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height: 5′1′’

hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

fictional character you’d date:  Just watched Sleeping Beauty & Prince Philip immediately came to mind :) 

favourite band:  The Icarus Account

when did you make this blog: October 1st 2012!!

what do you post about: Disney!

do you get asks regularly? Hahaa no!

Country you’d most like to visit: Costa Rica

tag 20 followers you’d love to get to know <3: I’m going to tag the last 20 blogs I followed :D @idreamofdisney @disneyloves @disney-dreams-are-forever @disnerdisney @wishing-disney-forever @fiveanddimers @pinksymphonyregalia @go-on-and-kissthegirl @tea-daydreams-and-thehatter @returntodisneyland @crystalmoniquee3 @endlessdiamond-sky @avoidingapples @zootopiafox @fairytale-fantasies  @applekisses @spectacularwithsparkles @priderocks @optimisticrapunzel @youre-gonna-rattle-the-stars

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Name: Dakota / Brook
Nickname: Kota, Brookie, Brooklyn, Sweets
Star sign: Libra, Aquarius moon
Height: 5'3"
Time right now: 12:04 AM
Last thing I googled: “double bond sigma pi” (orgo homework lol)
Favorite Music artists: Seabird, Mayday Parade, The Icarus Account, Ben Rector, My Chemical Romance, Ron Pope, and a million others
Stuck in your head: Hide Away by Ben Rector
Last movie watched: I think it may have been Fantastic Beasts?
Last TV show watched: Intervention
What are you wearing: Iron Man socks (gift from @thecoffeebeansaboutit !), ugly plaid green and navy flannel PJ pants, bra (sadly), gray v-neck, gray crewneck sweatshirt
When did you create your blog: I think my first one was ca. 2009, this account was created in 2010, and this specific blog has been active since 2014
What kind of stuff do you most post on your blog: Cute animals, nature photography, art, dumb memes, personal and mental health stuff
Other blogs?:
- Poetry blog (currently inactive but full of old stuff) @wordlessity
- Private journal blog
- @whatnottosayto
Gender: I was thinking about this earlier but I’m still not ~entirely sure~ how I identify. I’m kind of leaning towards genderflux. I prefer they/them pronouns.
Hogwarts house: Slytherin
Pokemon team: Instinct
Moral alignment: Chaotic Good
Favorite color: Teal, green, red, gray, black…
Favorite Characters: Fuck idk McGonagall
Dream job: Hoping to become a veterinarian, but if that doesn’t pan out I’d like to go into something to do with psychology

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Don’t you know she is my favorite girl
I wanna run away for days with her

  • Farewell For Now
  • Icarus Account

Farewell for now - Icarus Account

I’ll take the long way home so I can clear my mind tonight
If I could see your face I know then I’d be just fine
‘Cause everything feels so right whenever you’re around
Am I just looking for what I’ve already found

I only want the best for you 
Even If it means we’re through 

It’s clear that distance is our enemy for now
But if it’s meant to be then it will be somehow
If I could go back now I’d change so many things
But the past is what it is and this is why I sing 

I only wanna see you happy
Even if it’s without me 

And we’ll see 
If this is how it’s meant to be
Are we holding on to what’s already gone from our hands
Time will tell truth just like a night fall hits land