighing heavily, "In certain tribes, they would copy the style of the wolves, arranging a pair of people and placing…spells, upon the two.., so they could experience the trials as humans. But for the third trial, the chief would create a concoction of some kind, eternally connecting the two. And then at random, they would take on of the pair and send them off into the night, to fight for their lives.”

 "They would purposely try and hurt one of them so the other could feel it, so that they would have to understand the pain of true love.“ Lydia finished.

 "Now for wolves, it usually runs in their veins-”

 "But Y/N’s not a werewolf.“ I shouted, my eyes meeting her red ones.

 "Exactly what confuses me.” Deaton mumbled.

 Before any of us could continue, Liam stepped forward, moving his way to Y/N.

 "Y/N, I am so sorry-“

 "I don’t wanna hear it Liam.” She mumbled, swallowing harshly.


 "You left me Liam. You left us!” She shouted, her words beginning to sound like a roar.

 "What are you talking about?! I didn’t leave you! Scott and Stiles have been keeping me away from you!“ Liam shouted back. 

 My heart dropped in to my stomach.

 Slowly Liam and Y/N craned their heads to look at us, my heart now pounding. Sure, I wasn’t afraid of much. But a werewolf with an explosive temper and a pregnant, hormonal teenager who had some freaky werewolf powers going on right now? I think i had a right to become a little bit fearful.

 "What?” Y/N growled, her eyes flaring.

 "Now Y/N, calm down. You’re a pregnant p-person, w-wouldn’t want to disturb the baby-“ but Stiles was interrupted with a pillow to the head.

 "I swear to god Stiles if I wasn’t a "Pregnant Person,” I would hop up out of this bed so fast-“ But Mom stopped Y/N mid sentence, forcing her to sit back and relax.

 "Look Y/N, I thought that was what was best for you-”

 "Oh shut up Scott!“ Both Y/N and Liam shouted before barring their teeth. Immediately I stopped myself, taking a step back from the situation and allowing the two to continue speaking.

 "Look Y/N,” Liam started, his hand grasping her’s, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there, believe me you have no idea how much I wanted to be there. I could feel your pain, so I do know how you felt. And it drove me crazy. If you could ever forgive-”

 "Oh shut up Liam.“ She smiled, placing a hand against his cheek and then kissing him.

 "Awww, happy ending.” Stiles cooed. But then another pillow came flying his way. This time by Mom.




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